James Tune [FMP indexed as June] baptised 8th September 1774 'base born son of Elizabeth
Tune' at St Mary The Virgin, Dover Kent. Elizabeth later married Edward Head on 26th July
1777 St Mary the Virgin, Kent. James is described as a mariner on son Michael's marriage

Marriage: James Tune bachelor married Mary Ann Moyne spinster on 3rd January 1797 at St
Mary the Virgin, Dover [FS] by License. James made his mark, Mary Ann signed. Witnesses
were Edward Head [James stepfather] and Elizabeth Clark. [FMP indexed as Tume and Mayne]

Children: all baptised St Mary the Virgin, Dover, Kent [FMP/FS]

Michael Tune [unconfirmed] son of James and 'Ann' baptised 27th April 1798.  Buried 23rd
September 1799.

William Tune 21st May 1800. Master in the Merchant Navy [per masters cert, Ancestry]. Lived
in France? Died in Boulonge France 1873 [The Genealogist RD 35] Captain of the 'Grand Turk'
and 'City of Boulogne'

Edward Tune 21st July 1802. Possible burial 25th January 1820 aged 18.

John Thomas Tune baptised 8th July 1804 St Mary the Virgin Kent

James George Tune baptised 20th March 1807, Possible burial 28th April 1807 as George

James Moyne Tune baptised 11th November 1808.

Elizabeth Head Tune baptised 10th April 1811 buried 23rd May 1815

Michael Balderson Head Tune baptised 27th July 1814. May have become a merchant
seaman. Married widow
Elizabeth Goldsmith [nee Pike] 2nd August 1846. A Mariner. Died
London 3rd Quarter 1863

Betsy Head Tune baptised 6th July 1817. As Elizabeth may have given birth to an illegitimate
daughter also named Elizabeth baptised 4th May in Calais and St Omer France. Married
widower in Boulogne France 24th February 1860 [The Genealogist RD 35 - indexed as

James Tune aged 43 of Beach Street buried 24th July 1817.

Mary Ann Tune aged 79 died and buried Boulogne France 16th November 1851 [RD 35 at The
James Tune and Mary Ann Moyne

- of Dover, Kent -