Gweneth Poynton


Poynton (Pointon) Family - from Tasmania to Victoria

Frederick Pointon - Convict from Hertford to Tasmania

Louisa Wright - Convict from London to Tasmania

Fowler Family - from London to Victoria

Wardell Family - from Yorkshire to Victoria

Gavin Family - from Ireland to Tasmania    
  Woodcroft and Poynton
          Family Trees
Roy Woodcroft


Woodcroft Family - from Bedfordshire to Cooma, NSW

Glennan Family - from Kildare, Ireland to Cooma NSW

Engelmann Family - from Germany to Cooma NSW

Hughes Family - from Lincolnshire and London to Cooma

Callan Family - from Ireland to Cooma NSW - includes
convict Patrick Callan per "Pekoe" 1840.
Coming to Australia: Where and when our ancestors arrived in Australia

Serving our Country: Members of my family who served in the armed forces.

Lintywhite's Family Tree Pages: Includes Hickson, Betts, Bartlett and Thomas families, among

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Researched on behalf of my husband.
I would encourage all researchers not to take everything here as being correct. We all make
mistakes. While researching, I have found mistakes made by other researchers that had been
blindly accepted by many descendants and passed on a fact to the point of being included in
genealogical society publications!  Likewise, it is possible that I may have made errors in my own
research which will only be uncovered if others make their own investigations into records and
Other Woodcroft Families in Australia: Information on other families with this name that I have
collected whilst researching my own

Woodcroft and Woodcraft Families of Bedfordshire: Information I have collected on other families