The Family Tree of My Step-Mother

       Judith Anne Rowe

My step-mother Judy was an only child who had no children
of her own. Her mother Bessie Ivy Evans was also an only
child and she was fostered at a young age.  Judy's father,
Frederick Rowe's family tree has been researched and
published but her mother's line was a mystery. I began tracing
Judy's family so that she would know something of her
mother's origins. Although Judy has passed away I have
continued my research as new information comes to light.

The branches have grown and what started as a tiny twig
has become a beautiful tree...
Rowe Family:

Evans Family: An alias used to hide the past.

Fletcher Family: From Edinburgh Scotland

White Family:

Baxter Family: From London - a family of

Applebee Family: From Berkshire and London

Buckey Family: From Spitalfields - a family of silk