John Glennan and Catherine Hackett

- Immigrants from Kildare, Ireland -
My Great Great Grandparents  

John Glennan, was born about 1806 in Kildare, Ireland, son of Laurence and Honor Glennan. In my
research I have found various spellings of the name Glennan. Variations include, Glenan, Glennon, Glinnon

Catherine Hackett, born about 1804/5, in Kildare Ireland, Daughter of Michael Hackett and Mary.

Marriage: According to his death certificate John and Catherine were married in Ireland about 1835. A
possible marriage is dated 28th January 1834 at Kildare Parish between John Glenan, batchelor, and
Catherine Hacket, spinster. They were both Roman Catholic residing at Navantown [sic] [Knavinstown],
Kildare. Witnesses were Audrey Hacket and Catherine Dunn.[i]

Immigration: John arrived in Australia on 17th January, 1842 aboard the ‘Anne Milne’ with his wife and
family under the Bounty Scheme. John’s children listed are Laurence, aged 6, Joseph aged 4 and Mary Ann
aged 1. John and his family were Roman Catholic. John could read and write. His occupation is listed as an
agricultural labourer. Catherine is a dairy woman.  There was a second Glennan family traveling on the
ship, headed by
Anthony Glennan who might be John’s cousin.

John and Catherine settled in the Cooma Creek area where John began farming.

The Children of John Glennan and Catherine Hackett were:

Laurence Glennan baptised 15th February 1835, Kildare, Ireland. Abode Navanstown. Sponsors Anthony
and Honor Glennan. -
My Great Grandfather

Joseph Glennan, baptised 7th November 1836 at Kildare, father of Red Hills. Sponsors John Colgan and
Ann Colgan.  Married
Mary Farrell; 1866 Cooma [ref 1827]. Died 1888, Cooma. A farmer at Cooma Creek
[1872, Grevilles] Their Children were:
                                     9802/1874  GLENNAN  JOSEPH   COOMA    
                                     8483/1867  GLENNAN  KATE   COOMA    
                                     9761/1869  GLENNAN  JOHN   COOMA   
                                     8873/1870  GLENNAN  LAWRENCE  COOMA   
                                     9450/1873  GLENNAN  ELLEN  COOMA   
                                    12670/1880  GLENNAN  MICHAEL EDWARD COOMA     
                                    27094/1887  GLENNAN  ALICE M  COOMA     
                                    11127/1878  GLENNON  THOMAS  COOMA
NSW Police gazette of 1865 reports Patrick Maher was charged with violently assaulting Joseph Glennan.

Mary Ann Glennan Baptised as 'Marian' Glenan [sic] 4th April 1840, Kildare. Abode Redhills. Sponsors
Maurice Glenon [sic] and Ann Kelly. Married
Phillip Kelly, 1865, Coom [ref 1984]  Phillip was witness to
Mary's brother Laurence's second marriage in 1878.
Their Children were:
              9941/1875  KELLY  SARAH  COOMA
              8398/1867  KELLY  MARTIN J COOMA Died Cooma 1897
              8471/1868  KELLY  ROSE  COOMA
              8797/1870  KELLY  MARY COOMA. Died Cooma 1870
              8982/1872  KELLY  BRIDGET COOMA  
              21213/1882  KELLY  FRANCIS  COOMA
              11961/1879  KELLY  MARY JANE COOMA

Bridget Glennan, born 9th October,1843 "Bombarlow" Bombala, NSW. Married Thomas Bartley [born 21st
September 1832, Doonas, Co Clare, Ireland to parents Patrick Bartley and Mary O'Brien] on 24th June,1861,
St Patrick's RC Church Cooma. [ref 1664] Brigdet died 1912 at Redfern 3888/1912             
Their Children were:
             Mary Bartley, 1862 Cooma Ref 7178/1862 [Bartly] Married Patrick Arrold
             John Thomas Bartley born 1864 Ref 7742/1864 Cooma Married Elizabeth Yates
             Rose Bartley born 1867 ref 8484/1867 Married Charles Duncan MacDonald. Died 1897
             Patrick Bartley born 1869 Cooma ref 9831/1869 Died 1876 Cooma.
             Martin Frederick Bartley born 1st January 1872 Cooma ref 8918/1872  Married Amy
             Margaret A Yeates.
             Joseph Bartley born 1873 Cooma  9574/1873 [indexed as Thomas] Married Priscilla
             Catherine Boswood.
             Alice Bartley born Nov 1875 Cooma ref 10056/1876 Died 1876 Cooma
             Margaret Bartley born 1878 Cooma Ref 11274/1878 Married William Freeman.
             Michael Frederick Bartley born 1881 Cooma Ref 20471/1881  Married Martha Kelly.

Rose Glennan, born 1846 Australia. Married Michael Hayes 1874, Cooma [ref 2153].  Rose was a witness to
her brother Laurence's marriage to Mary Jane Hughes. It appears she could not write as she signed her
name with a X .  
Their Children Were:
             9798/1874  HAYES  CATHERINE  COOMA   
             10241/1876  HAYES  SYDNEY E COOMA Died Cooma 1876
             12655/1880  HAYES  FREDERICK COOMA
             21238/1882  HAYES  JAMES J  COOMA
             24996/1884  HAYES  MARGARET  COOMA
             11881/1879  HAYES  PHILIP  COOMA
             11072/1892  HAYES  JOHN A  COOMA

Death: Catherine died aged 50 in Cooma on 27th October 1854. I have been unable to find a registration for
her death or burial. John died 26th April 1883, at Cooma, aged 78. The cause of death is shown as
inflammation of the stomach from which he had been suffering for 4 days. John was buried on 27th April at
Cooma. [Ref 9320/1883 ]

Tithe Applotment Books 1823-1838 recorded the following:
Widow Glennan Navinstown, Knavinstown, Kildare 1827
Laurence Glennan Navinstown, Knavinstown, Kildare 1827
Michl Glennan Navinstown, Knavinstown, Kildare 1827
Peter Glennan Navinstown, Knavinstown, Kildare 1827  

Griffiths Valuation [date unknown] records Maurice Glennan, occupier of house and land at Knavistown.
Lessor Joseph S McMorrin
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Below Left: Headstone of Catherine Glennan nee Hacket, Christ Church Cemetery Cooma 2011
Below Right: Fallen headstone of John Glennan, mostly unreadable. Christ Church Cemetery, Cooma 2011.
Bottom Right Closeup of John Glennan's headstone showing the surname.
Bottom Left: Graves of Catherine Glennan and John Glennan [headstone fallen] showing footstones with