William Pointon

- Convict per Aurora 1835 -
William Pointon was baptised 19th February 1809 in Codicote Hertford, youngest son of
William Pointon and Ann Wells

Marriage: William married Elizabeth Dollimore/Dallimore on 17th June 1834 at St Pauls
Welwyn, Hertfordshire. I have been unable to find any children born to the marriage.

Arrest: The earliest arrest I have found for William was 22nd April 1831 when Constable Carter
from Whitwell came to Codicote in pursuit of William and his cousin
Frederick Pointon for  
alleged 'misconduct' on 10th April [Diary of a Village]

On 24th November 1833, William Pointon was shot at by Daniel White who was taken into
custody and put in Bridewell [Diary of a Village] It appears this may have been related to
William being caught poaching. Daniel White was found not guilty.

Breaking and Entering: William, together with cousin Thomas Pointon were taken to Hitchen
by Constable from Luton on 23rd January 1834 on suspicion of breaking into the shop of A
Sherington of Knebworth. They were found not guilty. [Diary of a Village]

Poaching: William was sent to Hertford Gaol on 13th February 1834 for poaching at Ayott St
Lawrence with J Harwood [Diary of a Village]

Transportation: William was convicted of larceny [stealing pigeons] and assault on 13th
October 1834 at the Hertford Michaelmas Albans sessions with William Franklin. They were
both sentenced to 7 years transportation leaving England on 18th June 1835 aboard the
Aurora which arrived in Hobart on 7th October 1835 . According to his convict indent William
was a farm labourer and poulterer for two years. He could also cook and look after horse gig
and milk. He stood 5 foot 8 1/2 inches tall with a fresh complexion, large oval head, dark
[receding?] brown hair and whiskers, large visage, high forehead, blue eyes, medium large
mouth, wide mouth, medium large chin. He had several tattoos; a man ? ? above elbow, a
woman holding a glass bottle and the initials EP WP and ED inside left arm. He was stout
made.  He was married to Elizabeth who was residing at Whittle, Herts. He had three brothers
[Joseph, Richard? Edward] and four sisters [Sarah, Elizabeth, Phoebe Ann and Kitty ?] 2 in
London and rest in WP?
should this be NP - native place?

Certifcate of Freedom: William was issued with a certificate of freedom in 1841.

There is no record of William in Tasmania after this time although I have not found a death
record for him.  He is not listed in the 1846 Register of Convicts for Tasmania (Van Diemens
Land) a register of the names of all convicts transported from Great Britain and Ireland and
British Possessions in the Colony of Van Diemens Land on 31 October 1846 with a statement
of their condition on that day – including the names of all who were convicts in January 1842
when a similar register was prepared. Nor is he listed in the 1849 Register of Convicts for
Tasmania (Van Diemens Land) a triennial return of male convicts transported from the United
Kingdom to Van Diemens land, including all those who have become free, or been pardoned
since the transmission of the last returns in 1846 showing the place and date of trial,
sentence, and position of each at the end of the year 1849.

I have been unable to find him in the 1851 English census nor in any other state of Australia
or in New Zealand.
Research continues.....
Last Update 27th June 2012