James Ryan and Eliza/Elizabeth Connelly

- Immigrants from Tipperary -
James Ryan was born between 1814 and 1818 at Kildroman[?] Tipperary, son of Michael and
Mary Ryan  
who were both deceased by 1849 [shipping records -Sea] James was Roman
Catholic and he could read and write. His occupation is recorded as labourer in his
immigration records.

Eliza/Elizabeth Connolly was born about 1825 at Monro[?] Tipperary, daughter Patrick and
Margaret Connolly.
Elizabeth was Roman Catholic and she could read. Her occupation was

Marriage: James and Elizabeth were married before 1849

Immigration: James and Elizabeth travelled to NSW aboard the Sea arriving in 1849.  

Children: - unconfirmed

Michael Ryan, baptised 1850 [ref V18501963 67/1850 V18501983 67/1850]

Timothy Ryan baptised 1852 [ref V18522016 69/1852]

Mary Ryan baptised 1854 [ref V1854319 71/1854]

James Ryan baptised 1855 [ref V18552654 72/1855]

Elizabeth Ryan baptised 1856 [ref V18563429 162B/1856]

Bridget Ryan born at Maitland 1857 [ref 8103/1857]  


James Ryan senior 'a very old and highly respected resident of Dunmore died in February
1889. Cause of death was cancer [Maitland Mercury] ref 11428/1889

Elizabeth Ryan died on 21st December 1899 at Largs [Maitland Mercury] ref 14067/1899
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