William Toon/Tune and Mary Pearce/Pierce
Daniel Toon and Jane Wright

- from England to Queensland -
William Toon born 1835 in Essex, son of Joseph Toon and Harriet Cook baptised 1843,

Daniel Toon born about 1832 in Essex, son of Joseph Toon and Harriet Cook

1851 census
finds William aged 16 and Daniel aged 19 at 1851 census residing at Marlboro
street Greenwich with their parents Joseph aged 4, a labourer born Leicestershire, Ashby
[DOB 1807] and Harriett aged 38 Gloucestershire, Bitton and siblings Mary 12, Hannah 8,
Sarah 5, Harriett 2

Marriage: Daniel Toon married Jane Wright per Marriage Reg for 3rd Q 1858.

Marriage: 26th February 1865 at St Nicholas Deptford, William Toon, labourer married Mary
spinster. Both made their mark.

Immigration: Unknown but between 1865 and 1868-

Children: William Toon and Mary Pearce

Elizabeth Maud Mary TOON born about 1865 - see below

Joseph TUNE: born 28th October 1868 at Lillydale, Peak Downs Qld 1868/C2104 parents
William Tune and Mary Pierce

Possible Children from Qld Death Index:

1935/C1802 William Toon parents William and Mary
Henry Toon parents William and Mary
Sarah Toon parents William Toon and Mary
Charles Toon parents William Toon and Mary

Deaths: in Qld
1882/C3143  William Toon parents Joseph Toon Harriet
1898/C2498  Mary Toon parents James Pearce Catherine

Children:  Daniel Toon and Jane Wright

Daniel William TOON born about 1858 in Kent according to the 1861 census who married  
Sarah Elizabeth Crisp and had a son Herbert Henry Alfred TOON in Qld in 1889 – Herbert
died aged 25 in 1914. Also daughters Hilda 1888-1890 and Ida who died aged 4 months, 1900
[in NSW]

Deaths: Daniel TOON died in Queensland in 1878
The second occurred to a man named Daniel Toon, a miner on Mount Marley claim. Whilst
walking from his residence to work on Monday morning, he fell down suddenly and expired in
a few seconds, the cause of death as shown by medical testimony being heart disease. Toon
was 48 years old, and a strong healthy-looking man. He leaves a wife and grown-up son to
mourn their loss.

His Wife: DEATH. TOON. - On the 6th October 1881, at Mount Marley, Stanthorpe, Jane,
relict of the late Daniel Toon, aged 43, after a painful illness.

                  Elizabeth Maud Mary TOON

Daughter of William TOON and Mary Pearce birth 1865 place unknown


1886/C4928 William Gabriel Toon  mother Elizabeth Maude Mary Toon

1888/C5373 Elizabeth Toon  mother Elizabeth Toon. Died before 1891 - no record found

1890/C12176  May Toon  mother Maud Toon. Died 1890/C4266  May Toon - Maud Toon **
born Queensland aged 32 [days?]

1891/C11751 Elizabeth Toon  mother Elizabeth Toon. Died 1891/C3998  Elizabeth Toon -
Elizabeth Toon ** born Queensland aged 9 [days?]

Thomas David Toon mother  Maud Toon Morning Bulletin Rockhampton dated
7th September 1895 Maud Toon charges
Daniel Lavery  with deserting his illegitimate child.   
Second registration: 1911 C10627
Thomas David Schmidt Henry Maud Toon

Maria Maud Toon mother  Maud Toon –also registered as Maria Maud
 011707 same ref

1898 C11710
Maude Schmidt  Henry Maude Mary Toon

1900 C12412
Henry William Schmidt  Henry Maud Toon

1902 C12018
Gladis Schmidt Henry Maud Toon

1911 C10627
Thomas David Schmidt  Henry Maud Toon [same as above Thomas David

Maud Toon married Henry Schmidt 17 Apr 1897 Queensland Registration Number: 002202  
Page Number: 23254 [Ancestry]

Victim of Shark Attack:
The Week Brisbane dated 16th January 1914 reported:
Mr. and Mrs. Schmidt, of Welsby street, New Farm, proceeded to Sandgate on Sunday, arriving
at about 10 o'clock. They immediately sought the beach, and not long afterwards Mrs.   
Schmidt entered the water from the ladies' bathing shed near Moora Park. She was with
several other ladies about 20 yards from the beach, and in about 3 feet of water, when she was
attacked by a shark on the lower portion of the body. Crying out with pain, she struggled to   
the shore. Mr. Schmidt soon was on the spot, and Dr. G. Davidson promptly was summoned.
Mrs. Schmidt, who had lost considerable blood, was suffering from a large lacerated wound, but
there was nothing to suggest the possibility of dangerous results. The flesh was not torn away,
but some 18 stitches were necessitated. From the size of the bite, the doctor judged the shark
to be about 5 feet long. Mrs. Schmidt subsequently was brought by train to the Brunswick
street railway station, where she was met by the Ambulance Brigade, and taken to the   
General Hospital, it was ascertained next morning that the patient was making satisfactory

Maud SCHMIDT died 28th June 1929 [father William TOON mother Mary Pearce] QLD