Frederick Pointon

A Convict from Codicote, Hertfordshire
Van Diemen's Land, Australia
per 'Sarah 2' 1836
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Marriage: On 13th June, 1845 Frederick married Louisa Wright in Christ Church, Longford,
according to the rites of the United Church of England and Scotland. Louisa was a fellow
convict from London who arrived aboard the Garland Grove in 1843. She stood 4 foot nine
inches tall compared to Frederick's 5 foot 7 or 8 inches.

Frederick and Louisa had the following children:

Samuel Robert Pointon
born 15th May 1845, Littlehampton, Bishopsbourne, Longford, Tas
[ref 1845/2741/32] before the marriage of his parents. He married
Mary Dodd on 20th May
1876 at Lowes Bridge Tasmania. Held a carriers license. Samuel died 28th May 1922 at
Cethana, Tas.
A DNA match has been found to this family line

Edward Thomas Pointon, born 1846, Bracknell, Tas . Married Harriet Nicholas 21st June
1876, Longford Tas. Edward died 6th October 1891, Launceston Tasmania.

William Pointon born 1848. Married Mary Margaret Ritter, 30th April 1872 C of E church
Deloraine. William died 12th May 1929 Deloraine Tasmania.

Frederick Pointon, born 16th August 1850, Deloraine. Married Mary Ann Elliott, 16th March
1871 Bengeo, Deloraine. Frederick died 6th August 1910, Meander, Tasmania.

Emma Amelia Pointon, born 27th September, 1852, Bengeo, Deloraine, Tas [ref
1852/710/33] Was sentenced to 2 months in gaol on a charge of prostitution in November
1867. She was recorded as being 19 years of age, 5 feet 2 inches tall with black hair. Married
John Richards, 6th April 1872, Westbury, Tasmania. Emma died 5th June 1921 at Latrobe,

Henry Pointon, born 20th May 1854, Bengeo, Deloraine. Died 4th June 1900at East Meander,
My Great Grandfather

Ellen Ann Pointon, born 9th March 1857, Bengeo, Deloraine [Ref 1857/277/33] Married
Thomas Clarke 4th July 1877, Latrobe, Tas. Ellen died 1st September 1934

John Edwin Pointon, born 12th June, 1859, Adams Marsh Deloraine. [Ref 1859/279/33]
Eliza Nicholls, 11th March 1884, Longford.[a] John died 5th October 1933, Aspendale.

Louisa Eliza Pointon born 28th October, 1861, Begeo, Deloraine [Ref 1861/852/33] Spent 1
month in prison in April 1875 for being idle and disorderly. She is recorded as being aged 16,
4 feet tall with fair hair [as Poynton]. Married
John Holmes, 6th March 1877, Port Sorell,
Tasmania. Died 23rd April 1933 , Thirlstane, Tasmania.

Richard Pointon born 12th May 1864, [Ref 1864/281/33] Richard Pointon, labourers child
aged 4 months died 26th July 1864, Deloraine [Ref 1864/86/35]. Cause of death was


Louisa Pointon aged 43, labourers wife died of bronchitis 2nd August 1864.  She is buried in
Deloraine, Tasmania.

Frederick Pointon aged 75 died on 19th August 1884 at his daughter Ellen's home in Kindred,
Tasmania. Cause of death was 1: Senectus (old age) and 2: Anasarca (a swelling of the skin -
including feet and ankles - usually caused by liver or renal failure)  Son in law Thomas Clarke
was the informant. He is buried at Forth.

Below: Forth Cemetery where Frederick is believed to be buried.
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Sharon Long and G.G. Ralph