The Gooley families from Tipperary
Note: The name Gooley is often spelt in different ways in the parish registers. To make
matters worse, it is often mistranscribed and indexed incorrectly too.  I have used the
original register spelling of the surname. Scans of original registers have been viewed.

Phillip Gooley and Margaret Ryan of Gurtaneskeagh and Corbally

Marriage: At Clonoulty in Februaty 1819, Phillip Gooly and Margaret Ryan of Corbally were
married. Witnesses were Daniel, John and Pat Ryan. [Day is not readable in parish register]

Children: all baptised at Clonoulty

Margaret  Gooly January 1821, sp Denis Ryan and Winnifred Ryan, of Gurtanaskeagh?
[indexed at FMP as Tooly]

Winifred Gooly baptised 12th Feb 1823, sp Judith Ryan, of Corbally

Catherine Gooly baptised 12th May 1826, sp Mrs Reilly of Corbally [mother recorded as
Judith Ryan]

Sally Guly [sic] baptised 24th November 1828 sp, Nancy Guly, of Corbally

Mary Gooly baptised 26th April 1832 sp, Margaret Ryan,  of Gurtaneskeagh [Mother looks
like Mary Ryan are mother and sponsor switched?]

Immigration: Phillip, Margaret and daughters Margaret, Catherine and Sarah came to
Australia aboard the Cadet in 1841. Phillip and Margaret appears to have lied about their
ages. Phillip states his parents are
William Gooley and Margaret. His possible date of birth is
around 1791.

The Children of William Gooley and Margaret Furlough/Furlong;
William a Shepherd of Gurtnaskeha, Tipperary

William 15th November 1804  Clonoulty  Tipperary parents  William Gooly and  Margaret nee
Dwyer sponsors Philip Gooly and Cath Ryan. Note: Phillip may have been the child of William
Gooley and his first wife Margaret Dwyer who later died.

Robert Guly baptized 6th September 1809  Clonoulty  Tipperary  son of William  Margaret ,
sponsors Pat Furlough and Mary Purcell
Arrived in Aus per Cadet 1841 [lied about age?]
Judith Carew  August 1832, Clonoulty. Second Marriage to Susan McCarthy
861/1848 V1848861 131 in NSW.
I have more informtation on Robert and his children.

Patrick Guly 16th July  1812  Clonoulty  Tipperary son of William a Shepherd of Marlow and  
Margaret Furlough , sponsor John Byrne.

William  Guly 11th March  1815  Clonoulty  Tipperary, son of William a shepherd of
Gurtneskeha.  Sponsors Phillip Ryan and Cath Dwyer.
Arrived in Aus per John Knox 1850
Appears to have lied about his age. Married
Mary Dwyer 14th February 1846 William Gouly
and Mary Dwyer at Clonoulty. Wits Martin Dwyer and Mary Ryan. Died and Buried Coraki
NSW 1889 with Mary 1895. Mary is the sister of Honora Dwyer who married
Patrick Maher

Margaret Gooley baptized 9th August 1817, Clonoulty father of Marlow, shepherd, sponsors ?
Hayes and Ellen ?Halpin?. Married
Richard Quinlan 3rd March 1835, Clonoulty, of Marlow.
Witnesses Robert Gooley and Anty Dorn?

James Gooley baptised 3rd September 1820 Clonoulty, father William of Marlow, mother
Margaret Furlough, sponsors John Maher and Mary Madden

The Children of Dennis Gooley and Margaret Ryan; Dennis a labourer
from Gurtnaskeha, Tipperary

Honora Gooly baptised 2nd June 1806 Clonoulty, sponsors Patrick Burn? and Mrs Gooly

Ann Guly baptised 27th January 1809 Clonoulty, no sponsors recorded [entry at bottom of

Robert Guly [indexed with no first name FMP] June 1811 Dennis a labourer of Gurtnaskeha,
sponsors E? Kennedy and Marg Goold. Married
Margaret Ryan 7th Feb 1842 Clonoulty   
Arrived in
Australia aboard the Sarah in 1851. Died and buried Burrowa 1882.

William Gooly May 1814 Clonoulty, father a labourer of Gurtnaskeha. Sponsors Edward
Reilly and Margaret Browne. Arrived in
Australia aboard the John Renwick in 1841. Married
Johanna O'Herir/O'Brien according to online family trees. Both William and Johanna died
and were buried at Burrowa in 1875 following a measles epidemic.

James Guly baptized Feb 1818, father a labourer of Gurtnaskeha? Sponsors James Burk [sic]
and Margaret Ryan.  I believe this is James who arrived in
Australia on the Aloe in 1857
stating his wife Margaret is already in the colony. Possible marriage at Upperchurch, Tipperary
on 5th February 1839, as James Gooley and
‘Mary’ Dwyer [may be abbreviated for Margaret]
witnesses William Bourke and Norry Ryan. Margaret Dwyer is the sister of
Honorah Dwyer
wife of
Patrick Maher, brother of  Martin Maher.  His deposit was paid for by Patrick Maher.
Died at Boorowa in 1886 aged 70. Wife Margaret died 1908 and buried Boorowa. No record of
Margaret's arrival has been found to date, however she my have come to Australia as 'Winifred
Dwyer' aged 26 aboard the
Aloe in 1857, the same ship as her husband. Her deposit was paid
for by Patrick Maher. Two of their children also came to Australia;
James Gooley per Peerless
Bridget Gooley per Ida.

The Children of Phillip Guly and Judith Horan; Phillip a shepherd of
Gurtnaskeha, Tipperary

Margaret  Gooley  4th March 1805  Clonoulty  Tipperary  Phillip  Judith, sponsor Darby
Malone and Bridget Ryan

Judith  Gooly  7th March 1806  Clonoulty  Tipperary  Phillip  Judith  sponsor Catherine

Mary  Gooly  5th June 1807  Clonoulty  Tipperary  Phillip  Judith sponsors Phillip Gooly and
Catherine Lahy

Sara  Gooly  31st May 1811  Clonoulty  Tipperary  Phillip  Judith of Gurtnaskeha, sponsor
Mary Cody.   Married at Knockavilla ,
William Neligan/Nelligan 25th April 1843 [as Sally], of
Bishopwood, wits Philip Neligan, Sarah Gooly, Nellie Hacket. Came to
Australia aboard Sir
George Seymour 1852
, parents Phillip and Judith both dead.  [Aunt of James Gooley per
Peerless and Bridget Gooley per Ida, children of James Gooley and Marg Dwyer ]

Honora  Guly  21st March 1814  Clonoulty  Tipperary  Phillip  Judith of Gurtnaskeha,
sponsor Margaret Furlough [wife of William Gooley]