John Woodcroft

- Convict per Mangles 1820 -
John Woodcroft was born between 1784-1794. Age uncertain. Possibly born Bedfordshire.
Possible baptism as John Woodcroft on 11th May 1783 at Whipsnade, son of John Woodcraft
and Alice.

Conviction: On 21st July 1819 at Hertford, John Woodcroft was convicted of stealing a lamb,
the property of widow Hannah Chennells valued at 35/. He was sentenced to death but this
was later remitted to transportation for life. [FMP]

Hulk: John was sent to the prison hulk Retribution at Sheerness on 15th September 1819
where he remained until his transportation. His conduct on board the hulk was described as

Transportation: John Woodcroft aged 36[sic] was transferred to the convict ship Mangles on
15th March 1820. His conduct was described at good and orderly. He was a labourer. The
Mangles set sail on 11th April 1820 and arrived in NSW on 7th August 1820.

From the surgeons journal: General remarks. The number of persons embarked on board this
ship are as follows: male convicts, 190; soldiers as guard with their wives and children, 40;
passenger, 1; ship's crew, 48; total, 279. The whole of whom (with the exception of one boy
who fell overboard at sea and was drowned) were landed in good health on 15th August 1820
at Sydney, New South Wales. Signed by Matthew Anderson, surgeon and superintendent.

Indent: [Note - mistranscribed as Wardcroft on Ancestry] John Woodcroft, native place
Bedfordshire, aged 27 [sic], farmer and barber?, 5 foot 1 inch tall, complexion fair/pale, hair
sandy, eyes hazel.

8th September 1821 per Colonial Secretary's Papers, John was working at Grose Farm and
was on the list of people victualled from H.M Magazines.

General Muster 1822: Employed by Hallorans at Liverpool

9th January 1823 per Colonial Secretary's papers, John is assigned to Mr Chrisholund? of  

General Muster 1825: Employed by Amos Crisp at Minto? [unclear]

Death: John Woodcroft per ship unknown aged 50 [Note: this may be transcription error of
36] was buried 12th November 1829 at Campbelltown. Ref V 1829 1368 13.