Louisa Wright

From London England
To Van Diemen's Land

Convict per 'Garland Grove' 1843
My Great Great Grandmother

Louisa Wright was born 1821, St Giles, Middlesex, the daughter of Stephen Wright and
Margaret Turbit. She was christened, along with two of her sisters in 7th February 1831 at St
Clement Danes, Westminster, London.

The 1841 census reveals a possible of sighting of Louisa in prison along with older sister
Martha. Louisa is listed as a 'dressmaker'. Records show that on 18th June 1841 Louisa was
tried and convicted of stealing a tablecloth valued at 5 shillings from James Sullivan  and a
petticoat valued at 1 shilling from property of Ellen Crawford.
From Old Bailey Online:
1663.    LOUISA WRIGHT was indicted for stealing, on the 24th of May, 1 table-cloth, value 1s.;
1 gown, value 1s.; 3 1/2 yards of ribbon, value 6d.; and 3/4 of a yard of satin, value 6d.; the
goods of   James Sullivan : 1 petticoat, value 6d.; 1 bed-gown, value 4d.; and 1 night-cap, value
2d.; the goods of   Ellen Crawford.
MARY SULLIVAN . I am the wife of James Sullivan, and live in Clark's-buildings. On the 24th of
May, I went out, leaving my room in the care of Mary Kalaher, when I returned the property
stated was gone—Kalaher gave me information, and on the Saturday evening following I gate
the prisoner into custody—a petticoat of mine, and one of Mrs. Crawford's, were found on her—
she said at first that she was not the person, but in going to the station she said she was the
person, and told me to go to her mother, and she would replace the things.
ELLEN CRAWFORD . I live in the same house. I missed a petticoat, bed-gown, and night-gown,
when I returned home.
MARY KALAHER . I was left by Mrs. Sullivan to mind the house—while she was out the prisoner
came into the room and asked if I had a pen and ink—I said I had not—she asked me to go out
for one—I went out—I was not long absent—she was there when I returned—she had got a
market basket—I do not know what she had in it—she went
away—when Mrs. Sullivan returned she missed the property—no one but the prisoner had come
to the house.
HONORA CONNOR . I am female searcher at the station-house. The prisoner was brought there—
I found these two petticoats on her.
(Property produced and sworn to.)
GUILTY . Aged 19.—Recommended to mercy.— Confined Six Months.

She was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment. The Newgate Prison Register records her as:
height 4'11", age 19, complexion fresh, hair brown, eyes light hazel, build stoutish, native of
Lincolns Inn Fields, spinster.

On 26th January 1842, Louisa is once again in prison on a charge of stealing a sheet and 2
shirts, the property of Thomas Rowley. She is described as being a spinster aged 20 residing at
Lincolns Inn Field. She had been in Newgate Prison house of corrections for 2 weeks but was
released on account of 'Bill not found' meaning insufficent evidence to convict. She was
discharged on 4th February. [FMP]

On the 13th June 1842 Louisa was once again convicted of larceny in the Central Criminal
Court for stealing a watch and on suspicion of stealing a watch. [FMP prison records record her
address as Bloomsbury this time]
From Old Bailey Online:
1952.    LOUISA WRIGHT was indicted for stealing, on the 10th of June, 1 watch, value 1l., the
goods of Sarah Elizabeth Deane.
SARAH ELIZABETH DEANE . On Friday, the 10th of June, about one o'clock in the day, the
prisoner came to my house to inquire for lodgings—I am sure it was her—my watch hung on the
mantel-piece—the prisoner requested some water, and I desired her to follow me to get it—after
she was gone I missed the watch—this now produced is it.
HENRY MALLAM . I am in the service of a pawnbroker. On the 10th of Jane, this watch was
pawned for 8s., I believe by the prisoner, about five o'clock.
Prisoner's Defence. I never saw the watch, nor this witness; I never was in the pawnbroker's
shop; I do not know where it is;
I was at my aunt's from ten o'clock in the morning, till six
in the evening
, GUILTY .** Aged 20.— Transported for Seven Years. [Note: It would be
interesting to discover who is the Aunt that Louisa mentioned]
She was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment and transported. She was sent to the Garland
Grove on 8th September [FMP].  At the time she was single. The surgeons report states her
health was very good. The Garland Groove 2 left Woolwich on 2nd October 1842 and arrived at
Hobart on 20th January 1843.

