Gweneth Catherine Poynton
Gweneth [Gwen] Catherine Poynton was born 12th
April 1930 at Mt Evelyn, Lilydale, Victoria. She
was the youngest child of  
James Francis
Poynton and Alice Mary Fowler.

Gwen worked as a telephonist when she left

Marriage: On 31st July 1947, Gweneth married
Roy Allan Woodcroft at the Sacred Heart Church,
Croyden. Prior to her marriage, Gwen worked as a

Gwen and Roy had ten children.  
 Below: Roy
and Gwen with nine of their ten children at a
family wedding in 1966

Above:  Gwen [wearing necklace] with her brother in law
and sister in law, Jack and Chrissie Woodcroft, Woodcroft
children with friends, 1969. I am in the bottom left.    

Below:  Gwen with her parents and siblings, and  Cupie the
dog, 1935. Gwen’s father James bought home Cupie in his
coat pocket , the day that Gwen was born.  When Gwen
was two she slipped out of  the gate and wandered down
the footpath along Sylvan Road. Cupie accompanied here
and according to witnesses shepherded her away from the
road when she ventured too close to the traffic.  

Above: Gwen aged five

Below: Gwen aged 70  
Below: Gwen with Cupie about 1934.
Below: The house in Ballarat where the family
lived in 1964.