Thomas Pointon

- Convict per Lady Raffles 1841 -
Thomas Pointon, was christened 1st July, 1804, St Giles Codicote, son of Thomas Pointon
and Eleanor Phelps and brother to my ancestor Frederick Pointon.

Marriage: Thomas married Eliza Hazell 28th August 1826 at St Olave, Southwark, Surrey.
They had one child
John Hazel Pointon on 3rd June 1827 at Codicote. On 1st June 1831,
Eliza went to London and a week later her parents and Thomas received letters stating she was
not coming back and was leaving the country.

Manslaughter: In 1832 at the Summer Assizes in Hertford, Thomas was charged with the
manslaughter of William Sharp. Thomas, a higgler [an itinerant merchant], was found not
guilty [Times report coming soon].  The Diary of a Village records:
8th March 1832 Thos. Pointon
was committed to Hertford gaol by Order of the Coroner for killing and slaying W Sharp on
Sunday by striking him with his fist or foot. 19th July 1832; Thos Pointon was tried [Summer
Assizes] for killing W Sharp and was acquitted. The judge's name was Bailey.

5th August 1833: Thomas Pointon was taken to Hitchin by the Codicote constables [from
Diary of a Village] The charge is not recorded.

Breaking and Entering: Thomas together with cousin William Pointon  were taken to Hitchen
by a Constable from Luton on 23rd January 1834 on suspicion of breaking into the shop of A
Sherington of Knebworth.  On 28th both men were found not guilty. [Diary of a Village]

Poaching: 30th March 1835, Thomas was taken to Welwyn by a constable on a charge of
poaching but made an escape the next day. He was eventually taken to London on 5th August.

Theft: In 1836, Thomas along with Robert Bigg, was charged with breaking and entering the
warehouse of Samuel Garrat at Fulling Mill, Welwyn and stealing 10 bushells of Pollard, 8
bushels of wheat flour and one gun. They also knocked down the manager George Hughes.
The trial took place at St Albans. According to witnesses they took so much they could not
carry it all and dropped 2 of the sacks on their way across a field back to Codicote Road.
According to the Criminal Registers 1791-1892, Robert was found Guilty and sentenced to 7
years transportation whilst Thomas was found not guilty.

19th October 1837, Thomas Pointon was indicted and sentenced for procuring counterfeit
silver with intent to utter [use] it and sentenced to one year imprisonment and hard labour.
[Diary of a Village and Hertford Mercury date 31st October 1837]

Transportation: In 1840 Thomas was convicted of 'poaching in the night time' at Hertford
Assizes on 26th February 1840 and sentenced to 7 years transportation. He was also found
guilty of breaking out and escaping from the gaol at Welwyn where he was imprisoned for a
misdemeanor. [Hertford Mercury dated 7th March 1840]
Transported to Australia on Lady
departing on 30th November 1840 and arriving in 1841.Thomas was granted a ticket of
leave in 1843 and a pardon in 1845/46. Thomas was a pork butcher and fish monger. He stood
5 foot 10 1/2 inches tall. He could read and write. Thomas was granted an early pardon after 5

Death: Thomas Pointon aged 70, a farmer died in the District of Longford Tasmania on 24th
December 1873.
Cause of death was decay of nature.

Diary of a Village compiled by Eric L Lawrence