My name is Jenny.........

My Family Tree Website
has been taking
shape since 2000  however I dabbled in
recording and researching my family for
many years beforehand.  My grandmother
was a great storyteller and used to delight
my sister and me by telling tales of her
girlhood. When I was about  thirteen I sat
down with her one day and recorded details
of her family and that of my grandfather. I
still have those notes and they are what
formed the core of my research.

I have always been interested in history in
general and enjoy reading both nonfiction
and fiction books dealing with my favourite
times, places and events.
About Me
Left: Leonard Augustus Betts, my Grandfather
with my sister Virginia [left] and me [right]

Below Left: Thelma Veronica Bartlett and four
of her grandchildren. I am second from the
right, in white. Taken Toowoon Bay, Central
Coast, NSW, 1961.

Below Right: Ernest and Jean [nee Thomas]
Hickson with their four grandchildren, 1963.
That's me in the pink coat again.