Henry Thomas & Mary Ann Hodson
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Henry Thomas moved to New Zealand about 1904 [according to his death certificate]. He is
recorded in several Electoral Roll entries as Henry James Thomas.

Second Marriage: on 26th April, 1916 at the Registry Office, Hasting [Ref: folio 3752] Henry
Thomas married  
Mary Ann Henderson nee Hodson - also known as Marion. Henry was a 37
year old labourer. Mary Ann was a 29 year old widow whose previous husband had died on
17th February 1915 [as stated on marriage cert]. Witnesses were H Walker, a butcher of
Hastings and A V Walker of Hastings.

Mary Ann Hodson was born 1885 [ref 1885/11881] in Blenheim, daughter of John
Hod(g)son and Ellen Patchett.

First Marriage:
Her first marriage was to Henry Henderson on 21st October 1903. Henry was
the son of
Andrew and Emily Henderson of Springlands, Blenheim born 1881 [ref
1883/7352]. The 1905/6 electoral roll shows Henry, a painter, residing at Part Terrace,
Blenheim. Mary is not recorded, however she had probably not turned 21 when this roll was
taken. The 1911 electoral roll shows Henry, a painter, residing at Springlands. Mary does not
appear to be with him. However there is a 'Marion' Thomas residing at 702 Miller Street,
Hastings which intersects Alexander Street where Henry Thomas is residing.

Separation: It appears that Mary Ann separated from her first husband Henry. A check of the
NZ electoral Rolls fails to find Mary Ann for the period between 1905-1919 however in 1914
she does appear as Marion Thomas, a married woman residing at Stanley Street, Hastings,
the same address as Henry Thomas.

Death of First Husband: Henry Henderson aged 32 died in 1915 [ref 1915/1485] The
'Colonist ' newspaper reported his death as follows:
Heart Failure: Blenhim Feb 18: A young man named Henry Henderson, a painter, aged 32
died suddenly from heart failure on the Wairau Bar last night. He was suffering from the
effects of a recent serious illness.
The Malborough Express dated 18th February 1915 carried the following report:
The sudden death of Mr henry Henderson, eldest son of Me and Mrs A Henderson of
Springlands, yesterday afternoon came as a awful shock to relatives and friends. The
deceased who was 32 years of age, was a member of a launch party which proceeded down
the Opawa River yesterday afternoon and upon arrival at the Wairau Bar he suddenly
expired. Death was due to heart disease which resulted from a serious illness the deceased
experienced last year. In bowling circles the late Mr Henderson was popular and during the
last two years he had been a courteous and capable secretary of the Riversdale Club.

The following children were born whilst Mary Ann was still married to her first husband
although it appears the twins births were reregistered in 1933 show Henry's surname. Since
youngest son Harry's birth certificate shows Henry Thomas as his father and the older twins
later had their birth certificates amended to show the Thomas surname, I think it is safe to
assume he was the biological father of all three children. Also the twins carry two traditional
'Thomas' names, Finamore and Alexander.

John Alexander Thomas [Jack] born 1909 # 3641 Hastings, reregistered 1933 # 626
Hastings [twin] [possible birth date 8th July]
 Marriage to Enid Dorothy Dillon in 1931 [as
Jack Alexander Thomas - NZ BDM]
Enid was the daughter of Spencer and Violet Dillon. In
1935 Electoral Roll, both James and John [Jack] are residing at 215 Grove Road.  They
remained there until 1938 when parents Henry and Mary Ann are also in residence. Wife
Enid Dorothy is residing at another address. By 1946 Jack and Enid are residing at 822N
Karamu Road Hastings. They are still at that address in 1949. Between 1931 and 1949
Jack's occupation is shown as Engineer. By 1954 he is listed as a Tractor driver. From 1960
until 1967 he is shown as being a barman. John died in 1986 at Tokoroa # 19658

James Finamore Thomas [Jim] born 1909 # 3641, Hastings; reregistered 1933 # 627
Hastings. [twin] [possible birth date 8th July] James was a Drapers Assistant.  He married

Eileen May Hale
nee Adamson in 1939 #1286 . Eileen divorced her first husband Frederick
Joseph Thomas Hale in 1928 on the grounds of desertion.  In 1931 James is residing at 215
Grove Road Hastings. In 1935 Both James and John [Jack] are residing at 215 Grove Road.  
They remained there until 1938 when parents Henry and Mary Ann are also in residence.
1949 & 54 ER James, a draper, residing at 148 Moxham Ave, Mirimar  1957, James, a
salesman is residing at 21 Wai-iti Road Timaru.  James died at Porirua in 1974 # 10652
Eileen died 1978 at Wellington # 11936.

Henry [Harry] Thomas born 31st May 1912 Hastings Hawks Bay as Henry Hodson, son of
Mary Ann Hodson and Henry Thomas [ref 25991] Mary Ann aged 26 born Marlborough and
Henry aged 33, a labourer born NSW were "not in a legal relationship" according to the birth
certificate. Both parents are listed as informants. Harry died 4th December 1932,
[accidentally shot at Haumoana] Plot 783 Hastings cemetery ref # 3471 Hastings. Click
for a newspaper account of the accident.

Electoral Rolls:
The Electoral Roll for Hastings from 1906
1911 records Henry James Thomas, a labourer at Alexandra Street, Hastings. Marion Thomas
is residing at 702 Miller Street Hastings. These streets intersect each other.
1914 records Henry James Thomas a labourer at Stanley Street, Hastings also 'Marion'
Thomas, married.
1919 records Henry James Thomas, Labourer, Stanley Street, Hastings residing with
'Marion' Thomas, domestic duties.
1928 Henry Thomas, Stanley Street Hastings, storeman. Mary Ann Thomas, same address,
1931 to 1945 show Henry's occupation as 'Storeman'. Mary Ann is listed as 'married' Their
address is first given as Stanley St Hasting in 1931-1935. By 1938 it has changed to 215
Grove Road Hastings, the residence of sons James and Jack.

Henry, late of 215 Grove Road Hastings, died in the Memorial Hospital Hastings on 22nd
November 1944. Cause of death was carcinoma of the liver which he had suffered for one
month. Henry was buried on 24th November 1944 in Hastings Cemetery, Orchard Road,
Hastings.  Mary Ann died 4th August 1948 and is buried with Henry [Plot D Block 784]
Above Left: Grave of Henry Thomas and second wife Marian [Mary Ann Henderson]
Above Right: Grave of Harry Thomas, youngest son of Henry and Marian.
Hasting Cemetery.

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