John Thomas Tune
Elizabeth Hooper
Some of the following information comes from, and is supported by, letters
exchanged by the Tune siblings and other letters to the family. Copies of these
letters were kindly shared with me by a fellow researcher. I do not know who
holds the originals but my thanks go out to them for preserving such
important clues to this family's history.

John Thomas TUNE:  born 8th June 1804 baptised 8th July 1804 St Mary the Virgin,
Dover, Kent, parents
James Tune and Mary Ann Moyne. John was a merchant seaman
[ticket number 238826] Also ticket number 275986 issued at Liverpool 24th October 1845.
According to this ticket he was born 7th June 1803! He was 5 foot 81/2inches tall, black hair,
hazel eyes, dark complexion. He first went to sea as a boy in 1815. He could write. He served
in the Royal Navy 12 months and was rated AB. He did not see foreign service whilst in the
RN. When unemployed he resided in Liverpool. Royal Navy records [FMP] show John entered
the royal navy on 13th June 1828. He served as an Able Seaman aboard the Victor in Port
Royal. He was discharged in Jamaica on 15th February 1829.

John Tune [indexed as June] married Elizabeth Hooper on 26th January 1831 at St Johns
Anglican Cathedral, Buenos Aires. John was a native of Dover Kent, Elizabeth was a native of
Kingsbridge Devonshire. They were both now resident in Montevideo. Witnesses were Mary
Pierce and John Pickford.
As per]

Children: Birth dates are from a letter written by Elizabeth Perley nee Tune to her  
brother John

Thomas Tune born 12th October 1829 Montevideo. Married Mary Bigelow [born Nova
Scotia] in Chelsea MA in 1852. 1855 Census at Chelsea Suffolk Massachusetts aged 25 a
labourer, with wife Mary aged 24 and son John E aged 1 born Massachusetts.
John E Tune
born 22nd May [indexed as April FS] 1854, Boston Mass, father a mariner
Mary Ida Tune born 6th January 1856 Chelsea Mass  [Indexed as Teene at FS] Father on
Chelsea Ferry Boat.
Thomas Tune born 10th April 1857, Chelsea, father a stoker. [FS]
William Jerome Tune [indexed and recorded as PORT] born 4th April 1860, but same family
as father Thomas born Montevideo. Mothers maiden name recorded as Bagley.
The 1860 US census also records Thomas and his family with the surname of
Port. A letter in
1864 from sister Elizabeth refers to brother Thomas as
Mr Thomas Port.

John Tune born 11th September 1831 Montevideo, Uruguay. Married Mary Ann Gardener
1858 [Free BDM] By 1861 John, a mariner, was residing in Barking, Essex England. 1871, an
Inn Keeper at Shepherd and Dog public House Ramsden Crays, Essex. Died 1904.
Rose Mary Tune
born 1860, Lambeth Surrey
Eveline Margaret Tune born 1865, Ramsden Cray
Fanny Tune born 1867 Ramsden Cray
Ellen Tune born 1869 Ramsden Cray
William George Tune born 1870 Ramsden Cray
George G Tune born 1873 Ramsden Cray
Ernest Tune born 1874  Ramsden Cray. 1881 census records 'imbecile from birth'
Charles Tune born 1877 Ramsden Cray

William E Tune - born 19th December 1833 Montevideo

James Tune born 19th May 1835 Montevideo. May have died young according to family

Elizabeth Tune born 19th January 1838, Montevideo. Married Elbridge G Perley 1859
Chelsea, Massachusetts USA. Elbridge was a painter.
Mary Ella Perley
born 16th January 1859 Massachusetts.[Ancestry] Married James O Davis
[1910 census]
Lucy Maria Perley born 16th November 1860 Massachusetts. Married Whitney
Grace R Perley born March 1863 Massachusetts [as per 1900 census] Married Richard G
Burns, 1901, Chelsea Mass.
1900 Census: Elizabeth, a widow aged 62, born June 1838 Argentine Confederation, has
given birth to 3 children, all still living. Arrived in USA in 1851

What happened to John Tune and Elizabeth Hooper? The following is a chronological
history of their stories.

Some time before 1847, John Tune and wife Elizabeth were formally separated. Both
John and Elizabeth remarried.
It is possible that neither knew the other was still alive at the
time, although a family letter does state that Elizabeth was informed of John's death in 1851
by a Captain.

1838 According to family letters, eldest son John Tune junior left his family in 1838. Since
he was a mariner, he may have a gone to sea as a boy with or without his father. He can be
found in England from the time of his marriage in 1858 onwards.

