The Woodcroft and Woodcraft Families of Bedfordshire
Whilst researching and attempting to unravel my own Woodcroft family I have collected
information on many other families in the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. Many of the
families are connected along the way. This is a brief summary of the families with links to
pages where I have more details. Please consider it a guide only. I encourage all researchers
to make their own investigations to confirm the information and welcome any comments or

Woodcroft or Woodcraft? During my research I have found various spellings of the
surname. It often changed across generations back and forth and sometimes siblings would
use a different spelling. I have used the most common spelling for each of the families below.
Earliest Woodcrofts in Bedfordshire  - by village


baptised 13th January 1577 no father mentioned but possibly George
mentioned below?

20 June. 1578. Copy of deed of sale by William Wolhed [Woolhead?] of Marston Mortaine,
husbandman, to
George Wodcroft of Wotton, labourer, of land in Asli])rok in the parish of
Marston aforesaid. [Bounds given.]
It would appear that George Woodcroft of Wootton bought
land in Marsten Mortaine and subsequently died there.
George Woodcroft Burial Date: 23 May 1618  Place: Marston-Moretaine


William Woodcroft
 possible marriage Wm Woodcrofte to Judith Towler 30 OCT 1603 at
Milton Ernest, [north of Bedford] William is probably a son of George from Wootton as land in
Marsten Mortaine ends up with son George below.
23rd March 1605/6
Marye Woodcrofte
24th April 1608 ….. Woodcrafte
3rd Feb 1610/11 George Woodcrofts.
5th May 1616
Elizabeth Woodcraft
2nd Aug 1618
John Woodcraft. Died 25th September 1618 son of William
23rd April 1620
Zachary Woodcraft. Died 7th February 1658/9 Cranfield?
Judith wife of Guilielmus [William] died 31 Oct 1628MM
William may have died 10th May 1654 MM

William Woodcroft: Possible William Woodcroft married Mary Edwards WOOTTON by Bed,
3rd June 1630
???? Woodcroft 1629
Maria [Mary] Woodcroft  8th April 1631
Allicia [Alice] Woodcroft 28th December 1634

John Woodcroft [married Ann Mead 19th October 1619 Woburn??] Woburn is south west of
Robert Woodcraft 28th August 1620 – my line? - no further children found.
Who is John born about 1588 died 21 MAR 1638  MM - John who married Ann Mead above?
Who is
Robert WOODCROFT Born about 1635. Buried 1st Feb 1692 [aged 57?] From IGI
submitted entry. ????  Married ??  [possibly Robert born 1620?]

Alice Woddcrafte widow died 16th October 1620 [could she have been wife of John?
No other children baptised]
POSSIBLY MORE: BT pages are partially destroyed.

John Woodcroft
Sarah baptised 30 JAN 1663   Marston Moretaine, Death:  06 FEB 1663   
William baptised 11 SEP 1665   Marston Moretaine, Burial:  29 DEC 1670
Death: Is this John born 1637 who died 13 JUN 1667 MM

Robert Woodcroft baptising – is he Robert buried 1692/3 above?
Previous children in Nottingham???Check!
William baptised 5th May 1661 – Is this our line?
Francis baptised About 1663   Marston Moretaine buried 16 SEP 1672  
Mary baptised 11th October 1663 Wharton near Nottingham
Margaret baptised 14th September 1666 Wharton near Nottingham mother Ann
Thomas baptised 24th March 1669 Chiddingstone Kent ??? [Woodcrat]

Thomas Woodcroft & Joan Odell Married: 28th January 1670/71
Susanna baptised 21 Mar 1673 MM
Thomas baptised 18 Nov 1676 MM
George baptised 17 MAR 1679  died 18 JAN 1693  
Death: Is this Thomas who died 25 NOV 1695  Cranfield??

Wilshamstead [Wilstead] – also as Woodcraft

John Woodcroft  first wife Susannah Watts who died in 18th September 1688 [as Senior]
Marriage: 13 Oct 1679 Houghton Conquest
John baptised 26th September 1680
Joan baptised 3rd December 1682. Married John Mumford 30 Sep 1708 Kempston ??
Susanna baptised 2nd November 1685. Died 4th March 1688/9? junior
Mary baptised 27th May 1688
Second marriage:
John Woodcraft married Mary Warnar at Wilstead 23rd May 1689
Thomas baptised 2nd March 1689/90 – mother Mary [baptised before parents marriage – no.
old calender dating?]
William baptised 19th March 1692/3 [Woodcraft]
Elizabeth baptised 1st March 1695/6 [Woodcraft] Died 31st August 1699
A child of…baptised 3rd January 1699/00
Robert baptised 15th April 1699 [father labourer] Married Eliza/beth Crowsley 12 Oct 1725
Edward baptised 16th Feb 1700 [father labourer] married Elizabeth Radley? Wilstead 21st
Dec 1736?? -
see below
Francis baptised 19th March 1703/4. Died 9th March 1730/31 – son of John and Mary

Edward Woodcroft and Elizabeth Radley
Married: 21st December 1736 Wilshamstead
William born unknown Burial interred unbaptised 11th May 1744 [possible]
Infant Daughter of Edward Woodcroft buried 29th April 1746
Francis baptised 11th June 1746 [after Edwards death]
Deaths: Edward Woodcroft labourer buried 22nd May 1746
Did Elizabeth remarry?
Eliza’ Woodcroft to David Odell 30th November 1747 Wilshamstead.


4th October 1645 William Woodcroft married Elizabeth Allen
Death: Judith Woodcroft, widow sojourner 29th October 1711

Millbrook - under construction

John Woodcroft/Woodcraft and Elizabeth Richards


William and Elizabeth [married in Pulloxhill 1645??]
William baptised 11th May 1655

Thomas Woodcroft and Susan
Thomas baptised 21st September 1689
Elizabeth baptised 5th Feb 1693
Thomas Woodcroft buried 1691??
John baptised 8th September 1695
Mary Woodcroft baptised 2nd March 1698 buried 6th March 1698??
Thomas Woodcroft buried baptised 2nd March 1698 died 6th March 1698??
Martha baptised 11th Feb 1700

St Albans:

Thomas Woodcroft married Elizabeth Lock August 1662 at St Peters St Albans Hertfordshire

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