An explanation of the referencing used on my website

Italics: Names written in italics indicate an infant or child who died young. There is usually a date of death included.

Cert Held: Used to indicate the relevant certificate is held for the event

Trans Held: Used to indicate an official transcript of the original certificate is held.

Unconfirmed: This indicates that although the information given looks likely to be correct, it is unconfirmed and should not be
treated as fact at this stage.

Private Researcher: Detailss have been found online on another researcher's page.

Abbreviations Used:

International Genealogical Index

BDM/BMD Births Deaths Marriages

SMS: Sydney Morning Herald Newspaper

QA: Queanbeyan Age Newspaper

Most pages will include a lettered referencing system, the  key to which is listed at the bottom of the page or by a link.

[a] 1841 census
[b] Marriage cert of Henry Thomas and Margaret Houlihan
[c] Death Certificate of William Houlihan
[d] IGI
[e] Private researcher

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