Voyage of the St Hilda
M great x 2 grandfather William Houlihan came to Australia aboard the St Hilda in 1865.
From research it appears that several friends or possibly relatives also travelled with William.

James Connell: James is one of the witnesses at Williams marriage to Alice Dooley less than
three months before the St Hilda sailed. James is shown as being born about 1841 and a
native of Ballybricken, Limerick. Ballybricken is a couple of miles from Fedamore and

Margaret Connell: Margaret born about 1845, a native of Ballybricken also travels on the St
[It should also be noted that Catherine Connell came out with Ellen Houlihan, William's
sister, on the John Temperley]

Mary Droney/Dooney: The deposit for Mary was paid for by William's sister Ellen
Houlihan.Mary was born about 1840 and her native place was Fedamore, Limerick.

Others from the area:
Patrick Hanley
born about 1837, Caherconlish
Voyage of the John Temperley
Ellen Houlihan: Sister of William, Ellen arrived on the John Temperley in 1863. Ellen gives
Ballybricken as her native place.

Catherine Connell: Catherine born about 1839 was a native of Ballybricken Limerick. Her
deposit was paid for by Patrick Merrick, the same man who paid Ellen Houlihan's deposit.
Catherine would later pay the deposit for
James and Margaret Connell above.
Other Irish Immigrants from the same area...

Star of Brunswick: 1865
Bridget Houlihan:
Born about 1839, gives Caher Conlish as her Native place. probably the
daughter of
Thomas Houlihan and Honora Bray.
Thomas Houlihan born 1846 Moneteen [?]
Margaret O'Mara 1843 Boher
Patrick Downey 1845 Grange
Michael Minahan 1841 Grange

Spitfire :1863
Patrick Ryan born 1842, Caherconlish
William Hannah 1837 Caherconlish
Annie Houlahan born 1844 Caherconlish [KarKonlis] Parents Thomas
Houlihan and Honora
No relatives in the colony. Deposit paid by   Herir

Sirocco 1864
Ellen Diggan born 1843 Ballybricken
Unknown born 1826 Mony maker??

Peerless 1866
Maria Connell born  1848 Boher

Morning Star 1864
Pat Connell born 1843 Killmanock
Mary Hannah 1835 Caherconlish

Devonport 1868
James Dalz [Daly?] born 1846 Ballinagard

Light Brigade 1867
Patrick Hannan 1842 Caherconlish

Humbolt 1852
Maurice Houlihan born  1815 Bruff
Anastasia Houlihan born   1816 Ballinmona [?]

Burlington 1867
Several members of the Joyce family from Caherconlish

General Caufield 1865
Bridget Ryan 1847 Ballinaguard
Mary Ryan 1849 Ballinaguard

Hornet: 1865
Ann Bourke 1846 nr Caherconlish

Africana 1866
Thomas Fitzgerlad 1848 Caherconlish

Himilaya 1865
Edmund Joyce 1845 Caherconlish