Lest We Forget
Alfred Thomas Hickson: Brother of Ernest

WWI - see previous
Service Number: N206195
Rank: Private
Date of Enlistment: 2.12.1942
Date of Discharge: 31.7.1945

Lesley Frank Hickson: Brother of Ernest

Service Number: N 250960
Ran: Private
Date of Enlistment: 11.6.1941
Date of Discharge: 3.2.1942

Albert J Hanson: Half Brother of Jane [Jean] Thomas

Service Number: NX 133038
Rank:: Private
Date of Enlistment: 25.6.1942
Date of Discharge:  15.3.1945

Geoffrey Wallace Hickson: Son of Ernest and Jean

Service: Australian Army
Service Number: NX 72214
Date of Enlistment: 27th March 1941
Rank: Private
Posting at Discharge: 2/18th Battalion
Date of Discharge: 19th December 1945
Geoff was a prisoner of war in Changi and Blakang Mati Island.
Above: Geoffrey Wallace Hickson at his father's grave on
Anzac Day circa 1977. Geoff is wearing both his and his
father Ernest's medals.

Left: Geoff in uniform.