John Alexander Thomas
and his second wife
Victoria Harriet Knight
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Second Marriage:
On 19th May 1898, just three months after the death of his first wife, John Alexander Thomas
Victoria Harriet KNIGHT at 471 Pitt Street, Sydney[ ref 2608/1898] according to the
rites of the Congregational Mission church. Witnesses were William and Charlotte Talbot
Victoria's half brother and his wife
. John is a 48 year old widower residing at Douglas Street,
Waterloo, occupation carpenter.  Victoria is described as a 30 year old spinster, occupation
'Gentlewoman' also of Douglas Street, Waterloo.

Harriet Victoria Knight [sic] was born in 1867 [ref 25356] to parents  Jonathan Knight and
Harriet Jones. Her place of birth is White Hills, Bendigo, Victoria. According to the birth
certificate of son Cecil, Victoria married Frenchman
Augustus Mekin in Bendigo on 9th
November 1890 but no record of this marriage has been found.

It appears that Victoria gave birth to several children prior to their marriage:

James Knight born 1886 ref 13644 Sandhurst, Victoria, mother Victoria. The Bendigo
Advertised dated 15th July 1886 reported that Harriet Victoria Knight proceeded against
James Tonkin for neglecting to contribute to the maintenance of his illegitimate child. Mother
Harriet and brother Richard also gave evidence. Tonkin was ordered to pay 7 shillings per
week. James Knight aged 9 months died in 1887 at N Hills [White Hills?] Vict
oria ref 4700,
mother Vic Harrt[sic] Knight

Herbert Knight THOMAS - I have been unable to find his birth registration although he was
known as Herbert Knight THOMAS.  Born about 1891 according to sister's birth certificate.
Married Christina Gunderson. Herbert was an ice vendor according to the 1930 electoral roll.
Married for a second time in 1960 to widow Grace Magdalen McCann. At this time Herbert
gives his birthplace as Bendigo. Died 1976 in Camden. [Probably not the birth registration of
Herbert C Young, father George W, mother Victoria H, born 1891, Petersham [ref 28855] -
mother was Victoria H HART]

Cecil Vincent Victor MEKIN/THOMAS: Born 29th November 1893, at 148 Devonshire Street,
Surry Hills. Original birth certificate shows his father as Augustus Mekin, a cook aged 39 from
France - ref 207/1894 - transcription held. Victoria Mekin, mother, is the informant and states
she was married on 9th November 1890 in Bendigo. Present at the birth were Mrs McIlwraith
and Mrs Addy. A notation dated 17th September 1957 states -
Evidence has been furnished
that the surname of the within mentioned Cecil Vincent Victor Mekin is "Thomas" - RW Smith,
Deputy Registrar General, Sydney 17 Sep 1957 (57M 13492)
Married Mary M Holcraft 1915.  

Jacqueline Harriett Victoria Halcyon KNIGHT born 23rd October 1895 [ref 29368 -
transcription held] at 16 Dawson Street, Sydney. Father is recorded as John
Knight, carpenter
aged 46 [other than the surname, these details would apply to John Alexander Thomas]
Mother is recorded as Victoria Harriet
Thomas aged 27. Date of marriage is 9th November
1890 at Bendigo, the same details given for her supposed marriage to Augustus Mekin.  
Present at the birth were Dr Shelds and Mrs Gordon. Baptised 4th December 1895 at St
Michael's Surry Hills, parents John and Victoria Knight of Dawson Street, Surry Hills. Father a
carpenter.  This child, later known Victoria  Halcyon THOMAS is listed as John's daughter on
his death certificate.

1930 Electoral roll shows mother Victoria still residing at 23 Tavistock Street with daughter
Victoria and son-in-law
Percy Grove Fry, a motor mechanic.  By 1936 the extended family is at
72 Warialda Street, Bexley. Victoria H Thomas married Percy G Fry in 1914 at Redfern [ref


John Alexander Thomas
died at 23 Tavistock Street, Drummoyne, on 9th November 1927 [ref
17733 - transcription held] Cause of death was Auricular fibrillation [a disorder of the heart
rhythm] and uraemia [an accumulation in the blood of nitrogen bearing waste products] He
was buried on the 11th November 1927 at the Church of England Cemetery Waverley.  
Daughter Victoria is the informant and records no other children for John, nor his first
The following notices appeared in the SMH dated 11th November 1927.

THOMAS - the Relatives and Friends of Mrs, VICTORIA H THOMAS, Mr and Mrs. H THOMAS, of
Brighton-le-Sands, and Mr.and Mrs. P FRY kindly invited to attend the Funeral of her late dearly
loved HUSBAND and their FATHER? John Alexander Thomas to leave his late residence 23
Tavistock street. Drummoyne, THIS AFTERNOON, at 1.45. for Church of England Cemetery.
[This is wife Victoria Harriet Thomas, son Hebert Knight Thomas and daughter
Victoria Fry]

THOMAS.- The Relatives and Friends of Mr and Mrs C THOMAS, of Rockdale, are kindly invited
to attend the Funeral of their late dearly beloved FATHER, John Alexander Thomas; to leave his
late residence of 23 Tavistock street, Drummoyne, THIS AFTERNOON, at 1.45, for Church of
England Cemetery, Waverley.
[This is son Cecil Vincent Thomas of 35 George Street, Rockdale,
agent as per 1930 electoral roll]

THOMAS.-The Relatives and Friends of Mr. and L Mrs. R. WAGG of Bexley, are kindly invited to
attend the Funeral of their late esteemed FRIEND, John Alexander Thomas; to leave his late
residence, 23 Tavistock street, Drummoyne, THIS AFTERNOON, at 1.45, for Church of England
Cemetery, Waverley.
[This would appear to be Raymond Leslie and Louisa Pearl Wagg of 23
Vivian Street, Bexley. Raymond was a coach builder. - as per 1930 electoral roll]

THOMAS - The Loyal Star of Drummoyne, -*. M.U.I.O.O.F.-The Officers and Members of the
above Lodge are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their late BROTHER, John Alexander
Thomas; to leave his daughter's residence 23 Tavistock street Drummoyne, THIS AFTERNOON, at
1.45, for Church of England Cemetery, Waverley.
[This refers to a lodge of the Manchester
Unity Independent Order of Oddfellows, which was a type of friendly Society, originally
established at a time when there was no health benefits or national health scheme. Members
paid into the society and in turn were supplied with discounted services or benefits]

Burial: Waverley and South Head cemetery, Anglican scetion 19 ordinary row 65 plot
5498/5499 same double plot as mother in law Harriet Knight. Wife Victoria would later be
buried in the same plot
. Victoria's mother and half brother are buried in the adjoining plot  see
photos below

Will: John's will leaves his estate to wife Victoria Harriet and also appoints her as sole executor.

Victoria Harriet Thomas died 17th April 1951 at "Home of Peace" Petersham. Her usual
residence was 16 Banner Street, Kingsgrove. Cause of death was hypostatic pneumonia lasting
3 days and senile degeneration with dementia which she had suffered from for 18 months.
Daughter Victoria, of the same address, is the informant and once again she only lists herself
as a child of the marriage. Victoria is buried in the Church of England cemetery at Waverley