The Children of
James Maher and Patience Grace

- from Brittas in Tipperary -
In 1854 a couple arrived aboard the ship David McIver claiming to be James Maher and
Prudence Quinlan.
Their Deposit was paid by Daniel Maher. With them were their reported
seven 'children'. 'James' stated he had two brothers
Richard Maher at Maitland and Daniel
Maher at Morpeth

My Theory: After much research it now appears that the man claiming to be James Maher
was actually Jeremiah Maher, older half brother of Richard and Daniel and son of James
Maher and his first wife Catherine Delany.
Some of the 'children' accompanying him were
his half brothers and sisters. The woman claiming to be Prudence Quinlan was
Ellen nee
daughter of John and Judy Quinlan who married Jeremiah Maher in 1837. Details
to support this theory can be found on the webpage for
Jeremiah Maher

Records from the David McIver 1854:

James Maher
was born about 1805 at Thurles Tipperary  He stated that Richard Maher
[Maitland] and
Daniel Maher [at Morpeth] were his brothers. James was aged 49 and his
parents were
James Maher and Catherine – both dead.  A deposit of 44 pounds for the
family was paid by
Daniel Maher. With James were his wife named Prudence, daughter of
John and Judy Quinlan and children Pearce aged 28, James aged 26, Bridget aged 25,
Margaret aged 21, Judith aged 18, Catherine aged 17 and Timothy aged 16.

I believe that most of the information in the shipping records is incorrect. I have since
found the baptisms of most of the children that shows their parents to be
Maher and Patience Grace
who are also the parents of  Richard Maher and Daniel

The following are records related to this family.

First Marriage: James Maher married Catherine Delany some time prior to 1811 probably in
Tipperary Ireland.

The Children of James Maher and Catherine/Mary Delany:

Darby/Jeremiah Maher baptised 25th March 1811 at Thurles son of James Maher, farmer of
Brittas and ‘Mary’ Delany. Sponsors Tim and Mary Maher. Marriage Jeremiah Maher married
Ellen Quinlan 5th February 1837  Witnesses James Delany and Johanna Quinlan. Thurles.
Came to Australia
1854 per David McIver as ‘James Maher and Prudence Quinlan’

Mary Maher baptised 6th May 1812 at Thurles daughter of James and Cath Delany , father
a farmer of Brittas. Sponsors Thomas and Anto Delany

James Meagher baptised Thurles 4th March 1814 as James  Meagher [sic], son of James and
Catherine Delany, father a farmer of Brittas. Sponsors Edmund Delany and Mary ?Nays?

Death: Catherine Delany died some time between 1814 and 1816.

Second Marriage: James Meagher of Thurles married Patience Grace of Ballincassa on 24th
July 1816 at  Boherlahan. Witnesses Peirce Grace, John J? and Walter Grace. [Indexed as
'Catherine Grace' at FMP]

The Children of James Maher and Patience Grace:

Note: Children aboard the David McIver in 1854 all show their ages to be 3-4 years
younger than what they should be according to their baptisms.

Richard Maher baptised 18th May 1821 Thurles Tipperary sponsors Mary Maher, sponsors
Andy Wall and Mary Maher [Indexed with mothers name 'Grace' at Ancestry] Arrived aboard
Livingston in 1841

Daniel Maher - no baptism found to date but was born 11th May 1823 at Thurles Tipperary,
according to his headstone in the Morpeth General Cemetery NSW. He was reported as being
2 years younger than brother Richard according to their shipping records which would agree
with his possible date of birth. Arrived in NSW aboard the
Livingston in 1841. I have a DNA
match to this family line

Pearce/Pierce Maher aged 28 - no baptism found but listed as the son of James Maher and
Patience Grace in his shipping record in 1854.  I believe the real Pierce Maher remained in
Tipperary and married
Margaret Long in 1854. I have a DNA match has been made to this
couple in Ireland.
  NOTE: He is not the Pierce Maher son of Timothy Maher and Mary
of Brittas baptised on 17th December 1820 at Thurles. This person arrived in Australia
in 1841 aboard the Livingston.

