Johanna Maher and Martin Hayes
Johanna Maher was born about 1829 in Thurles Tipperary, Ireland, daughter of Martin
Maher and Mary
Maher. According to her death certificate Johanna arrived in NSW about
1854 although I have yet to find her shipping details. A possible arrival is aboard the Hotspur
arriving Melbourne in 1855 Johanna Maher aged 27.  
To be confirmed

Martin Hayes was born about 1827 in Moyaliff, Tipperary Ireland, son of James Hayes and
Martin came to Australia aboard the Golden Era in 1855, the same ship that
Johanna's brother Daniel. Martin's sister,
Honora [wife of James Quirk] was already
residing at Maitland. Honora 'Quile' paid Martin's deposit to immigrate.

Marriage: Johanna and Martin married in 1856 in Maitland [1561/1856]

Their Children were:

James Hayes
born 1857 ref 8617/1857. Married Mary Ann McGown at Raymond Terrace in
1882 ref 4489/1882

Mary A Hayes born 1859 Morpeth ref 9598/1859, Died Morpeth 1859 4008/1859

John Hayes baptised 1860  ref 5903 VOL 142B/1860  [unconfirmed but if a son then he
must have died before 1867]

Catherine Hayes born 1860 Morpeth ref 9065/1860. Married as Kate Hayes in 1881 to
Richard Bailey at Morpeth.

Martin Hayes born 1862 Morpeth ref 10119/1862 . May have married Julia M A Kelly at
East Maitland in 1888 ref 5745/1888

William [A] Hayes born 1863 Morpeth ref 10123/1863. [mother Catherine according to
index!] William was a teacher. Married
Ellen C Hear at Morpeth in 1892 ref 5109/1892.
Teachers record [available at Ancestry] states he married on 6th January 1892.
DNA match
has confirmed my connection to this family line.

Daniel Hayes born 1865 Morpeth ref 11384/1865. Appears to have never married. Died
Mr. Daniel Hayes, aged 65 years, a well known resident of Largs district, died in
Maitland Hospital on Saturday afternoon, following a serious heart attack. He was born at
Dunmore, and spent his life in the district. He was prominently associated with the Largs
School of Arts, of which he was treasurer for several years, and was also well known in
trotting circles as a successful owner. He is survived by two brothers and one sister, Messrs ,
William Hayes (Lambton), Martin Hayes (East Maitland), and Mrs. Bailey (Phoenix Park).
His funeral took place on Sunday and was largely attended, Rev. Father Hayes officiating at
St. Joseph's Church, East Maitland, and Rev. Father J. Gleeson, Morpeth Cemetery. The
pallbearers were Messrs. William, Frank, John and Kevin Hayes. RIP  

Unnamed Male [John?] Hayes born 1867 Morpeth ref 12055/1867.NOTE Probably John
aged 38 in 1906 as per mother Johanna's death cert.
 May have married Julia Clarke at
Morpeth in 1892 ref 5111/1892. Died 1928 at Parramatta ref 21472/1928

Martin [Johanna?] Hayes born 1871 Morpeth ref 13099/1871  HAYES  MARTIN  born
NOTE:  should this registration be for daughter Johanna aged 33 in 1906?
[according to mother Johanna's death cert. Only one son Martin is recorded on mother
Johanna's death certificate and he is aged 44 making his DOB 1862

Johanna Hayes born about 1873 as per mother Johanna's death certificate.- no birth record

The 1872 Grevilles Post Office directory shows Martin Hayes at Dunmore, Largs.

The 1885 Parlimentary Return of Landholders shows Martin Hayes as having land at
Dunmore, Largs.

