David Wardell and Mary O'Neill

- a carpenter from Yorkshire and a Limerick widow -
My Great Great Grandparents

David Wardell, was born in Beeston in the Parish of Leeds, Yorkshire about 1831 to parents
Henry Wardell and Jane Race [e] Possible birth on 8th August, 1830, Leeds, Yorkshire,
England, christened on 5th September at St Peter's Leeds [c]  David was a wheelwright [b&e]
and later an undertaker [d] At the time of his death David had spent 51 years in Victoria.[d]
making his arrival about 1853/4.  The 1841 census shows David living at home with his father
and step-mother. By 1851, David and apprentice carpenter, is living in the home of John
Hartley- carpenter, at 32 Gildersome Street, Gildersome Yorkshire.[ indexed under Wendell]

Immigration: Probably not the following
David Wadell aged 18 arrived in Victoria aboard the Success in May/June 1852. Other records
indicate he married Mary McNamara
David Waddell aged 17 arrived in Victoria aboard the
Ida in July 1853. Other records indicate
he married Julia McCulloch

Mary O'Neill/O'Neil/O'Nell,  according to information at various times, Mary was born about
1828 in Limerick, the
daughter of John O'Neil and Mary.  John was a chandler from Limerick
according to Mary's marriage registration details.
A DNA match to Bridget O'Neill suggests that
Mary's parents were
John O'Neil and Mary Crowley

First Marriage:[f] Mary O'Neill married Thomas McGuire/Maguire on 10th February 1844 at
St John's RC Church, Limerick, Co Limerick Ireland. The witnesses were John Kelly and
Margaret MacGuire [sic]. Thomas was a baker according to information given at the time of
daughter Mary McGuire's marriage in 1871. When son Patrick married in 1874 he gives his
deceased father's occupation as a miller.

Children: From National Library of Ireland Catholic Records website

Patrick McGuire baptised 26th April 1845, St Mary's RC Limerick son of Thomas McGuire
and Mary O'Neill. Sponsors John Hands and Margaret Reily.  Immigrated to Australia aboard
Percy in 1870. His occupation is recorded as being a baker. Married Margaret
on 4th February 1874 at Bendigo, Victoria

Bridget McGuire baptised 7th April 1847 St Mary's Limerick daughter of Thomas McGuire
and Mary O'Neill. Sponsor Bridget McGuire.  No further record.

Mary McGuire baptised 6th November 1849, St Mary's Limerick daughter of Thomas McGuire
and Mary O'Neill.  Sponsors Timothy ?Millican? and Bridget O'Neill. Immigrated to Australia
aboard the
Percy in 1870 with brother Patrick. Her occupation is recorded as a servant.
George Lewis Simmons 1st May 1871 at Kingower Victoria. Witnesses were her
stepfather David Wardell and mother Mary Wardell nee O'Neill.

Immigration: It would appear that Mary came to Australia about 1854 although whether this
was before or after the death of her first husband Thomas is unknown.  So far no record of
Thomas Maguire has been found in Australia. A possible shipping for Mary is as
Mary O'Neal
aged 26 from Limerick aboard the
Omega that arrived 17th June 1854. Also aboard was
Bridget O'Neal aged 23 also from Limerick. Neither young woman could read or write and they
were both Roman Catholic [Ancestry]  Two of the McGuire children appear to have arrived in
Australia in 1870 aboard the
Percy as Mary Maguire and Patrick McGuire.

DNA Matches: Recent DNA matches have suggested a link between Bridget O'Neill who
married Walker/Walter Shilcock in Castlemain
e in 1856. Bridget also gives her fathers name
as John O'Neill a chandler.

Second Marriage: David Wardell and Mary O'Neill were married on 21st July, 1855 at the
home of James Edwards in Moliagull, Victoria according to the rites of the Independent
Church [The Independents could have been Methodist, Congregational or Baptist]. James
Morish was the officiating minister. [Ref 2680/1855] Mary gives her age as 22 although she
may have been older. [from information on death certificate]. There is no mention that she is a
widow and she marries as a Spinster under her maiden name of O'Neill. The witnesses were
James Edwards and F Watson.

A NOTE ON IRISH MAIDEN NAMES: It was not uncommon for Irish women to use their
maiden names even after they had married. I have found numerous examples of Irish women
reverting to their maiden names when acting as sponsors for children baptised in Ireland. I
have also found records of women such as Mary above, using their maiden names when
marrying for a second time.

Their children were:

Henry Wardell,
born 1857, Dunolly, Victoria [a] Married Jane BURTON 1884 Tarnagulla,
Victoria. Henry died 1934, Lilydale, Vic.
Their children include:
Henry Joseph Clifton WARDELL; born 1885 Victoria.
Marion Jane Jenner WARDELL born Vic 1889
Ernest Henry David WARDELL, born about 1891
Vincent Gordon WARDELL; born about 1896

Mary Ann Wardell born 1858, Jones Creek, Victoria [a] Married Peter KLUNDER, 1878
Dunolly. Mary Ann died Charlton 1921 [ref 9124] aged 62.
Their Children include:
Wilhemina Mary Klunder born 1879 in Charlton  ref 7978
Charles Henning Peter KLUNDER born 1881 in Charlton ref 8061, Victoria, Australia
Dorothea Maud Klunder born 1883 Charlton ref 15195
Albert Martin Klunder 1886 Charlton ref 1623
Alice May Klunder born 1888 Charlton, ref 18895
William David Klunder 1890 Charlton ref 21300
Rudolph Hennings Klunder born 1893 ref 2345

Jane [Race] Wardell born 16th September, 1860, Jericho, Victoria [a&b] Married William
FOWLER - My great grandparents

Maud [Alice Maud] Wardell born 1863, Jericho, Victoria [a]. Married Richard HUGHES 1894
Jericho. Alice died at Mvlle [?] in 1935 aged 73 [ref 14677] Their Children were:
William David HUGHES, born 1896 Charlton [ref 26738]
Mary Ruby Ann HUGHES born 1898, Charlton [ref 25256]
Owen HUGHES born 1901, Charlton [ref 17928] Died Beau[?] 1971 aged 69 [ref 16773]
Richard John HUGHES born 1904, Charlton [ref 24591] Died Heidelberg Vic 1971 aged 66


Mary died in Charlton on 8th May 1903 [ref 1903/5134] aged 76 of senile decay, an illness
which lasted 2 years. She was buried in the Charlton cemetery on 11th May 1903 according to
the Rites of the Roman Catholic Church.

David died in Charlton on 29th January 1905 [ref 1905/1117] aged 74. Cause of death was
pneumonia and paralytic stoke. David was buried in the Charlton Cemetery on 31st January
1905 by Church of England Clergyman A.E Preece. At the time of his death David had spent
51 years in Victoria.[d] making his arrival about 1853/4            
Left: David Wardell and Mary O'Neill - date unknown.

Below: The headstone of Mary O'Neill      [1 Maguire, 2
Wardell]  at Charlton Cemetery. Photo courtesy of

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