Levi Jacobs: Elizabeth Tune states her mother remarried but we are not given any dates. She
mentions this before she says the family came to the USA about 1847, so perhaps the
marriage was prior to that. John Tune senior was still alive in 1847, but since Elizabeth senior
hadn't heard from him for more than 7 years she may have married under the supposition
that he was dead. Although Elizabeth junior never mentions her mother's husband by name
it would appear that he was
Levi Jacobs, a mariner, possibly African American. He is found
with the family in the 1850 US census. On 13th November 1837, a man named Levi Jacobs
born 1813 made a declaration that he was a free man of colour from Lumberton New Jersey.
He was a US born Mariner. This may be Levi, but further research is needed.

Charlotte Jacobs: Charlotte was born about 1841 in South America and is presumably the
daughter of Levi Jacobs and Elizabeth Tune nee Hooper. She is described as mulatto in the
1850 and 1860 censuses.

Immigration to United States: Elizabeth senior and children John, William, and Elizabeth
came to the United States in 1847 according to a letter written by Elizabeth junior.

Elizabeth/Betsy Hare/Ayers: On 21st November 1848 at Appledore Devonshire, John Tune,
a widowed Mariner [son of James Tune] married Elizabeth Hare, daughter of John Hare. Both
were of the parish. Witnesses were James Hooper [related to first wife Elizabeth?] and Henry
Copp?. Betsy Hare was born 23 July 1807 as AYRES Betsey/Betsy daughter of John and  
Mary. On 29th July in register 10a, received into church after private baptism. Betsy had
several illegitimate children prior to her marriage to John Tune. Note: Baptism dates may be
not as infants.
Betsy ‘Ayres’ spinster of Northam mother of
John Fowler Ayers [Hare] baptized 14th June
1829, Northam.
Betsy Hare, spinster of Appledore mother of
James Hare [James Lemon??]baptized 13th
December 1837, Northam.
HARE Mary Jane [aka Mary Tune??] born 16th Oct 1842 baptised 29th Nov 1850 mother
Betsey Hare Parish Appledore
TUNE Isabella  13th Nov 1849 Parish Appledore parents John Tune (mariner) and Elizabeth

1841 England Census: 1841 census at West Appledore, Betsy Hare, stone heaver aged 30,
James ‘Lemon’ aged 8, and John Fowler aged 11. Next door is her brother Richard and his

1850 US census reveals Levi Jacobs aged 34 a mariner born Pennsylvania [a mulatto] residing
Boston Ward 5 Suffolk Massachusetts with Elizabeth Jacobs aged 49 born England, Elizabeth
Jacobs aged 12 born South America [mulatto], Charlotte Jacobs aged 9 born South America
[mulatto] and John Bishop aged 9 born Pennsylvania [mulatto].

Death of John Tune senior: According to letters, John Tune died at Elsinore Denmark in
July 1850 whilst serving on the Brig Margaret.

1851 England Census: 1851 Census 76 Joshua Street Northam. Betsy Tune widow aged 43
‘late mariners wife’ born Northam, son James Fowler 19 mariner born Northam, daughter
Mary Hare, 10, born Northam, daughter Isabella Tune aged 2 born Northam. Married John
Gayett, mariner.

1853: Letter written by daughter Elizabeth in 1860 states her mothers husband [Levi Jacobs]
left seven years ago and they had not heard from him since he went to New Orleans. The
family suppose he died there in a yellow fever epidemic.

The  1855 Massachusetts State Census:

Thomas Tune
aged 25 born South America, labourer residing in Chelsea Suffolk
Massachusetts, with wife Mary E aged 24 born North Brunswick, son John E aged 1 born
Massachusetts and Charlotte Jacobs aged 14 born South America [mulatto]

William E Tune aged 22, a barber born South America residing in Chelsea Suffolk, Mass,
with Sarah J B  Tune aged 22 born New York [his wife]
Elizabeth Jacobs aged 55 born
England, Elizabeth Tune aged 18 born South America [sister] and
Charlotte Jacobs aged 15
born South America [NOTE: Not mulatto]

1860 census: Charlotte Jacobs aged 19, a servant born South America [mulatto] working in
the Bird residence Chelsea Suffolk Massachusetts. I have been unable to locate Elizabeth
senior in the 1860 census.


Charlotte A Jacobs
born Monte Video daughter of Levi and Elizabeth died of Typhoid fever in
28th December 1861 aged 21  

Elizabeth Jacobs widow of Levi died 1st April 1863, Chelsea, Suffolk, Massachusetts. Cause
of death consumption. Age 62 years, 3 months and 5 days. Born England.

Betsy Tune aged 72, buried 1 Jun 1891 [Appledore Burials]