Threatening Language: The following report appeared in the Maitland Mercury dated 12th
November 1857:
Threatening Language: - Martin Hayes was charged with having used threatening language to Edward
Excell. The complainant deposed that on the 10th Ultimo, the  defendant came to him and said that ha had a
great mind to run a pitchfork through him-he had one In his hand. Hayes then asked him If he knew that he
was standing on his corn; to which he replied he did not ; upon which the defendant threatened to Insert the
pitchfork In his abdomen, and expressed his willingness to be hung for him. The fork touched the
complainant's clothes, and he was afraid. So great was his fear that he lay sick for three days, and his life was
in danger. Complainant met the defendant a few days afterwards when the latter slated he would perform the
extraordinary surgical operation of knocking his two yes into one, and also said he would put Excell through
his facings!. Complainant prayed that the defendant might be checked from carrying his threats into execution
Defendant was bound over to keep the peace for twelve months, himself In £40, and two sureties la £20 each.

Drunkenness: The following report appeared in the Maitland Mercury dated 2nd August
DRUNKENNESS.- John Foley. Martin Hayes, and Patrick McCafferny were charged with having been drunk in
public streets on Monday. They pleaded guilty, and were admonished and discharged.
OBSCENE LANGUAGE.- John Foley was brought up on the charge of having made use of obscene language
within the hearing of persons passing in High-street, West Maitland. The police stated that the defendant's
conduct was very unseemly ; the language used was very foul. He was ordered to pay a fine of 20s, or to be
imprisoned for seven days. Martin Hayes was charged with a similar offence. He was mulcted in the sum of
10s,, or forty-eight hours in gaol.

Stealing a Coat: The following rather curious report appears in the Maitland Mercury dated
29th April 1884
Larceny.- Martin Hayes was charged with having on the 26th instant stolen a coat the value of £2 5s the
property of Richard M'Lean. Mr. E. W. Thompson appeared for the accused, who pleaded not guilty. Constable
Holmes gave evidence as to having apprehended accused in the bar of M'Lean's Garrick's Head Hotel at about
a quarter to eight p.m., on the charge of stealing the coat produced; Hayes was very drunk at the time; M'Lean
gave him the coat ; accused said, " For God's sake, Dick, don't give me in custody ; it is all a mistake. On
the way to the lock-up Hayes said he had no intention of stealing the coat, as he had plenty of better ones at
home. Richard M'Lean, licensee of the Garrick's Head Hotel, remembered giving Hayes in charge for stealing
his coat, which he had on, in the back of his public house ; accused was pretty drunk at the time ; he had seen
the accused previously but could not say whether he had the coat on then; he went away and came back in
about twenty minutes, and had it on then ; the coat was left hanging in the hall leading to the back, where
there was no light. In answer to M». Thompson : Knew Hayes for twenty-two years, and was on good
terms with him ; he had lent accused money ; hardly thought he meant to steal the coat.-? Mary Ann M'Lean,
wife of the previous witness, said accused was half drunk ; she first saw him in the bar, and he then had on
her husband's coat ; she accused him of that fact and he asked where was his. Evidence as to character was
given by witnesses who knew the accused to be a hard-working respectable man, in good circumstances, and
they all were certain that Hayes must have taken the coat by mistake, as his eyesight was not very good. The
accused made a statement that he was pretty well off, and had lived near Dunmore for nearly thirty years.
When he came into town on Saturday he had a few drinks, and left bis overcoat somewhere. As M'Lean's was
the last place he had been in he went to get it, and shave picked up Mr. M'Lean's. He could hardly see in the
night. The bench dismissed the case, and recommended Hayes to be more moderate in his use of intoxicating
drinks in the future, which he promised to be.

Sadly, Martin did not stick to his promise and alcohol proved to be undoing.

Martin Hayes, son of James and Catherine died at Morpeth in 1889 [11447/1889]  The
Maitland Mercury dated 29th June 1889 carried the following report:

Found Drowned at Hinton.-For some days past a great deal of anxiety has been manifested
regarding the fate of Mr. Martin Hayes, an old and highly respected resident of the Hunter
River district. Mr. Hayes, over seventy years of age, was last seen alive on Monday. He left
his home in the morning, and was seen later in the day at Morpeth by persons who knew him
intimately. He did not return home, however, in the evening, and since then enquiries were
made as to his where abouts until yesterday afternoon, when his body was found in the river
near the Hinton punt. Mr. Alfred Vindin, coroner, will hold an inquest into the circumstances
attending the death of the unfortunate man at noon to-day at Morpeth.

