Martin Maher and Mary Maher

- Two Immigrants from Tipperary -
Important Note: There was another couple named Martin Maher and Mary [nee
also residing in the Maitland area around the same time. This Martin was a
farmer at Woodville and had children that included John and Julia who are both buried in the
Hiland Crescent cemetery.
Unfortunately some early researchers have confused the two
families and incorrect genealogies have been included in some society publications.
always, I would encourage ALL researchers to recheck any information they may find online.
It was only by rechecking the work others that I was able to find these errors.

My Great Great Great Grandparents

Martin Maher about 1798 in Thurles Tipperary  according to his headstone, parent William
Maher and Ellen Ryan. At the time of the birth of his first child, Martin was a farmer at
Ballybristy. After his arrival in NSW, Martin became a farmer at Phoenix Park near Maitland.

Mary Maher was born  about 1799 in Brittas Tipperary to Daniel Maher and Johanna
Harney [both of Thurles and recorded as dead in 1855]  It is possible that Mary was a
Midwife. A Mary Maher was midwife when daughter Ann gave birth to her twin daughters in
1865 and again in 1877.
Note: Mary's maiden name was also Maher.

Marriage: Martin and Mary married in Ireland about 1818 according to information on
Mary's death certificate. Possible marriage on 16th February 1817 in the parish of
Loughmore and Castleiny. Martin Meagher of Templemore and Mary Meagher, no address
given, by Rev James Mullally witnesses Daniel Meagher, John Gleeson and Bridget Meagher.
[NLI] Loughmore is the neighbouring parish to Thurles.

Martin's and Mary's children were:

John Maher
baptised 1st March 1818 at Loughmore and Castleiny, parents Martin Maher
and Mary Maher, father a farmer at Ballybristy? Sponsors Tom Brien and Mary Egan

Honora Maher baptised 16th January 1821 at Loughmore and Castleiny, parents Martin
Maher a labourer and Mary Maher, sponsors John Gleeson and Mary Cully?

Ellen Maher baptised 25th December 1822 at Thurles, father Martin Maher, mother Mary
Maher. Sponsors William Ryan and Margaret Maher.  Arrived aboard
Livingston in 1841
[aged 18] Married
James Soorly, in 1842 [recorded under MAHON] at RC church Maitland.

Daniel Maher, baptised 29th October 1826 at Thurles, father Martin Maher, mother Mary
Maher, of Brittas,
sponsors James Maher and Margaret Callanan. Arrived 1855, on the
Golden Era
. He was an agricultural labourer and could read and write. States sister Mrs
Soorley is residing in Maitland.
 James Soorley paid his deposit. Daniel may have died before
1858 as he is not mentioned among the living issue on his father Martin's death certificate,
however it should be noted that sister Johanna is not mentioned either. No further record of
him has been confirmed however there is a Daniel Maher alias Thomas Ryan aged 25 per
'Goldsmith' arrived 1855 mentioned in the Darlinghusrt Gaol records for 1857. He is
described as a baker.

Johanna Maher born about 1829 according to her mothers death cert. Probable baptism as
Margaret Maher 29th January 1829 at Loughmore and Castleiny, daughter of Martin Maher
and Mary Maher?, sponsor Margaret Maher. Her arrival in Australia has not been found but
it was before 1855. Married
Martin Hayes in 1856.

William Maher, baptised 6th April 1831 at Thurles, parents Matin Maher and Mary Maher,
sponsors Timothy Maher and Mary Maher. Arrived NSW in 1855 aboard the
Sultana. Deposit
paid for by
James Soorley ] William could read and write.

Catherine Maher, baptised 19th December 1833, parents Martin and Mary Maher, sponsors
James? Maher and Anto Harney.  Living in Sydney by 1855  No record of her arrival has
been found. Married
John Burke a farmer residing at Brookes Flat, at St Joseph's Catholic
Church East Maitland on 14th April 1857. [transcript held]

Jer[emia]h Maher:  baptised 29th August 1836 [name abbreviated but probably Jeremiah] of
Martin Maher and Mary Maher, sponsors Jer Maher and Ellen Loughnane.

Bridget Agnes Maher,  Baptised November 1838 Thurles, daughter of Martin Maher and
Mary Maher. Sponsors Jer[emiah?] Maher and Eliza Maher. Born about 1843 according to
her shipping records however a notation on same suggests she may have been born about
1839.   Arrived 1855,
Eliza.  Married James Campbell Maitland, 1862 .

Ann Maher, baptised June 1841 at Thurles, daughter of Martin Maher and Mary Maher,
sponsors Patrick Maher and Ellen Loughmane. Arrived 1855,
Eliza. Married Thomas
HIGGINS - my great x 2 grandmother

Mary Maher, baptised Thurles Tipperary 21st April 1845, sponsors Pierce Maher and Mary
Callanan. Arrived 1855,
Eliza. Married 1) Michael Kelly,  Maitland 1866  2) Alexander
r 1872.

3 Males Deceased: As per Martins death cert 1858. This would probably be John born 1818
and J
eremiah born 1836.  It may include Daniel who is not mentioned as living.

Tithe Applotment Book 1833: Martin Maher is at Monakeeba [aka Lathams Land] an area
south of Thurles township and just across the river from Brittas.

Griffiths Land Valuation: A possible sighting of Martin is in Brittas as the occupier of a
house and garden in Brittas. Jeremiah Maher was the lessor.

Thurles Rate Payers of 1846: [per rootsweb transcript] Martin Maher is at Brittas

Immigration: In 1855 Martin and Mary migrated to Australia aboard the Eliza with three of
their children; Mary aged 8, Ann aged 10 and Bridget aged 12. It is likely that they lied about
their ages and the ages of their children as their shipping records state they are both 35. A
notation states 'apparently about 50' for Martin and 'about 45' for Mary.  Son-in-law James
Soorley paid their deposit on 28th November 1854 They had three daughters, Ellen,
Catherine and Julia [this would be Johanna] already residing here. Sons William and Daniel
arrived later.  They settled in the Maitland District.

Unclaimed Letter 1859: The Victoria Government gazette of 1859 records an unclaimed
letter for Mrs Maher of Belfast [now known as Port Fairy] from James Soorley. Could this be
Mary visiting family in Victoria or is it to one of the missing Maher sons' wives?

Martin died on 22nd January, 1858 aged 60 [56 on death cert]. Cause of death was
dysentery which he had suffered for 16 days. Martin was buried at Hiland Cresent Cemetery,
Phoenix Park, Maitland] on 25th Januray 1858. His headstone reads:
This stone is erected by Mary Maher in memory of her beloved husband Martin Maher native
of Thurles Tipperary Ireland who departed this life 22nd January 1858 aged 60 years. May
his soul rest in peace forever.

Mary died 15th June 1896 aged 97. Cause of death was senile decay [old age] and
bronchitis.  She was buried in the Roman Catholic Cemetery Sandgate, near Newcastle. It
appears that she spent her last years living with her daughter Mary. Her funeral notice
reads: Friends of the late Mrs M Maher are respectfully invited to move from the residence of
her son-in-law Mr A McGregor Snr, 28 Corlette St, Cooks Hill this Tuesday afternoon at 2.45
for the Roman Catholic Cemetery, Sandgate.  (NMH 1896-6-16)