George Betts
Bertha Elizabeth Atto

My Great x 2 Grandparents
George Betts, born Brentwood, Essex, UK , March Q 1852 Billericay Vol 4a Page 106 under
surname BEATTS. Baptised 7th May 1852 at Brentwood Essex , surname transcribed as
BRATTS at FMP. He came to Australia aboard the Whirlwind in 1855 with his parents
Benjamin Henry Betts and Mary Ann Adams. They settled in Tasmania. George could read
and write.

Bertha Elizabeth Atto was born 2nd September, 1852 in Launceston, Tasmania, daughter of
Thomas Atto and Jane Feutrill.  Bertha could not read or write. She signed her marriage
certificate with an X. Bertha was sometimes known by her middle name of Elizabeth.

George and Bertha travelled from Tasmania to Victoria some time prior to their marriage in
1873. George's brother Alfred Henry Betts had settled in the California Gully area of Victoria

Marriage: George and Bertha were married on 5th April, 1873 in California Gully, Victoria at
the residence of  
Alfred Betts [George's brother] according to the rites of the Weslyan
Church. The witnesses were Alfred Betts and his wife Jane nee Campton. George's
profession is shown as a Bricklayer.

George and Bertha had returned to Tasmania by 1878.
George and Bertha had the following children: [c]

BETTS,  George Thomas, born 18th September 1874, Collingwood, Victoria. Married Selina
Burgess -
My Great Grandparents

BETTS,  Harriet Elizabeth, born 1876, Collingwood, Victoria. Married 1) Edward Frank
2) Samuel Hutton
BETTS,  Charles Arthur, born 10th December 1878, Tasmania, father a bricklayer of
Latrobe. Mother Bertha Elizabeth formerly Atto. Married
Elsie MAY

BETTS,  Bertha Alice,
born 21st November,1880 [does not appear to be registered]. Married
William Hutton, son of Samuel Hutton by his first wife Annie, on 20th December 1905 at
the home of G Betts [probably her father George] in Latrobe.
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BETTS,  Frank Henry born 3rd August 1881, Port Sorell Tasmania. Father a bricklayer of
Latrobe, mother recorded as Elizabeth formerly Atto.

BETTS,  Florence Emily born unknown, probably about 1883 [birth does not appear to be
registered] Flo, as she was known, had two children out of wedlock before she eventually
1 Douglas Herbert Arnold BETTS born 8th May 1897 Liverpool Street, Hobart Tasmania.
Mother's residence 251 Macquarie Street.
2. Maureen Elsie BETTS, born 12th September1916 at Gleadow Street, Deloraine.. Known as
'Tine', Maureen was adopted at birth by the midwife who delivered her, Maryann Maxwell. On
her death in 1923, her sister Zena Maxwell raised 'Tine'.
Florence married
Leonard Daniel Roach 19th December 1918 at Methodist Church,
Patterson Street, Launceston, Tasmania. At the time of her marriage, Florence was a nurse.
They had a further two children:
3 Ronald Roach born 1919
4 Edmond Mons Roach born 1921.
Florence died of Pulmonary Tuberculosis and was buried on 26th November 1923 at the
Deloraine General Cemetery, Tasmania.

BETTS,  Lucy May, born 28th April, 1886, father George a bricklayer of Latrobe, mother
Bertha formerly Atto. Married
Claude Peter Garfield Brown on 14th August, Crongregational
Manse, Latrobe

BETTS,  Hilda Gertrude born 7th October 1888, father George a bricklayer, mother
Elizabeth formerly Atto, informant G T Betts, brother of Newtown. Married
Albert Ernest
BETTS,  Benjamin Henry 28th June 1893, Mersey; married Mary Isobel Davidson

BETTS,  Allan Edmund, born 15th May 1896 Mersey, Tasmania. Died in WW1 between 19th
& 22nd August 1916, France


