William Fowler and Jane Race Wardell
My Great Grandparents

William Fowler was born 12th October, 1854 in
Dunolly, Victoria to parents
Thomas Fowler and
Susan Bishop Moss.  There are two records of
admission for a William Fowler to the Maryborough
Hospital; 2nd March 1875 aged 17, butcher of Avoca
and 17th May 1823 23 years, cordial maker of Avoca,
that may refer to our William. William was a labourer
by trade at the time of his marriage. Later William was
the Publican of the Globe Hotel, Charlton. Oral history
suggests lost the hotel through gambling or drinking.
Oral history also suggests he owned racehorses.

Jane Race Wardell was born in Jericho [Wehla],
Victoria on 16th September, 1860. Her parents were
David Wardell and Mary O’Neill. Her name appears as
Jane on her birth certificate but she clearly includes
'Race' as her middle name when she signs her
marriage certificate and it is included on her death

Marriage: William married Jane on 29th April 1883 at
Charlton, Victoria according to the rites of the Church
of England. The witnesses were James [Kine?] and
Alice Maud Wardell [Jane's sister]

Their Children were:

Jane Susan May [May] Fowler , born 1888, Charlton,
Victoria. She married
Thomas Edward Clark in 1916
[ref 6376] Oral history says that after his death it was
discovered that Thomas already had a family in New

William David Fowler, born 1890, Charlton Victoria.
Known as "Fonna" Died at Box Hill in 1944 [ref 2783]
May have married
Winnifred McOwen in 1942 [ref
14455] a widow with children.

Theodore Thomas [Theo/Tommy] Fowler born 1893,
Charlton Victoria. Married
Helen Maud Heather, 1916.
Theodore died at Pres [?] in 1967 aged 74 [ref 2783]

Alice Mary Fowler, born 1895 Charlton Victoria
James Francis Poynton - My Grandparents

Alvena Leila [Veenie] Fowler, born 1898, Charlton,
Victoria. Married
Charles Leslie Spriggs 1917. Oral
history says Charles ran a Eucha Club and was a

Richard Race George Fowler born about 7th
February 1902 Charlton. Mother Jane died 11 days
later. Baby Richard died on 25th April 1902 [Ref
4995].  Cause of death was pneumonia asthenia,
which he has suffered for 4 weeks. Medical attendant
William Koch had seen baby Richard the day before.
Uncle Richard Hughes husband of Jane's sister Alice
Maud was the informant suggesting that they may
have been caring for the children following Jane's
Above: Melbourne Argus 20th February 1902

Below: The globe hotel at Charlton. Woman with child
in arms is Jane, with baby William. William is
standing centre holding daughter Jane's hand.
This photo later appearded as a lithograph in the
Charlton newspaper.
Above: Jane and William on their wedding day

Below: Jane Race Wardell - date unknown
Jane Race Fowler died on 19th February 1902 aged 41, 11 days after the birth of baby Richard
[Ref 1117]. Cause of death was Mobus Codus, a old term simply meaning heart disease. She
had suffered from the condition for 5 months and had been seen by medical attendent William
Koch on the day she died. Brother-in-law Richard Hughes was the informant.  She is interred
in the Church of England Cemetery Charlton, Victoria [number169].

Hospital for the Insane Sunbury: William was admitted to the Sunbury Hospital in 24th
December 1915 under section 91 LA. He was  readdmitted on 13th January 1916 and
remained there until he died.

William Fowler died 27th May 1916. At the time he was an inmate of the Hospital for the
Insane at Sunbury. Cause of death was chronic brain disease, the verdict of an inquest into his
death. He is buried in the Church of England Cemetery, Charlton Victoria [number 137]

Below:  William Fowler [centre] Jane Race Wardell [right] and  William's mother Susan
Bishop Moss [left] Children may be Jane [centre] and William [baby]