Strange Names

-what were their parents thinking? -
Fanny Cock: NSW birth registration   5572/1878  COCK  FANNY  Father JOHN  mother ELIZA  
place of registration WAVERLEY    

Augustus Railway Brooks: born 1866, Launceston Tasmania. I'd love to know why his parents
Benjamin Brooks and Caroline Mayes chose 'Railway' as a middle name.

Christmas: There were at least 6 convicts sent to Australia with the first name of Christmas
including one from Barbados whose only name is recorded as Christmas.

Theophilus Feutrill: one of my ancestors and I still find this name a mouthful to pronounce!

Skelton Felton: A distant ancestor from the Bartlett branch in America. This is what happens
when parents use a surname as a first name.

Valentine Love: There are several people with this name listed at Ancestry including at least
one born on 14th February.

Hyacinth Crow: Not a woman but a man, living in the parish of Clonoulty Ireland in the 1840s.
There was also at least one other male Hyacinth, surname Lough [or something similar -
writing was inconclusive] in the same parish.

Victoria Diamond Jubilee Hart: born 21st June 1897 Yatala South Australia

Hercules Diamond Jubilee Ford: born 1897 Murungi Victoria

Mary Diamond Jubilee Lowry born 24th May 1897 Tasmania....the trend continues.....

Newrick alias Newyear Maw [this is exactly how it is recorded in the parish register of Old
Malton Yorkshire] born 1st January 1723/4 baptised 11th January. Little Newyear as he came
to be known in later parish entries, began a trend for other babes to be given this unusual
name in the area.

The following names were sent to me Ænone, a fellow genealogist who has been collecting
them for over 50 years. Her own name is very unusual too! Thank you Ænone