Bertha died 4th June, 1929 in Latrobe, Tasmania.
The Advocate [Burnie Tas] dated 6th June 1929 reported:
Old Resident Passes:
News of the death of an old and respected resident of the town in Mrs. Elizabeth Betts, wife of Mr.
George Betts, of Lewis Street, was received with regret. The late Mrs. Betts, who was 75 years of
age, was ill some ten days, and gradually sank and passed away on Monday evening. Though
advanced in years, she led a fairly active life, and but for minor ailments, enjoyed good health.
Before her illness she was caring for her husband, who is also of a ripe old age, and has not
been enjoying good health. Mrs. Betts, who was Miss Elizabeth Atto, was born in Launceston, and
early in life settled in Victoria, where she married Mr. George Betts, a bricklayer by trade. Two
children were born, and the family came to reside in Latrobe about 50 years ago. A family of five
girls and four sons was then reared. The youngest son, Allan, was killed at the war, while a
daughter, Mrs Roach, of Deloraine, also passed away. Those surviving are Messrs. George Betts,
Railton; Charles Betts, Ulverstone; Ben Betts, New South Wales; Mrs. Sam Hutton, Launceston;
Mrs. Will Hutton, Hobart; Mrs. Claude Brown, Smithton; and Mrs. Ernest Wilson, Sandringham
(Melbourne). Mr. Betts was born in England, and came to Australia, over 70 years ago. The
funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon at 3o'clock,

George died on 8th December1938, Latrobe, Tasmania.
The Advocate [Burnie Tas] dated 9th December 1938 reported:
OBITUARY Mr. G. Betts, Latrobe The death occurred at Latrobe yesterday of Mr. George Betts, who
had been a resident of the town for about 60 years. Deceased was born in Brentwood. Sussex,
England, and came to Tasmania in 1854 with his parents in the ship Whirlwind. For some years
he followed the occupation of a bricklayer at Launceston, and later resided at Bendigo, being
attracted there by the lure of gold. He married Miss Elizabeth Atto, of Launceston. Returning to
Tasmania, he arrived at Latrobe about 60 years ago. He was responsible for a number of brick
buildings and foundations in Gilbert street, Latrobe, and other parts of the North-West Coast. He
was also engaged in culvert work on various State highways. He was a member of the Rechablite
Lodge, having joined the order over 50 years ago at Latrobe. Of late years he had been living in
retirement with his sister, Mrs. R. Clarke, Latrobe, and also with his son, Mr. George Betts, of
Railton. He leaves a family of four daughters. Mesdames E. Wilson (Victoria), W. Hutton (Hobart).
S. Hutton (Launceston), and Claude Brown (Burnie); and three sons, Messrs. George (Railton)
Charles (Devonport), and Benjamin (Victoria). His wife predeceased him some years ago. He is
survived by a brother, Mr. E. Betts (Victoria) and a sister, Mrs. R. Clarke, Hampton street, Latrobe.
The funeral is appointed to leave the residence of his sister, Mrs. R. Clarke, at 3 p.m. to-day, for
the gen ral cemetery, Latrobe.

The Advocate [Burnie Tas] dated 10th December 1938 reported:
Late Mr. George Betts,' Latrobe The funeral of the late Mr. George Betts took place in the Latrobe
cemetery yesterday afternoon, when there was a representative attendance. Rev. 1. W. Ackroyd
conducted services at the residence of the late Mr. Betts' sister, Mrs. R. Clarke, and at the
graveside. Among those present were members of the Latrobe Rechabite Lodge, of which the late
Mr. Betts was one of the oldest members, having been associated with the Order for over 50 years.
The Lodge oration was recited at the grave side by Bro. Lloyd Richards (secretavy. The carriers
were Messrs. L. Richards, A. Betts. W. Blenkhorn and G. Bird. The chief mourners were the two
sons. 'Messrs. George (Railton) and' Charles (Devonport). Included in the floral tributes was a
token from the Rechabite Lodge.

Note: From Wikipedia - The Independent Order of Rechabites (IOR) was a Friendly Society founded in England
in 1835 as part of the wider British temperance movement to promote total abstinence from alcoholic beverages.
Always well connected in upper society and involved in financial matters, it gradually transformed into a
financial institution which still exists, and still promotes abstinence. A branch was established in the United
States in 1842, and the Order was active in Australia from the 19th century into the 20th century promoting
temperance and as a benefit society.