The coroner returned a verdict of accidental drowning as reported in the Maitland Mercury:

THE DROWNING CASE AT HINTON.-On Saturday forenoon Mr. Alfred Vindin, J.P., coroner,
inquired into the circumstances attending the death briefly recorded in our last issue, of Mr.
Martin Hayes, an old resident of Dunmore, whose body was found in the Hunter River near
the Hinton punt on the previous day. It was a magisterial investigation. Deceased, who is
sixty-eight years of age, and
resided at Goulburn Grove, Dunmore, was at the Campbell's
Hill sale yards, West Maitland, yesterday week, and between 3 and 4 o'clock in the afternoon
of that day he told his son, David
(*1) Hayes, that he was going home. He was then quite
sober. On reaching Dunmore the young man found that his father had not returned, but
suspecting that deceased might have gone on to
Hinton to see his married daughter, as he
was sometimes in the habit of doing, no uneasiness was felt regarding his absence. As he did
not return up to Wednesday enquiries were made at Largs, East Maitland, Morpeth, and
subsequently at Hinton regarding his whereabouts. David Hayes learned that his father had
been seen in Morpeth on Monday night, and gave information to the police. Inquiries were
continued on Thursday, and on the following day Constable Murphy and others dragged the
river near the Hinton punt. The body was recovered close to the boat wharf adjoining the punt
in about three feet of water on the Morpeth side of the river. It seemed that the unfortunate man
was seen at about half-past 9 o'clock on Monday night in Swan-street, Morpeth. He was
apparently under the influence of liquor, and going in the direction of Hinton. Mr. Vindin I
found that deceased was accidentally drowned.

Notes: (1) There is no record of a son named David and I wonder if this should be Daniel?

Maitland Mercury dated 11th July 1889:
In the Estate Lands, Goods, Chattels, Credits, and Effects, of MARTIN HAYES, late of Dunmore,
in the Colony of New South Wales, Farmer (deceased), Intestate.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that after the expiration of Fourteen Days from the publication
hereof in the New South Wales Government Gazette, application will be made to this
Honorable Court in its Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, that Letters of Administration of all and
singular,the Estate, Lands, Goods,Chattels, Credits and Effects, of the ABOVE NAMED MARTIN
HAYES (deceased), who died on or about the 24th day of Jane, A.D., 1889, intestate, may be
granted to JOHANNA HAYES, of Dunmore, aforesaid, the Widow of the said deceased. Dated
this 8th day of July, A.D., 1889.

Johanna Hayes aged 77 died at Dunmore in the District of Morpeth on 7th November 1906
[ref 13270/1906] Cause of death was enteritis from which she has suffered for 7 days. The
informant was son D M Hayes. Johanna's occupation is given as 'land occupier'. She is
buried in the Roman Catholic Cemetery Morpeth.

Maitland mercury dated 8th November 1906:
Death at Dunmore.
Mrs. Martin Hayes, an old and highly,esteemed resident of Dunmore, died at her residence
yesterday afternoon after a short illness from enteritis. The deceased was a native of county
Tipperary, Ireland, 77 years of age, and had lived in Dunmore for 51 years. She enjoyed
fairly good health up until a week prior to her death, having attended the Roman Catholic
Church at Largs on Thursday last. Her husband died some 15 years ago. She leaves a family
of five sons and two daughters, one of the sons being a school teacher at Tuncurry, Port
Stephens. The funeral is announced to take place at: 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon, when the
remains will be interred in the Roman Catholic cemetery  at Morpeth.

The Shoalhaven Telegraph dated Wednesday 14th March 1906 reports:
Mrs. Martin HAYES, an old and respected resident of Dumore, died at her residence on
Wednesday last, at the age of 77 years.