James Maher aged 26 no baptism found but listed as the son of James Maher and Patience
Grace in his shipping record in 1854.
Research continues as to who he is.

Ellen Maher baptised 29th July 1825, Thurles, sponsors Andrew Wall and Nancy Whelan.
Does not appear in shipping records.

Bridget Maher baptised Thurles Tipperary 14th October 1827 sponsors Thomas Grace and
Judy Wall.
Aged 25 [DOB 1829] according to shipping records.

Margaret Maher  baptised 11th May 1830 sponsors Jerry Maher and Judy Long/Lang. Aged
21 [DOB 1833] according to shipping records. Married John HAWLEY 1858 East Maitland
ref 2110. Died 1872.

Judith Maher  baptised 10th November 1832 Thurles Judith of James Maher and 'Margaret'
Patience Grace, sponsors Pat and Mary Maher Brittas. Aged 18 [DOB 1836] according to
shipping records.

Catherine Maher  baptised 17th August 1834 Thurles. Aged 17 [DOB 1837] according to
shipping records.  May have married
Michael Fogarty [from death index 1875 Grafton -
parents names - no marriage record found]

Timothy Maher  baptised 12th October 1836 Thurles, sponsors James Dwyer and Ellen
Naughton. Aged 16 [DOB 1838] according to shipping records. Married 1)
Mary Long in
Victoria in 1858. 2)
Jane Collins 29th September 1868, Maryborough. NOTE: Timothy is
recorded as a bachelor at the time of this marriage.
A DNA match has been found to this
family line by my cousin.

News report showing that Jeremaih Maher and Richard Maher are half brothers.

Maitland Mercury 28th August 1856:
Richard Maher was charged with a breach of the same act, by Jeremiah Maher. Mr.
O'Meagher appeared for the defence. The information set forth stated that on tho 1st of
March, 1855, Jeremiah Maher had hired under a verbal agreement, to serve Richard Maher
as a general servant, at the rate of 15s a week. He had at first hired for sixteen weeks, and
afterwards for a year. The second agreement was at the rate of £30 a year and his rations. At
the end of sixteen weeks, he was discharged, and his demand for wages due was refused. He
now claimed the sum of £17 17s. 4d. It afterwards appeared that when the complainant first
came to defendant's place, he was told that he should have the wages of a man. Another man
was employed at 10s. per week. He had the use of a house, and shared the milk of a cow with
another servant who lived with him. From his statement, which was very confused, and given
in a tone scarcely audible, it seemed that he had served Richard Maher during three several
periods, the first of sixteen weeks, and the second of twelve weeks, at 15s. per week ; the
third, commencing in March last, at £30 per annum, with rations. He had received £18 6d.
during the time. He admitted having   been ill for a fortnight. His wife had received a
sovereign. He had had three hundredweight of flour, 90lbs of beef, a further quantity of flour,
the milk of a cow, with other articles during the time. — Richard Maher being sworn, stated
in defence that
Jeremiah was his step-brother; that about eighteen months ago, when he
came to the colony,
he had been allowed to stay at his place at Hinton, and to run bills, had
been furnished with the milk of a cow, worth two shillings a day, besides flour, corn, &c. ;
that he had not made the agreements referred to in 1855 ; that he had refused to work ; and
that now he was indebted to him, rather to an other- wise. James Sewell said that all the
agreement made between the parties was made by him. Through his representations Richard
Maher had consented to allow Jeremiah to stay and look after his place, and had promised to
give him fifteen shillings a week ; but no mention of rations was made. The value received by
the complainant, in cash and otherwise, was said to amount to about £40. The case was

Note: The term Step Brother was often used to denote a half brother. The date of his
arrival corresponds with that of 'James' Maher on the David McIver.

Deaths: James Maher and Patience nee Grace had both died by 1854 according to shipping