Physical Description:
Height 4 foot 9 inches; Age 21; Trade: Servant of all work; Complexion: Fair; Head: Round;
Hair: Light Brown; Visage: Round; Forehead: Low; Eye Brows: Light Brown ; Eyes: Grey
Nose: Pointed; Mouth: Small; Chin: Round ; Native Place: Lincolns Inn Fields; Read or Write:
Read; Remarks: Scar on forefinger left hand; mole on right side; Ship Character: Good
[It would appear that Louisa could sign her name as per her marriage certificate]
On arrival in Tasmania, Louisa was assigned to  [Mr?] Barrett

Disciplinary Record
8th August 1843—Barrett, Insolence, reprimanded
20th October 1843—Barrett, Repeated insolence, 4 months hard labour
15 March 1844—2 class
17th May 1844—Portlick, Disobedience of orders, 14 days solitary confinement.
?? August 1844??-: 3 Class

Louisa is recorded as giving birth to an illegitimate child prior to her marriage. Although the
child is not named, records suggest that this child was Samuel Robert, born 15th May 1845.  
She was granted a Ticket of Leave on 20th May 1845.

Marriage: On 13th June, 1845 Louisa married fellow convict Frederick Pointon in Christ
Church, Longford, acording to the rites of the United Church of England and Scotland.

Louisa and Frederick had the following children:

Samuel Robert,
born 15th May 1845, Littlehampton, Bishopsbourne, Longford, Tas [ref
1845/2741/32] He married Mary Dodd on 20th May 1876 at Lowes Bridge Tasmania. Samuel
died 28th May 1922 at Cethana, Tas.

Edward Thomas, born 1846, Bracknell, Tas . Married Harriet Nicholas 21st June 1876,
Longford Tas. Edward died 6th October 1891, Launceston Tasmania.

William, born 1848. Married Mary Margaret Ritter, 30th April 1872 Cof E church Deloraine.
William died 12th May 1929 Deloraine Tasmania.

Frederick, born 16th August 1850, Deloraine . Married Mary Ann Elliott, 16th March 1871
Begeo, Deloraine. Frederick died 6th August 1910, Meander, Tasmania.

Emma Amelia, born 27th September, 1852, Bengeo, Deloraine, Tas [ref 1852/710/33]
Married John Richards, 6th April 1872, Westbury, Tasmania. Emma died 5th June 1921 at
Latrobe, Tas.

Henry Pointon, born 20th May 1854, Bengeo, Deloraine. Died 4th June 1900at East
Meander, Tasmania.
My Great Grandfather

Ellen Ann, born 9th March 1857, Bengeo, Deloraine [Ref 1857/277/33] Married Thomas
Clarke 4th July 1877, Latrobe, Tas. Ellen died 1st September 1934

John Edwin, born 12th June, 1859, Adams Marsh Deloraine. [Ref 1859/279/33] Married
Eliza Nicholls, 11th March 1884, Longford.[a] John died 5th October 1933, Aspendale.

Louisa Eliza, born 28th October, 1861, Begeo, Deloraine [Ref 1861/852/33] Married John
Holmes, 6th March 1877, Port Sorell, Tasmania. Died 23rd April 1933 , Thirlstane, Tasmania.

Richard Pointon, born 12th May 1864, [Ref 1864/281/33] Richard Pointon labourers child
aged 4 months died of 'inflammations' on  26th July 1864, Deloraine [Ref 1864/86/35].

Death: Louisa Pointon aged 43, labourers wife died of bronchitis 2nd August 1864.  She is
buried in Deloraine, Tasmania.

Below: Christ Church, Longford, where Louisa married fellow convict Frederick Pointon.
The foundation stone was laid in 1839 by Sir John Franklin, Governor of Tasmania.   
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