Thomas Pointon and Eleanor Phelps

- from Hertfordshire -
My Great x 3 Grandparents

Thomas Pointon born about 1770  and christened 20th March 1771 at Welwyn 2 miles from
Codicote to parents
Richard Pointen and Sarah Deller Thomas was a fisherman, fishmonger
and carrier.

Eleanor [Elianor] Phelps born about 1776 [possible baptism record, Ellen Felps, 12th July
1778, St Paul’s Walden,  Parents
William Felps and Ann Ansell There is also a marriage entry
for Eleanor Phelps to William Lovell on 1st February 1795 at St Paul's Walden, however this
would appear to be a different woman as Eleanor is described as a spinster when she married
in 1797.

Marriage Thomas Pointer [sic] bachelor of Codicote, labourer married Elianor [sic] Felps,
spinster of this parish married on 9th March 1797 at St Paul’s, Walden, Hertford, England.
[NOTE: Thomas is recorded in the register as Thomas Pointer however he signs as POINTON]
Eleanor made her mark.

Their Children were:

Ann Pointon christened 19th January, 1799, ST Giles Codicote, Hertford. Died some time
before 1817.

Eleanor Pointon, christened 23rd June, 1801, St Giles Codicote,  Married Robert Crane on
25th October 1832 at St George Hanover Square, Middlesex. Robert Crane was a butcher.
gravestone below]

Thomas Pointon, christened 1st July, 1804, St Giles Codicote. Married Eliza Hazell 28th
August 1826 at St Olave, Southwark, Surrey.
 Transported to Australia on Lady Raffles
departing on 30th November 1840 and arriving in 1841

Francis Pointon, christened Jan 1807, St Giles Codicote, died 21st, October 1872, Codicote,
Hertford, Married
Elizabeth Bigg, 2nd April, 1829. Francis was a baker, one of the more
respectable members of the family.

Henry Pointon, christened 3rd Sept, 1809, St Giles Codicote, died 4th August 1882
[Transported to Australia aboard Sarah 2 with brother Frederick]

Frederick Pointon, christened 13th September 1812, St Giles Codicote Transported to
Australia - My Great x 2 Grandfather

Edward Pointon,
christened 28th August, 1814, St Giles Codicote. Father a higgler [peddler].
ied 6th March 1830 aged 16, buried 11th March 1830, St Giles [see gravestone below] NOTE:
Diary of a Village entry of 1st March reports "Early in the morning a Boy was run over in the
road leading to Wellwyn [sic] by a wagon he was driving and dreadfully hurt. He was sitting on
the shaft." Although not mentioned by name, it is possible this is Edward who later died from
his injuries.

Ann Maria Pointon, born 8th February, 1817, christened 4th May, 1817 St Giles Codicote.
Ann may have been a dressmaker and appears to be living with sister Eleanor at the time of
the 1841 census. Married
George Tidd on 22nd July 1847. Ann died 7th November 1870 at

Samuel Pointon, born 22 January 1820, christened 25th December, 1821, St Giles Codicote,
died 28th May 1841 aged 21, buried 1st June 1841 St Giles. Samuel was a shoemaker
according to his fathers will. [
gravestone below]

Deaths: Eleanor was buried on 4th October 1835 aged 59 at St Giles, St Giles Codicote.
Pointon, carrier and fishmonger, died on 12th August 1839 and was buried on 18th
August 1839 aged 69 at St Giles Codicote.  

I Thomas Pointon of Codicote in the county of Hertfordshire, carrier, being of sound mind,
memory and understanding, do hereby appoint
Francis Pointon of Codicote in the
aforementioned County, baker and
Ann Maria Pointon of the same place and county,
spinster to be joint executors of this my last will and testament and I so hereby bequeath free
hold and copyhold(see explanation below) estates wheresoever they may be situated to the
beforementioned Francis Pointon and
Ann Maria Pointon and Samuel Pointon of Codicote
aforesaid shoemaker, to be equally divided between them whensoever the said Samuel Pointon
shall attain the age of twenty one and if the said Samuel Pointon should die before he attains
the said age of twenty one years then the property aforesaid shall be equally divided between
the said Francis Pointon and Ann Maria Pointon. I do also hereby bequeath to my daughter
Eleanor Crane wife of Robert Crane of Codicote aforesaid, butcher, the interest of one
hundred and fifty pounds now vested in my name in three and a half percents in the books of
the bank of England for her own sole and separate use to ???cure whensoever the said
Samuel Pointon shall attain the age of twenty one years or be deceased and at the decease of
the said Eleanor Crane the principle of the said one hundred and fifty pounds to revert to her
Edward Pointon Crane and in the event of the said Edward Pointon Crane not attaining
the age of twenty one years then the said principal of one hundred and fifty pounds shall go to
Henry Pointon my son and after all my just debts and funeral expenses are paid I desire that
the whole of the interest of all my property both landed and ?funded? shall go to the
maintenance of my two youngest children Ann Maria Pointon and Samuel Pointon until the
said Samuel Pointon shall attain the age of twenty one years. And I also desire that any
furniture of which I shall be possessed shall be equally divided between the said two youngest
children last mentioned and I lastly bequeath the remainder of my property whatsoever it may
be to beforementioned Francis Pointon Ann Maria Pointon and Samuel Pointon whensoever
the said Samuel Pointon shall attain the age of twenty one years and I hereby revoke and
make void all former wills by me executed in witness hereof I do hereby set my hand and seal
this eleventh day of august in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty
nine. Signed Thomas Pointon in the presence of witnesses John Butcher, George English,
John Burdett Ring.
Proved at London 12th September 1839.

Thomas does not leave anything to eldest son Thomas Pointon or Frederick Pointon both
transported to Australia however the will does mention other son Henry Pointon who was also
transported but his inheritance is only in the event of the death of Thomas's grandson Edward

Copyhold: Copyhold property was held by the custom of the manor as opposed to freehold
where possession was (and is) absolute. By the end of the Middle Ages, however, there was
very little difference between copyhold and freehold. The main difference was that copyhold
tenants had to pay a notional rent to the Manor and to pay a fine when they sold the property.
Copyhold tenure was ended by the Law of Property Act 1925 which forced all copyhold land
and property to be enfranchised, that is, turned into freehold.[Bedfordshire Govt website]
Left: The fallen headstone
of Thomas and Eleanor in
Codicote graveyard 2nd
June 2012.

Right:  Headstone of Samuel
Pointon and sister Eleanor

Below: Three Pointon
headstones with the centre
one fallen L-R
Edward, Thomas &
Eleanor(together) Samuel
and Eleanor Crane