John Higgins and Catherine Connolly

- from Tuam Galway to the Black Stump at Coolah-
John Higgins aka John Francis Higgins was born about 1831 in Taum, Galway, Ireland, son of
Thomas Higgins and Mary O'Neill. Baptised 6th May 1831 [e] Arrived in Australia aboard the
Albatross in 1841 with his parents. John Higgins was a teamster/carrier who later took up
land in the vacinity of Black Stump Run which was just north west of at Coolah. In the 1860s
John built a hotel which he called The Black Stump Inn, located at the junction of roads
leading to Gunnedah and Coonabarabran. The inn later became the Black Stump Wine Saloon
and was destroyed by fire in 1908. It has been suggested that the saloon was an important
staging post for traffic to north-west New South Wales and it became a marker by which people
gauged their journeys. [Wikipedia and other sources] Many claim that this is the origin of the
saying 'Beyond the Black Stump'.  I have found mention of The Black Stump near Coolah Gap
as early as 1866 [Queanbeyan Age 1866] The Maitland Mercury dated 16th September 1882
records that John Connelly sold Australian Inn at Coolah for 700 pounds to John Higgins.
Note: Could John Connolley be related to Catherine Connelly?

Catherine Connolly was born about 1829 in Gort Galway, daughter of Michael
Connolly/Connelly and Mary Moran
[possibly of Luskintyre near Branxton] who arrived in
NSW aboard the
William Metcalf/e in 1844. The family is recorded under the surname Nelly
which has been crossed out and rewritten as Connelly. For this reason it appears out of
alphabetical order in the ships indent. Catherine could not write as she would later sign her
will with an X. [NOTE: Death Registration shows parents as Michael and Mary]

Marriage: John married Catherine in 1855 [ref V1855261 123/1855] according to the rites of
the Roman Catholic Church at Maitland.


John Francis Higgins
born 18th October 1857, at Kelly Street, Scone, father John a
storekeeper. [Maitland Mercury] Possible birth registration as
Anthony Higgins ref
11091/1857 at Scone, father John mother Catharine [sic] Died 12th April 1933 aged 76.
Alicia Milbra Johnston at Dubbo 1885 ref 4079. Alicia died 1902 of blood poisoning.
15573/1886  HIGGINS  JAMES Augustus   DUBBO    
29346/1887  HIGGINS  CATHERINE Mary COONAMBLE. Died 1902 Coolah aged 15 after
being burnt.  
25353/1888 HIGGINS William Joseph Cassilis  Died
WW1 9th August 1915
24152/1889  HIGGINS  JOHN Thomas   CASSILIS. Married Jessie Spence
2661/1895  HIGGINS  ERNEST Elmer   COOLAH
. Never married?  
29944/1896  HIGGINS  ALBERT Harley   COOLAH
. Died WW1 1918    
29713/1899  HIGGINS  IRENE Lil
lian  COOLAH. May have married Michael f O'Shea 1928

Mary Higgins baptised 1858 at Maitland ref  8716/1858   Died 1874 ref 4568/1874

Margaret Agnes Higgins born 1860, ref 8574/1860  at Maitland.  Died 10th December 1950
aged 90. Buried at Coolah. Never married.

Catherine Higgins born 1862 ref 9420/1862 at Maitland.  Died 22nd September 1873 ref
3928/1873  aged 11 years. [Lonely Grave/Coolah]

Michael Thomas Higgins aka Thomas Michael Higgins, probably known as Thomas, born
1865 ref 10383/1865 at Maitland. Never married. Died 1919 aged 53. Buried at Coolah.
news reports below.

Fergus Higgins born 1867 at Cassilis ref 8279/1867 Died 1874 ref 4541/1874  

James Higgins born 1869 at Cassilis ref 9638/1869  Died 1869 ref 3442/1869 Cassilis

James Higgins born 1870, Cassilis, ref 8586/1870   Died 1879 ref 4988/1879 Cassilis

The Black Stump:  At the time of his death, John is reported as being 'late of the Black
Stump, Coolah, grazier.'  


Catherine Higgins,
nee Connolly died 25th April 1904 aged 75. She is buried in the Coolah
cemetery. In her will she names 'only' daughter Margaret and granddaughters Irene Lillian
and Florence Agnes as her beneficiaries. Ref: HIGGINS  CATHERINE 5075/1904 MICHAEL

John Higgins died 1st April 1912 aged 82. He is buried in the Coolah cemetery with wife
Mudgee Guardian dated 11th April 1912 reported:
One of the oldest Coolah identities, in the person of Mr. John Higgins, sen, died recently. He had
resided in the Coolah district 40 years. He was ailing for some time, and unable to get about at
all for the last two or three years. Deceased was 85 years of age and a widower leaving a
family of three sons and one daughter to mourn their loss. Three sons and two daughters died
before their parents.

John Higgins senior leaves his entire estate to his son John Higgins junior. There is no
mention of son Thomas Michael or daughter Margaret.
Graves of Catherine and John in the Coolah cemetery.