Thomas George Tune

from Lincolnshire to Utah via Australia and New Zealand -
Thomas George Tune was baptised 16th
January, 1872, St Mary and St Nicholas,
Spalding [birth reg Spalding March Q 1872
vol 7a pg 364]  son of
George Tune and
Lina Mary Watkinson.

Thomas came to Australia in December
1886 aboard the "Ellora" with his parents
and siblings. They came as unassisted
immigrants and settled in Sydney.

Thomas travelled much in his short life. He
is known to have lived in New Zealand,
Newcastle and Utah USA. Much of this
information comes from a statement made
by his mother Lina regarding settlement of
a life insurance policy.

The Evening News [Sydney] dated 24th
September 1892 reported:
Eveline Everingham, 28, servant, was fined
10s and ordered to pay 12s 6d for damage
on a charge of having broken a tin trunk
belonging to Thomas Tune. The parties
lived in the same house in Francis-street,
and accused was said, to have taken the
trunk in the street and broken it against
the kerbstone. She was also-charged with
having stolen 1 pound from the same
prosecutor, but the offence was not proved
and accused was discharged.

Thomas died on 6th May 1901, in a mining
accident at the Highland Boy Mine near
Murray, Salt Lake City, Utah. Because
Thomas died intestate [without a will] and
overseas [without formal identification] it
was necessary for Lina to make a formal
statement to claim a 150 pound insurance
policy with the New Zealand Government
Life Insurance Department at Wellington,
NZ. The following is a brief summary of her
statement.  According to information
supplied by his mother, Thomas' trade was
that of cook and sometimes printer. He left
Sydney for New Zealand in search of work
in about 1892, returning a year later.

In 1898 he went to  Newcastle in search of
work. Some time later he went to America.
Lina states she received letters from
Thomas saying he was travelling from place
to place and had given up his trade and
was working at whatever employment he
could obtain. To read a full transcript of
Lina's declaration click

I have been unable to find Thomas in the
1900 US census. It is possible he was
missed on census night or perhaps he did
not arrived until after the census .

Thomas died on 6th May 1901 in a mining
accident at the Highland Boy Mine near
Murray, Salt Lake City, Utah USA. At the
time of his death, Thomas was an electric
tram car operator whose job was to convey
ore and coal to the smelting and roasting
furnace. This involved moving the tram up
an elevator. According to the company
agent, Thomas reversed his tram into the
elevator shaft when the elevator was at the
bottom. He was killed instantly. Click
HERE to read a transcript of the letter from
the Company Agent. See Below for a
newspaper clipping describing the accident.

Upon his death the Company arranged for
Thomas to be buried on 7th May 1901 in
what was then known as the South
Cottonwood Cemetery in Utah. This
cemetery was taken over by Murray City
Council and is now called Murray City
Cemetery. It would appear Thomas is
buried at the following reference: 02 078 0
Above: Article from The Desert News dated
7th May 1901.

Below: Thomas death was also reported in
a more sensational manner in the Salt Lake
tribune dated 7th May 1901. This newspaper
Last Update 24th July 2014
Thomas' death was also reported in the
Lincolnshire Echo dated 1st August 1901

Below: Thomas' resting place in Utah. The
small indent is the plot number.