Joseph Feutrill

- a soldier's son -

Last Update - 7th June 2015
Joseph Feutrill was baptised 25th December 1794 or 1796, Sydney.  [1794 V1794393
1A/1794 and V1794309 4/1794]: son of
Theophilus Feutrill [senior] and his first wife Ann
. Mother Ann died on 19th March 1797 four days after giving birth to another son who
also died. Father Theophilus later remarried.

Joseph joined the NSW corps [his father's regiment] as a Drummer in March 1803  He
transferred to the 73rd Foot on 23rd April 1810 [along with his father] when the 102nd was
recalled to England.  He was part of a small contingent of soldiers who stayed in Tasmania
when the rest of the 73rd was transferred to India.

In his book "The First; The Worst?"  R.F Minchin writes that onWednesday 17th August
1814, Corporal Theophilus
Fentrill, together with his son Private Joseph Fentrill and Private
William Merry were escorting prisons and carry dispatches from Port Dalrymple to Hobart
Town when they came across five men including a deserter from their regiment. Joseph was
instrumental in capturing some of the men but later as Theophilus and Joseph were
escorting the captured men to Hobart, they were set upon by bush ranger Michael Howe and
several others who in turn took them captive and tied them up for the night.  The bush
rangers released the pair the following day and sent them on their way, with a musket for

In September 1818 Joseph and his father rejoined their regiment in Trincomalee, Ceylon.

Joseph died of an illness on 1st November 1818 after spending 19 days in a military hospital.
He was 24 years of age. It appears he never married.

State Archives NSW:
FEUTRIL, Joseph: 1806 Jan 1  On list of all grants and leases of land registered in the
Colonial Secretary's Office (Fiche 3268; 9/2731 p.160)