Michael Murphy

Sirius, First Fleet
My Great x 5 Grandfather

Michael Murphy [Murphey], was born about 1758 in Wexford in Ireland. He was a
glazier/soldier. He could not write. Michael enlisted in the  41st Porstmouth
Company as a private in 1779. He arrived in NSW on 26th January 1788 aboard

26th January 1788: Arrived in NSW aboard the Sirius Private - Royal Marines
41st Company
5th June 1789: Discharged from
Sirius books to Port Jackson Detachment.
6th April 1792: Enlisted in NSW Corps
6th April 1798: One year after finishing his tour with the NSW Corp, Michael
received a grant of 60 acres of land at Bankstown.
1799: Received 100 acres of a 200 acre land grant to awarded to himself and fellow
Stephen Gilbert at Bankstown
1800: Re-enlisted in NSW Corps
October 1804:  Transferred to Port Dalrymple VDL [Tasmania].
1810: Transferred to NSW Veterans Company when the NSW Regiment was
1811: Married
Hannah Williams on 10th March 1811 at Launceston. Hannah's
four daughters were also christened the same day with the surname Murphy,  
Michael Murphy claiming paternity.
February 1813-February 1814: Was part of a detachment to Norfolk Island that
saw to the evacuation of the island and the destruction of all  buildings. Hannah
and his family remained in Tasmania. It is doubtful that he ever saw them again.
1814-1816: Returned to Sydney. Serving at Parramatta, NSW.
1819-1823: Serving at Emu Plains.

Marriage: Michael married Hannah [Ann] Williams, convict, Nile, on the 10th
March 1811. Hannah's four daughters were Baptised the same day. It is unclear
as to whether Michael was in fact the father of these children, however he claimed
them as his own and gave them the Murphy surname. Both Michael and Hannah
signed their marriage certificate with an X suggesting they could not write.

Michael's and Hannah's children were:

Ellinor Murphy,
born Sydney about 1803, baptised 1811 married Charles Lucas

Elizabeth Murphy,
born probably Sydney, 1804, baptised 1811. Elizabeth married
three times, the first when she was only 14 to Alexander McKenzie aged 48.

Jane Murphy,  born about 1809, baptised 1811, Port Dalryple married Theophilus

Mary Murphy, born about 1807, Port Dalrymple, baptised 1811

Michael Murphy junior, born 1812, baptised 13th March 1814 at Launceston,
Tasmania. Michael married
Sarah Elizabeth Baker. Sarah was the daughter of
Sarah Gilbert and William Fellows Baker and granddaughter of Ann Carey and
her first husband
Stephen Gilbert.

Maria Murphy, born 6th June, 1814, Port Dalrymple, christened 1819. Married
Samuel Feutrill 21st June 1830. Maria died 22nd September 1834 aged 20. One
child was born, Amelia, on 10th July 1834.

Death: Michael died on the 10th January/June 1823 and was buried at St
Matthews church, Windsor on 11th January/June 1823. His death was recorded
as Mich. Murphy, which was later transcribed as Arch Murphy and eventually led
to the death being registered as Archibald Murphy which is how it appears in
records today. V18235628 2B/1823  MURPHY  ARCHIBALD  AGE 63  

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Left: Hannah Murphy [nee Williams]
gravestone in Warrnambool, Victoria,
with memorial to Michael Murphy.
[Photo courtesy of Ernest Porter and
Hayden Bingham]
Last Update 7th June 2015