It is always a challenge to trace when your ancestors first arrived in Australia.  My research has
led me back to the first and second fleets to both convicts and members of the Marines and
NSW Corps. Other ancestors arrived as either 'assisted' or 'unassisted' immigrants during the
1840s and later. The following is a brief overview of what I have discovered during my research
in my family and that of my husband.   

First Fleet:-1788

Michael Murphy a private in the 41st Portsmouth Co. He arrived in NSW on 26th January
aboard the Sirius.

Second Fleet: -1790

Theophilus Feutrill a private in the 102nd Regiment, NSW Corp. He arrived in NSW on 28th
June 1790
aboard the Neptune.

Ann Carey a convict, transported to NSW also aboard the Neptune 1790.

Other Convicts: - From 1801

Hannah [Ann] Williams, a convict, wife of Michael Murphy, transported to NSW aboard the Nile

William Smith a convict, transported to Van Damiens Land aboard the Bengal Merchant in

Ellen Donovan a convict, transported to Van Damiens Land aboard the Hector in 1835

Frederick Pointon:  a convict from Hertfordshire arrived  in Tasmania on the Sarah (2) on 29th

Patrick Callan: a convict from County Armagh, Irleand arrived aboard the convict ship Pekoe in

Louisa Wright: a convict from London arrived in Tasmania on the Garland Grove on 20th
January 1843

Assisted Immigrants: - The Bounty and Other Schemes

Thomas and Mary Higgins left Ireland and travelled to Australia on the Albatross arriving on
30th November 1841

Peter and Hannah Hickson [Higson] left Bolton Le Moors Lancashire, England and travelled to
Australia on the Agnes arriving
13th February 1842

John and Catherine Glennan: Assisted Immigrants from Kildare Ireland arrived in Sydney on
the Anne Milne on
17th January 1842

George and Ann Burgess, left Somerset England and arrived in Launceston Tasmania aboard
the Royal Saxon on
22nd November 1844

Joseph and Susan Woodcroft: Assisted Immigrants from Hawnes [Haynes] Bedfordshire
arrived in Sydney aboard the Equestrian on
16th July 1848

Elizabeth Callan/Cullen: daughter of Patrick arrived with her mother and brothers aboard the
Success in

Samuel and Mary Ann Finnamore, arrived in Australia aboard the Agenoria in 1849, with
daughter Mary Jane.

John and Mary Gavin: Assisted Immigrants arrived in Tasmania on the Duchess of
Northumberland on th
December 1854

Martin Engelmann: Assisted Immigrant from Germany arrived in Sydney with his parents
aboard the Catteaux Wattel on
9th March 1855

Benjamin and Mary Ann Betts left Somerset, England and arrived in Launceston Tasmania
aboard the Whilrwind on
31st March 1855

Martin and Mary Maher, left Ireland and arrived in Sydney aboard the Eliza, in 1855.  

William Houlihan, left Ireland and arrived alone in Australia aboard the St Hilda in 1865. His
wife and daughter followed seven years later.

Unassisted Immigrants:

George Joseph Sheppard: Private 99th Regiment, arrived in Australia [probably Tasmania] in
October 1847, ship unknown but probably as part of the guard aboard the convict ship

Thomas and Susan Fowler: from London arrived in South Australia aboard the Grecian in
October 1850. The ship ran aground on arrival.

Anson Hammond Bartlett, from Massachuesetts on the bark, Theoxena, arriving in Melbourne

John Triggs Thomas and wife Jane Ann Gregory arrived aboard the Queen of the South on
4th July 1854

Alice Margaret Houlihan [nee Dowling] left Ireland and travelled to Australia aboard the City
of Agra with daughter Mary, in
July 1872, to be reunited with her husband William, who had
arrived seven years earlier.

George and Lina Tune and their children left Lincolnshire, England and arrived in Australia
aboard the Ellora, in
December 1886

Still Looking

Hannah Williams, wife of Anson Bartlett, arrived shortly before her marriage in February 1861,
born Isle of Anglesey, Wales.

Matilda Sheppard, nee Vernum wife of George Joseph Sheppard, born Bristol, Gloucester,
England, arrived between 1851 and 1852 with daughter
Matilda Ann Sheppard. Husband
George, a soldier with the 99th Regiment arrived in advance of his wife and family.

David Wardell from Yorkshire arrived in Victoria between 1851 and 1854

Mary O'Neill [Maguire] from Limerick Ireland arrived prior to 1854, possibly with her first
husband Thomas Maguire.

And Those Who Left:

Henry Thomas, my Great Grandfather, left Australia for New Zealand and settled in Queens
Street, Hastings, Hawkes Bay, near Napier.

George Joseph Sheppard and Matilda Vernum: Returned to Bristol, England via NZ some time
after 1861.  
Coming to Australia