Possible Parents of Margaret Gordon
Patrick Gordon and Margaret [Charles and Margaret?]

Since Margaret Gordon herself gives her father's name as Patrick at the time of her marriage
I feel that this is more likely to be correct than the name Charles given by her daughter Mary
at the time of her mother's death. But just who was Patrick Gordon? There are only two men
I have identified by this name as possibly being in NSW around 1840.

1) Patrick Gordon, a convict per Per City of Edinburgh 1832.  Convicted 1831 Mayo to 7
years transportation. Date of birth 1806 Mayo Co. Offence Stealing bank notes. He was
single and  Catholic.
In 1832 he is recorded as being at Patricks Plains. 1837 Iron Gang at
Newcastle. In 1841 he obtained a Cert of Freedom, possibly at Paterson. There are 9 other
convictions against him in NSW.
He died on 11th April 1866 from scurvy. There is no record
of him ever marrying.

2) Patrick Gordon a soldier of the 99th Regiment mentioned in James Hugh Donohoe's
Index of British soldiers in Australia. Patrick's discharge papers show he served 13 years in
According to his enlistment papers he was born 1818 in Stillorgan Dublin and he
was catholic.  He served in the following regiments:
38th Foot 24th October 1836 – 31st July 1838
7th Foot 1st August 1838 – 30th April 1839
97th Foot 1st May 1839 – 31st May 1840
99th Foot 1st June 1840 until discharge 1857
Whilst posted in Tasmania he married 20 year old
Elizabeth Brown on 16th November 1854.
Patrick was described as a 36 year old bachelor.
Patrick was posted in Tasmania for 6 years as per his own statement
He departed by 1857 and was discharged in Cork the same year. His intention was to reside
in Stillorgan

Another possibility is that Margaret was illegitimate, born to her mother Margaret Gordon,
and supplying a father's first name [either real or made up] at the time of her marriage to
avoid shame. This would also account for why there is no maiden name listed for her
mother.  In line with this theory, a possible candidate for Margaret's mother is:

Margaret Gordon alias Sugden, convict per Elizabeth(5) who arrived in NSW in 1836.

Old Bailey records show the following: - 9th May 1836
MARGARET GORDON, alias Sugden, was indicted for stealing, on the 15th of April 1 shawl,
value 6s. 6d., the goods of  Daniel Smith.
DANIEL SMITH . I live in Kent-street, Borough, and am a butcher. I had this shawl safe on
the morning of the 15th of April, in my parlour.
GEORGE SMITH . I am the prosecutor's son. On the 15th of April, the prisoner came to my
father's parlour, and sent me for the key of the back shed—she was the servant next door—
as I was coming back with the key, I met her going out of the back-door, with the shawl—she
was not very drunk—she had had a little.
MARY ANN ASKEW . I am housekeeper to Mr. Smith. This shawl is his—George told me that
the prisoner had gone out with the shawl—I ran after her, and took her with it—I think she
was in liquor—I knew her by living a servant next door—I asked her to give it to me—she
would not.
Prisoner. She is unfortunate like myself, and we lived in one house together for a month—
being in liquor, I suppose I took the shawl—I have taken her things to wear many times.
MARY ANN ASKEN . I never lived with her, she never took my things to wear.
GUILTY .* Aged 19.— Transported for Seven Years.

Margaret was 20 years old when she arrived in NSW on board the
Elizabeth making her date
of birth about 1816. The
Elizabeth departed London on 26 June 1836. By 8th July they were
off the coast of Madeira and they arrived at Port Jackson on 12 October 1836.  Her convict
indent records she was Roman Catholic from London. He trade was plain cook, laundry maid
and house maid. She was 4 foot nine inches tall with a ruddy complexion, brown hair and
dark hazel eyes. She was full featured. Margaret had an extensive collection of tattoos;  MAI,
heart, L Mary Newman, MG upper right arm; JEMTTSWSIL, five dots, hearts and darts on
upper left arm, scar inside lower right arm, ring third finger left hand.

Ticket of Leave: Margaret received a Ticket of leave on the recommendation of the Matron of
the Female Factory Parramatta, to be allowed to remain in the Parramatta area on 8th
September 1842. This was later cancelled on the 6th May 1843 due to drunkeness and
immoral conduct.

Marriage: Margaret married William Fuller [per John(2) - free by servitude] -  on 14th
December 1842 at Parramatta by John Tait - Presbyterian Parramatta [ref V18421426

From t
hese records we can see that Margaret was in the Parramatta area around the time of
Margaret juniors reputed birth.

Between 1847 and 1850 Margaret [under the name Fuller] was in and out of gaol for various
offences. Her last appearance is 25th September 1850.