Arthur Ernest Henry Love
Catherine Mabel Tune
Arthur Ernest Henry Love was born in Paddington in 1874 to John Love and Mary
Farrelly. Arthur was known by his middle name of Ernest - Ernie.  His occupation's at
various times were: Driver- 1896, Council worker, 1933.

Catherine Mabel Tune was born Crowle, Lincolnshire 1879 [birth reg Thorne March Q 1879
vol 9c pg 742] daughter of
George Tune and Lina Mary Watkinson.  Catherine was named
after her mother's sister [Catherine Mary Watkinson] and her paternal grandmother [Mabel
Tune nee Smith]

Sydney Morning Hereald dated 12th September 1896: A STABBING FRACAS IN
A little after 7 o'clock last night Arthur Ernest Love, about 21 years of age residing m Gurner
street and following the occupation of a carter was in the street names, near the intersection
of Duxford Street, talking to two young ladies when some words of a disagreeable nature
were alleged to have been directed at him by a youth residing  in Winder street Paddington.  
An altercation took place in Duxford street in the course of which Love was stabbed.  A
number of people had gathered round, and when the nature of Love's injuries was discovered
he was taken home. After a time his brother removed him to St Vincents Hospital.  Dr Muller,
who attended Love found a deep wound extending for fully six inches across the front of his
right thigh, and a gash across the back of the left thigh. The first mentioned wound the  
doctor considers of a dangerous character. The other wound is not so serious. After in the
evening the police arrested the youth who is alleged to have inflicted the injuries. He was
found suffering from a number of bruises, cuts, and abrasions about the face and head.  Ho
charges Love with provoking the quarrel  by throwing stones at him. The accused youth was
taken to St Vincent's Hosptial by the  police, where he had his wounds dressed.

NSW Police Gazette of 14th October 1896 states that Arthur Ernest Love was maliciously
wounded by Mosley Cohen aged 17 who was subsequently arrested and committed to trial in

Sydney Morning Hereald dated 11th November 1896:
At Darlinghurst - (Before Judge BACKHOUSE and  juries of 12.)
Mr. W.L. Merewether prosecuted for the Crown.    
Moseley Cohen, a boy of 16 years, pleaded not guilty to an indictment charging him with
having maliciously wounded Arthur Ernest Love with  intent to do him grievous bodily harm.
Mr. Rogers, Q.C., instructed by Mr. Rich, appeared for the accused. The boy Cohen did not
deny having used a knife, but explained that he did so in self-defence.   Evidence was given
that he had received severe maltreatment. Cohen was found not guilty, and was discharged.

Marriage: Arthur and Catherine married on 11th December 1896. The marriage took place at
57 Phillip Street, Sydney according to the rites of the Methodist Episcopalian church. This
residence was registered to
Weldon's Marriage Association and appears to have been the
venue for Methodist Episcopalian weddings. Catherine's mother gave consent for her
daughter as she was and under full age. Catherine states she is 18 but in fact she is
probably 17. The witnesses were Lina Mary Tune and C. A. Scarse.  At the time of their
marriage Arthur was a driver and Catherine was a domestic. They both were residents of
Paddington. The minister was W.T. Adams. This appears to have been a 'shot gun' wedding.

Five days later on 16th December 1896, Catherine is admitted to the Benevolent Society
where she gives birth to a son, Arthur Ernest. They are both discharged on 30th December

Catherine and Ernest had the following children:

LOVE: Arthur Ernest
born December [21st?]1896  at the Benevolent Society, Sydney [ref
28125]; died 30th October 1963 Waitara. Married Mary Elizabeth REGAN, known as Maisy at
Chatswood in 1943 [ref 2219].  At the time of his death Arthur was residing at Flat 23
Alexandria Court, Alexandria Parade, Waitara.

LOVE: Reginald Alfred Graham born 1908 Chatswood [ref 2752 1908]. Married Mary Agnes
at Chatswood 1938. Died 12th July 1979 at Gosford.  

In 1916, Catherine wrote a letter to her nephew Ernest Henry Hickson [my grandfather]  who
was serving in Egypt in WW1. The letter has survived and can be read

The Sands Directory for 1903 shows Ernest residing at Renny Street, Paddington.

The Sands Directory for 1906 shows Ernest residing at Hough Street, Waverley An R.G Love
is residing at Killeaton Road St Ives. Could this be older brother Robert?

The Sands Directories up to 1908 show 'Ernest' Love residing at Killeaton Street, St Ives.
Some time prior to 1923, the family moved to Bridge Street Pymble.

The 1930 Electoral Roll shows Catherine, 'Arthur' and sons residing at "Rowena"  Bridge
Street, Pymble. Athur snr and Reginald are labours. Arthur junior is a horse trainer.

The 1836 Electoroal Roll shows Catherinem Arthur and sons residing at Killeaton Street, St
Ives. The men are all labourers.

Catherine died 9th February 1949 at Chatswood.[SMH]  [Ref 1816] Arthur died at St Ives on
13th April 1956 [probate records reference 447683]. Cause of death was Hypostatic
Pnuemonia and Cererbeal Thrombosis,. He was cremated at the Northern Suburbs
Crematorium on 16th April 1956. At the time of his death Arthur was residing at "Hillgrove"
Killeaton Street, St Ives, a 2 acre property that he left to son Reginald.
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