Stephen Wright and Margaret Turbit

- a family of London chimney sweeps -
My Great Great Great Grandparents

Stephen Wright was born 17th October 1791  to Edward
Wright and Sarah Nicholls
and christened on 20th November
1791 at St Clement Danes.[a] Stephen was a chimney sweep
and later Master Chimney sweep.

Margaret Turbit was born about 1801, at St Giles in the
Field.[b]  Little is known about her however it appears she had
a relative [possibly sister] named Martha Turbit who married
Parmeter Tyrrell/Terrell/Turrell [a hawker/labourer of 5
Lamb Court] on 13th October 1824 at St Andrews Holborn.
Margaret and husband Stephen Wright were witnesses. They
later named one of their sons Parmeter. Possible parents for
Margaret are
John Turbit and Sarah Markham who married at
St Leonard's Shoreditch on 5th December 1791.

Marriage: Stephen and Margaret married on 10th February,
1819 at St Leonard's, Shoreditch, London. Margaret was a
minor - under 21. Both Stephen and Margaret were of the
parish and both signed with an X. The witnesses were John
Turbit who signed his name and Mary Wright who also signed
with an X [a]

Their Children Include:

Martha Ann Wright
, born 1819, Christened 1st August, 1819,
St Clement Danes. A possible sighting of Martha in the 1841
census [taken 6th June] is with sister Louisa in Cleckenwell
Prison. Martha is recorded as living on Louisa's convict indent
in 1842 but I have found no further trace of her.

Louisa Wright; born 1821, St Giles, Middlesex, Christened 7th
February 1831, St Clement Danes, Westminster

Stephen Benjamin [Benjamin] Wright, born about 1825,
Christened 25th October, 1830, St Clement Dane the same
day as brother Henry. on 20th August 1838 S Benjamin
Wright aged 14 was tried in the County Sessions Clerkenwell
Court for larceny but a verdict of 'no bill' [insuffciient evidence]
was returned .Married Mary RUTLAND, December Q 1854, St
Giles District, [Vol 1b Pg 542].

Harriet Wright, born about 1827, Christened 7th February,
1831, St Clement Danes. Married
Samuel Christopher
at St John the Baptist, Clerkenwell on 7th January
1850. The couple were residing in Lamb Court. Witnesses were
Cap(?) Buckler and Sarah Cooper.
A DNA match to this family
line has been found.

Henry Thomas [Thomas] Wright, born about 1828, christened
25th October, 1830, St Clement Danes

Adelaide Wright, born about 1830, christened 7th February,
1831, St Clement Danes. May have married
William Pearce,
on 27th August 1849 at Paddington. William was a coachman
and they both were residents of Star Street. Witnnesses
George Samuel Gutteridge and Mary Ann Gutteridge.

William Henry Wright, born about 1831, Christened, April,
1833, St Clement Danes
. Married Sarah Friend 4th March
1868 at Cheriton Kent. William later immigrated to South
A DNA match has been found to this family line.

Parmeter Wright, born about 1834, Christened February,
1835, St Clement Danes. Died 1870  [Sept. Q, Dist Pancras,
Vol 16, Page 56]

Ethelbert John Wright [John], born Sept Q 1837 Vol 1 Pg 27
[St Giles and St George] Christened 4th September, 1837, St
Clement Danes. Married Margaret?
Above and Below: Church of St
Clement Danes, London 27.5.2012
My Great x 4 Grandparents - unconfirmed.

Edward Wright and Sarah Nicholls

Marriage: Edward and Sarah were married on 4th September 1785 at St Leonard's,
Shoreditch, London. Edward signed his name and Sarah made her mark. The witnesses were
John Nichols, who also made his mark and Henry Sparrow.

Their Children Include:
Stephen born 17th October 1791, St Clement Danes, Westminster.- see above [FMP]
Edward, born 7th August, 1793, christened 9th April, 1798 at St Leoneards Shoreditch,
parents of Holywell Lane
Mary? witness at Stephens wedding  

[a] IGI
[b] 1851 census
[c] 1841 census
[d] Free BDM
[e] Additional Information courtesy of Sharon Long and Paul Plumb
Old Bailey Proceedings 1st December 1831:
FREDERICK BLACKFORD aged 20 and WILLIAM BLACKFORD aged 18 were indicted for
stealing, on the 17th of November, 4 bushels of soot, value 4s, the goods of  
Stephen Wright.

STEPHEN WRIGHT. I am a chimney-sweeper , and live in Stonecutter-alley. I keep my soot in
Parker-street ; the prisoners are sweeps , but not in my employ, and had no right in my cellar;
I had locked it up - I found the lock taken off, and a sack, which did not belong to me, filled
with soot, which was taken from my heap.

EDWARD COLT . I am a Policeman. On the 17th of November, about half-past nine o'clock at
night, I was going through Parker-street, and saw Wright's cellar open; I called to know who
was there - the light was immediately put out; I called three times, and one of the prisoners
came up - he said he was picking cinders for his master; I asked who his master was - he said
Wright, and that he had left the lock at his master's; I asked who was talking to him - he said
there was nobody below; I gave him in custody, and found the other man laying on his face,
under an archway.

Both Blackfords were found guilty and whipped.


The 1841 census shows the family residing at Stone Cutters Alley, St Giles in the Field.
Stephen aged 50  [Margaret aged 40] and his three oldest sons are listed as chimney sweeps.  
Older daughters Martha and Louisa appear to be in Clerkenwell prison in St James.  

By 1851 Margaret aged 59 is a widow living with her three youngest sons at 3 Bull and Gate
Gallery, St Giles in the Field. They are all listed as chimney sweeps.


Stephen died 6th January 1843 at Bull and Gate Yard. He was 50 years old, a sweep. Cause of
death Asthma. Margaret Wright was the informant who was present at the death. She made
her mark rather than signing. Ref March Quarter 1843, Bloomsbury [St Giles] District, volume
1 page 391. Burial at St Giles in the Fields on 15th July 1843, Stephen Wright aged 50 of Bull
and Gate Yard.

Margaret died between 1851 and 1861.