William Woodcraft and Elizabeth Watts

- of Haynes in Bedfordshire -
My great x 6 grandparents

William Woodcroft, possible baptism 30 March 1712 Haynes, Bedford, son of William
Woodcroft, mother not recorded but probably Mary Ansel/l as per other baptisms.

Elizabeth Watts: - still researching

Historical Perspective: William was born the same year that Thomas Newcomen invented the
steam engine. He lived during the reigns of Queen Anne and King George 1st, 2nd and
probably 3rd.  During his life time Great Britain replaced the Julian calendar with the
Gregorian Calendar. Until 1751 the legal year in England began on 25 March (Lady Day)
meaning that dates prior to 25th March would be considered part of the previous year.

Marriage: 14 November 1736 Haynes, Bedford,England.


William Woodcraft christening: 25 September 1737 Haynes, Bedford Married Sarah

Mary Woodcroft  christening: 13 April 1740 Haynes, Bedford Married John Watford 18th
May 1773

Elizabeth Woodcroft christening: 14 March 1742 Haynes, Bedford. Married John Haines 10
April 1761 by license with permission of father William.

Sarah Woodcroft christening: 1 July 1744 Haynes, Bedford No marriage found.  Possible
burial 1816, Haynes?

Thomas Woodcraft christening: 7 September 1746 Haynes. Buried 7th February 1826 aged
Married 1) Mary Childs, 12th February 1773 Haynes. No children have been found. Buried
21st October 1799.
Hannah Simms widow, 14 Apr 1800.  Buried 28th Feb 1830
Mary Ann
baptised 14th January 1810 [Thomas and Hannah]
A2A Bedford Quarter Sessions: 1783 Recognizances: Thos. Woodcraft, Haynes, labr.; bastardy
Ann Whittimore [Probably her son William born 1779.]
Ann Whittimore/Wittamore had
several illegitimate children including
William Whitamore baptised 10 January 1779, Sarah
Wittamore baptised 22 February 1784 and James Wittamore baptised 8 June 1794.
1821 Census [Bedfordshire.gov.ul website] shows Thomas Woodcraft[sic] as the head of
household for 2 families; 1F under 5, 1m 15-20yrs, 1f 20-30yrs, 1f 30-40yrs, 1f 1m 50-60yrs,
1m 70-80yrs

Robert Woodcroft  Baptised 17th  September 1749 Haynes, Bedford. Robert used the
Woodcraft spelling. Married
Mary Mastin 12th December 1773.

Samuel Woodcroft baptised 22nd April 1753 Haynes.
Married 1) Elizabeth Cateline, 14 November 1776. 2) Mary Clarke.

Matthew Woodcroft baptised 12st September 1755 Haynes,Bedford. Matthew used the
Woodcraft spelling of his surname. Married
Elizabeth Daniel.

1821 census for Haynes
[at Bedfordshire.gov.uk website] Widow Woodcraft, 1 family: 1f 1m
under 5yrs, 1m 5-10yrs, 1f 1m 20-30yrs, 1f 70-80yrs.

Access to Archives - Bedford records holds the following:
Undertaking by William Woodcraft and Eliz. his wife to hand over to the parish the house &
land where they live to parishioners of Haynes, in return for present relief  P6/18/2  1738/9

Elizabeth, wife of William Woodcraft  [sic] buried 26th March 1779 at Haynes.

There are three burials for men named William Woodcraft in the 1790s. 1790, 1794, 1795. One
of these is probably for William.
Last Update 2nd April 2014
St Mary's, Haynes

Parish Registers
date back to 1596
The church of St. Mary, rebuilt, with the exception of the tower, and enlarged in 1850 by the late Rev. Lord John Thynne
D.D. d. 9 Feb. 1881, is an elegant structure in the Early Decorated style, consisting of chancel, memorial chapel to Anne
Constantia (Beresford) wife of Lord John Thynne, nave, aisles, with vestry beyond, south porch and an embattled tower:
at the north side of the chancel there are three stained window and one in the west end of the church in memory of Mrs.
Thynne, besides one in the south of the chancel in memory of the Rev. Arthur E. D. Osborne B.A. vicar 1878-87: the
church is uniformly seated with oak benches: beneath the south aisle is the vault of the Carteret family. The register
dates from the year 1596. [Kelly's Directory - Bedfordshire - 1898]