Other Woodcroft and Woodcraft Families in Australia
Some information and notes I have collected while researching my
husband's Woodcroft family

William Woodcroft and Susan Sharpe  From Bedfordshire to Brisbane

Abel Woodcraft/Woodcroft  From Whipsnade Bedfordshire to NSW

George Woodcraft from Whipsnade Bedfordshire. Younger brother of Abel, above. Died
1852. Never married.

John Woodcroft; convict per Mangles 1820 to NSW, aged 27. Sentenced Hertford assizes
21st July1819, life. Originally sentenced to death for sheep stealing. May have died in 1829.

John Woodcraft; [alias Gudgeon] convict per Elizabeth 1832 to Tasmania.

Henry Woodcraft; convict per Norfolk 1835, to Tasmania. Sentenced Hertford, October
1834, life.

William Woodcroft from Berkshire to Parramatta NSW