Richard Maher and Nano McGrath

from Thurles Tipperary to Maitland NSW -
Richard Maher born about 1819 according to his shipping records, however his baptism
took place on 18th May 1821 in Thurles Tipperary, parents
James Maher and Patience
Grace. Richard arrived on the Livingston in August 1841. According to his shipping records
he was a farm labourer. Brother
Daniel Maher was also on board the Livingston. Probable
half brother of
Jeremiah Maher [parents James and Catherine] who arrived on David McIvor
in 1854, under the name James Maher.

Nano/Hannah/Hanorah McGrath arrived on the Livingstone in August 1841 aged 20 under
the protection of Richard Maher [Marr]. She was the daughter of
William and Ellen
of Thurles, her father was deceased.


Children: According to his headstone, Richard left 5 sons [James, Richard, John,
Daniel, ??] and 3 daughters [Mary, Ellen and Catherine]. The following births have
been identified.

MAHER  MARY A  V18432775 133/1843  Possible marriage - 2430/1864  WRIGHT  

MAHER  JANES  [James?]  V18441100 121A/1844  Born 1844 at Cooly Camp, son of
Richard Maher and Honora McGrath. Occupation Post and Station Master. Spouse 1.
Catherine Donnelly. Spouse 2. Theresa Becker. See Pioneer Register for details of
descendants [Free Settler or Felon website] Of Glennies Creek.

MAHER  MARGARET  V18452527 62/1845  Died February  1845 aged 2 months [Twin?]

MAHAR [sic] ELLEN   [Twin?] V18452528 62/1845

Maher Thomas aka William Thomas Maher: possible baptism as MAHAR THOMAS
3739/1847 V18473739 64RICHARD MARGARET[sic] Married Sarah McDonald 1873 at
Morpeth as William Maher. Murdered his wife and died by suicide in 1894 at Burren near
Wee Waa

MAHER  CATHERINE  V18481896 65/1848. Married Michael Hoban 3162/1875 HOBAN
RICHARD HONORA MORPETH 5 sons and 3 daughters according to her obituary.

MAHER  RICHARD V1851676 68/1851. Married Margaret Ryan 1874 Maitland ref
2787/1874  Died  1894 ref 14543/1894 Wickham NSW. Died in a railway accident. [wife and
2 sons]

MAHER  JOHN [John P] V18531103 70/1853 Baptised 19th March 1853 East Maitland.
Fourth son of late Richard Maher married
Elizabeth Agnes Lawlor.

Daniel Maher: baptised 1st September 1855 at East Maitland MAHER Daniel son of 'Daniel
Maher and Honorah McGrath [Family Search - not found on NSW BDM] Married Margaret

Maitland Mercury 28th August 1856:
Richard Maher was charged with a breach of the same act, by Jeremiah Maher. Mr.
O'Meagher appeared for the defence. The information set forth stated that on tho 1st of
March, 1855, Jeremiah Maher had hired under a verbal agreement, to serve Richard Maher
as a general servant, at the rate of 15s. a week. He had at first hired for sixteen weeks, and
afterwards for a year. The second agreement was at the rate of £30 a year and his rations. At
the end of sixteen weeks, he was discharged, and his demand for wages due was refused. He
now claimed the sum of £17 17s. 4d. It afterwards appeared that when the complainant first
came to defendant's place, he was told that he should have the wages of a man. Another
man was employed at 10s. per week. He had the use of a house, and shared the milk of a
cow with another servant who lived with him. From his statement, which was very confused,
and given in a tone scarcely audible, it seemed that he had served Richard Maher during
three several periods, the first of sixteen weeks, and the second of twelve weeks, at 15s. per
week ; the third, commencing in March last, at £30 per annum, with rations. He had
received £18 6d during the time. He admitted having   been ill for a fortnight. His wife had
received a sovereign. He had had three hundredweight of flour, 90lbs of beef, a further
quantity of flour, the milk of a cow, with other articles during the time. — Richard Maher
being sworn, stated in defence that
Jeremiah was his step-brother; that about eighteen
months ago, when he came to the colony,
he had been allowed to stay at his place at
Hinton, and to run bills, had been furnished with the milk of a cow, worth two shillings a
day, besides flour, corn, &c. ; that he had not made the agreements referred to in 1855 ;
that he had refused to work ; and that now he was indebted to him, rather to an other- wise.
James Sewell said that all the agreement made between the parties was made by him.
Through his representations Richard Maher had consented to allow Jeremiah to stay and
look after his place, and had promised to give him fifteen shillings a week ; but no mention
of rations was made. The value received by the complainant, in cash and otherwise, was said
to amount to about £40. The case was dismissed.

Publican's License: Richard Maher was granted publican's licence on several occasions. The
first appears to be in 1854, Richard Maher of Hinton in the district of Maitland was granted
a license for his home under the sign Farmer's Glory. Laurence Johnson and Patrick
Newman gave surety. In 1856 he was granted a license for The Wool Team.
James Sourly
and Daniel Murphy gave surety.

Maitland Mercury 3rd April 1862:
KNOCKING DOWN A WIFE WITH A FRYINGPAN.— Richard Maher was charged, before the
bench at Morpeth, on Thursday, with violently assaulting his wife and threatening to take
her life. Constable Crawford said he had apprehended prisoner by virtue of a warrant, on the
previous day. Honorah Maher deposed that the prisoner, her husband, had for some time
past given way to drinking habits, in consequence of which his conduct had become very
violent towards her. On the 17th March he had compelled herself and all the children to stay
out all night, and threatened to murder them it they came in. He was so much in drink at
the time that he was not in his senses. On Saturday week he assaulted her, and knocked
her down with a frying pan, and was constantly in the habit of threatening her life. He was
in the " horrors" on Tuesday, when he was very violent, and again threatened her life. She
was in daily bodily fear of him, and desired that he should be restrained by law. She had no
complaint against him while he was sober.—The bench ordered prisoner to find sureties of
the peace himself in £100, and two sureties in £50 each ; in default, to be imprisoned for
three months.

Deaths:  Richard, son of James and Patience G, died at Morpeth in 1862 ref 4722/1862see
headstone below.

Probable death for Nano is 8834/1893  MAHER  HANORAH  WILLIAM  ELLEN  WEST
Maitland Mercury dated 13th July 1893:
FUNERAL.  THE FRIENDS of MR. JOHN MAHER are Respectfully Invited to ATTEND THE
FUNERAL of his Deceased MOTHER  (MRS. RICHARD MAHER). The Procession will leave her
daughter's (Mrs. Thos. Wright's) residence, The Oaks, East Maitland Road, TO-MORROW
(FRIDAY), at Two o'clock. 4112