Stephen Tune

- from Hampshire England to Bakers Gully South Australia-
Stephen Tune born 1815,  Bentworth, Hampshire, England, son of, Richard Tune and
Martha Weston.

Immigration: arrived South Australia 11th October 1838 aboard the Surrey/Surry. Also
listed as passengers were
Richard Tune and Wife, possibly Stephen's brother and sister-in-

On 5th May 1852, W VINCE consigned 42 oz of gold to Stephen TUNE in South Australia
which arrived by escort 2.

Married: 1. Elizabeth Jessep, married 1843, St Joseph's Adelaide, South Australia.
Elizabeth died 26th January 1862, aged 42 years, Eyers Flat, SA. There appear to be no
children from this union.

Married 2. Margaret Smart, aged 18, married 28th August, 1862, Clarendon, SA Margaret
died 17th May 1882, Baker's Gully, aged 37.

Children of Stephen and Margaret:

Hannah Martha Tune born 28/2/1863, Clarendon, died 11/4/1865, aged 2, Clarendon.

Joseph Stephen Tune, born 6/12/1864, died 20/4/1865 aged 6 months, Clarendon

Oscar Tune, born 21/12/1866, Clarendon. Married Susan McCaffrey, 4th July, 1894,  
Wilunga.  Oscar died 25/2/1895, Wilunga, aged 29. Susan died 15/7/1904, aged  37. They
had one child: Edith May, born 6/11/1894, Wilunga; married Harold Alfred  Penny, 21st
May 1919 Noarlunga, SA

George Linsey [Lindsay] Tune, born 9/10/1868, Baker's Gully,  SA; married Rosetta  Clara
Anna Jane Biddle
,  aged 19, 29th  March 1894, Clarendon, SA.
Their Children:
Horace Clifford, born 13/2/1895, Baker's Gully; married Mary  Louisa Hailstone,                  
19/11/1918, Nangkita, SA
Louis Russel, born23/6/1897, Baker's Gully; married Olive Muriel  Allen, 31/3/1922,
Freeling, SA
Leonard Stephen, born 3/8/1901, Baker's Gully; married Pearl Milligan, 15/8/1925,
Prospect Hill, SA

Jesse Gordon Tune, Born 2/12/1870, Barker's Gully; Jesse moved to NSW [Silverton &
Broken Hill]  in 1895, probably at the commencement of mining operations. [BHP]
Married 1.
 Esther Steer, married, 29th March, 1894, Clarendon, South Australia.
Esther died 1925, Broken Hill. Their Children:
Roy Oscar: born 1895, Silverton, NSW; married Gertrude Hand, 30th August, 1927,
Leslie H, [registered under JUNE] born 1896, Silverton, married Phoebe G Buntt,
1921, Broken Hill, NSW
Laurence Gordon, [Gordon L ] born 18/2/1898, Baker's Gully,  SA; married Mary M             
Buntt, 1924, Broken Hill
Edith A
: born 1901, Silverton, NSW; married, Samuel Green,  1827, Broken Hill       
Vera M, born 1914, Broken Hill   
Married 2.
Julia Maud Ashworth, [widow aged 47] 15th August, 1927 Adelaide.

Married 3. Charlotte Usher [widow, aged 65 with 10 children] married 29th March 1883,
Baker's Gully.  Stephen was aged 68.  


Stephen died 28th March 1900, Baker's Gully aged 85.
The Advertiser Adelaide dated 19th April 1900 reported:
THE LATE MR. S. YUNE (sic, this is the actual spelling in the newspaper)  
The late Mr. Stephen Yune, who recently died at his residence, Baker's Gully, at the
advanced age of 85 years, arrived in the colony in 1838 in the ship Surrey. He was born in
Hampshire in 1815, and landed at Holdfast Bay. He first settled in Adelaide when there were
but a few reed hubs where the city stands, then he removed to Aldinga, where he started
farming, and for the last 36 years bad resided at Baker's Gully, where he was widely known
and respected. In 1851 he went to the Victorian goldfields, and was fairly successful. He
leaves a wife and two sons—Messrs. G. F. Tune, of Baker's Gully, and J. G. Yune, of Silverton.

Charlotte died 15the July 1913, aged 98.
The Observer Adelaide dated 23rd July 1913 reported:
Mrs. Charlotte Tune.  
Mrs. Charlotte Tune, aged 98, passed away recently at the residence of her daughter (Mrs. C.
Hood, Wattlebury road, Lower Mitcham), where she had spent the last 15 years of her life.
Deceased, who was twice married, arrived in South Australia with lier first husband (Mr.
George Usher), in the sailing ship Omega, in July, 1851. Mr. and Mrs. Usher resided at the
Sturt for many, years, and afterwards at Kangarilla, where they reared a family of 10
children (five sons and five daughters), of whom there are now living two sons and three
daughters—Mrs. M. Lucas (Moonta), Mrs. C. Hood (Lower Mitcham), Mrs. C. Mattson
(Silverton), Mr. Thomas Usher (Wilpena Station), and Mr. E. Usher (Petersburg). The
deceased's second husband was
Mr. Stephen Tune, of Baker's Gully, where the couple
resided for a number of years. In the course of time Mrs. Tune was again left a widow, and   
ultimately made her home at Mitcham. She has left 53 grandchildren, 93 great-
grandchildren, and two great-great-grandchildren. The deceased had lived under six British
sovereigns, having been born in Waterloo year—1815. The old lady retained her faculties
almost to the last day of her long life.