John Sheppard and Sarah Fackrell

- a Cordwainer from Bristol -
My Great x 4 Grandparents

John Sheppard was born in Bristol Temple about 1800 according to information he supplied
in the 1851 census. A possible baptism is John Sheppard aged 6 on 2nd June 1805 at St
Phillip and John, Bristol, son of George Sheppard and Ann possible Shore. Younger brother
William aged 3 was baptised the same day.  John was a cordwainer; a shoemaker who worked
in leather. On the death of his second wife, Elizabeth, John took over her business and
became a shopkeeper/greengrocer. The 1841, 1851 and 1861 show him residing at Redcliffe
Hill, St Mary, Redcliffe

Sarah Fackrell was born about 1799, daughter of Joseph Fackrell and Sarah [Unknown].
Sarah died and was buried at St Mary Redcliffe on 30th July 1826 aged 28.

First Marriage: John and Sarah were married in St James, Bristol on 15th February, 1824.

John and Sarah had at least one child:

George Joseph SHEPPARD born 1824 probably December, baptised 6th August 1826, St
Mary Redcliffe aged 1 year and 8 months. This baptism took place after the death of his
My Great x 3 Grandfather

Second Marriage: After Sarah's death, John married Elizabeth PEARCE by Banns at Clifton
on 23rd September 1827. Elizabeth was a widow born Colerne Wiltshire.  Her maiden name
was probably
BURGESS. A possible baptism is on 26th May 1793 at Colerne, daughter of
Henry Burgess and Elizabeth [Betty] Mullins. Elizabeth was a shop keeper. She died before
the 1861 census.

The 1841 census shows John and Elizabeth with children George, Elizabeth and Emma
along with John's Mother Sarah Sheppard aged 60. Youngest daughter Sarah is not present
in the household but appears to be in residence at the Red Maids School.

The 1851 census shows John a cordwainer; Elizabeth a shop keeper, Elizabeth B,
dressmaker, Emma, dressmaker and Sarah, milliner. The three girls are all unmarried.

Death: Elizabeth died 9th March 1861 aged 67 [Bristol Mercury 16th March 1861]

The 1861 census shows John widower aged 60 residing at 17 Redcliffe Hill. His occupation is
shop keeper. Eldest daughter Elizabeth, unmarried 30 is recorded as housekeeper, with
Emma M, unmarried 28 is a dress maker and Sarah A, unmarried is a milliner.

Kelly's Directory of 1863 list John Sheppard; 17 Redcliffe Hill, greengrocer. Hunt and Co's
Directory of 1849 also lists John Sheppard of Redcliffe Hill, Greengrocer

Death: John died before the 1871 census. Probable death  John Sheppard aged 69  [3rd Q
Bristol 6a 6] Western Daily News dated 23rd September 1869 reported "On 22nd instant at
Redcliffe Hill, Mr John Sheppard aged 69" -see image below

John and Elizabeth had the following children:

Elizabeth Burgess SHEPPARD
baptised 2nd November 1828 St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol; a
dressmaker and shop keeper. Never married

Emma Matilda SHEPPARD baptised 17th January, 1830, St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol; a
dressmaker. Never married.

Sarah Ann SHEPPARD baptised 13th November 1831, St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol; a milliner.
Joseph Newby Wagstaff Dec Q 1864, Bristol.

John Henry SHEPPARD, baptised 28th July, 1833 St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol. John was
buried at St Mary Redcliffe on 10th May 1835 aged 1 year and 10 months.

By 1871 Elizabeth jnr and her two sisters were still living at 19 Redcliffe Hill. Elizabeth
[unmarried] is 'Head' of the family and runs a Greengrocer shop. Emma, unmarried, is a
dressmaker. Sarah, married, is listed with her two children Emily Agnes 5 and Joseph Henry

By 1881, Elizabeth, single, a storekeeper, and Emma, single, a dressmaker are living at 19
Redcliffe Hill, sister Sarah Ann [listed as S Ann Sheppard] with 15 year old niece, Emma
[Emily?] Wagstaff, nephew, Henry [Joseph] 14 and a third child, Edith M, aged 9.

By 1891 Elizabeth and Emma are still residing at Redcliffe Hill, with sister Sarah Wagstaff,
widow, nephew Joseph, clerk and niece, Edith, milliner.

By 1901, Elizabeth and Emma, both retired and still single, are living with niece, Emma A,
her husband, Henry A.S Eades, a clerk to a Fine Art Publisher and her family at 20 Mount
Pleasant Terrace, Bristol. Sarah Wagstaff is widowed and living with son Joseph, single, a
railway clerk and daughter Edith, single, a milliner at 62 York Road, Bristol.