William Woodcroft and Susan Sharpe

- from Haynes in Bedfordshire to Brisbane Australia -
William Woodcroft baptised 7th July 1822 Haynes parents Thomas Woodcroft and Mary
. William was the great grandson of our common ancestors William Woodcroft and
Elizabeth Watts

Susan/nah Sharpe born 1823 parents according to her death 4th March 1873 Qld were
Thomas Sharpe and Susan Thompson

1841 Census:
 William's father Thomas Woodcroft at Silver Lane – no sign of William yet
Father Thomas aged 45, Mary 55 born Ireland, Sarah daughter aged 20 born in county
Charles aged 1

1841 Census  Possible sighting of Sharpe family at Tingrith Bedfordshire?????
Thomas Sharpe aged 60 ag lab
Susanna Sharpe aged 20 straw p
Ather[sic] Sharpe aged 6

Marriage: William Woodcroft married Susannah Sharpe[sic] on 6th July 1845 in Haynes,
Bedfordshire. Father's named as Thomas Woodcroft and Thomas Sharpe [FS]

Children: [FS and QLD BDM]

Mary Woodcroft
baptised 6th February 1848 Haynes

Sarah Woodcroft baptised 9th Decemeber 1849 Haynes

Joseph Woodcroft baptised 1st February 1852 Haynes, Married Elizabeth Jane Burford
1876 Queensland.

William Woodcroft born 1854 Queensland. Married Eleanor Simpson 1878 Queensland.

Jane Emma Woodcroft born 1856 Queensland after her father's death:

Williams death certificate in 1856 also lists 1 girl and 1 boy as being deceased.

1851 census in home of father at Silver Lane
Thomas Woodcroft widower 63 born Hawnes, [dob 1777]
Sarah unmarried 31 born Ireland!!
Charles grandson aged 11 born Hawnes
Thomas grandson aged 6 born Hawnes
William son aged 28 married born Hawnes
Susan his wife aged 28 born Wilshamstead
Mary 3 born Hawnes
Sarah 1 born Hawnes

Immigration to Queensland in 1852 per Rahjagopaul

William aged 30 labourer, Bedfordshire, Baptist, neither

Susan 30 read

Charles Woodcroft aged 13 read. Nephew of William. Baptised 15th December 1839,
mother Sarah no father.
Married Rosina Williams 1866 Died 8th April 1911 Qld.

Mary 4 read

Sarah 2

Joseph infant

The 1854 Electoral list records William as residing at Creek Street Brisbane.

Death of William:
William Woodcroft aged 34 died 10th April 1856 by drowning in Brisbane River. The Empire
[Sydney] dated 21st April 1856 reported:
WE have Moreton Bay papers to the 16th instant. We extract the following items from the
MAN DROWNED.-On Thursday, about noon, Mr. Petrie's Punt started with a load of shingles
for Ipswich, and had only proceeded to Sandy Creek, where Mr. R. Cribb's farm is situated,
when a man named Brown, who was working the steer oar, called out to another man named
William Woodcroft, who was pulling the star- board oar, that his handkerchief had fallen
overboard. Woodcroft immediately leaned over the side of the punt, seized hold of the
handkerchief, and in the act of transferring it from one hand to the other to place it on the
gunwale, lost his balance, and fell into the river. Immediate assistance was rendered by his
two companions, but unhappily proved unavailable, they being able only to succeed in
catching a momentary glance of one of his arms. Search has been made to recover the body,
but as yet without success. The poor man has left a wife and four young children, without any
means of support, and we would call the attention of the benevolent and charitable to aid
them in their deep distress. Mr. Mason, Queen-street, has kindly consented to receive
subscriptions on their behalf.