William Fellowes Baker and Sarah Gilbert/Feutrill

 - a soldier of the 46th regiment and his wife -
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William Fellowes Baker was christened on 6th April 1790 at Walthamstow, Essex, son of Benjamin Baker and Mary
. William was a soldier in the 46th Foot Regiment.

Sarah Gilbert was born on 2nd August 1792 on Norfolk Island, daughter of convict  Ann Carey and Stephen Gilbert - a
soldier of the first fleet.

Marriage: William Fellowes Baker married Sarah Gilbert on 17th September 1818. Sarah is recorded with the incorrect surname
of Gould at the time of her marriage.

They had the following children:

Sarah Elizabeth BAKER
: born 21st May 1820, Married Michael Murphy junior

Bennet Thomas BAKER born 1821

Frances Mary Jane BAKER born 1824. Married Dr Smith, a surgeon at George Town when she was 18 and he was 55.

Theophilus William BAKER born 13th July 1826, baptised 31st July 1826.

Deaths: Sarah died on 25th July 1826 from complications after giving birth to baby Theophilus. William committed suicide three
days later on 28th July. They were buried on 31st of July 1826, the same day their infant son was baptised.
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