Samuel Finnamore and Mary Ann Gray

- from Devonshire and Cornwall -
My Great Great Great Grandparents

Name variations include: Finnimore, Finemore, Finnemore, Finimore

Samuel Finnamore was born about 1821 in Luffincott, Devonshire, son of Thomas
Finnamore and Mary Carter.  He was baptised on 21st October 1821 at Luffincott.
Luffincott is a small village of less than 100 residents in the Hundred of Black Torrington
and the Deanery of Holsworthy. Samuel was a farm labourer [c] quarryman [h] and
Orchardist [e]. He was of the Church of England faith. Samuel could read but not write. He
signed his marriage certificate with an X. [c& i]

Mary Ann Gray: No birth or baptism has been found. According to her shipping records
Mary Ann was born about 1819 in Plymouth Devonshire, daughter of
Samuel Gray and
[possibly Mary Gill who married Samuel Gray, a mariner, on 30th December 1817 at
St Charles Church, Plymouth].  Mary Ann was a housemaid and cook [servant]. She could
read and write. She was of the Church of England faith.[c]
NOTE: Mary is not Mary Jane
the daughter of Samuel Gray and Mary Heywood of Moretonhampstead. This Mary
married Edward Rossiter. Not Mary Ann Gray baptised in St Charles Plymouth 1821
parents William and Betsy - no parents listed on FS.

1841 Census: Samuel Finemore aged 15, agricultural labourer, is living in the home of
William and Margaret Botterell at Hele, St Giles on the Heath, Devon. Ages were rounded
down to the nearest five years in the 1841 census. St Giles on the Heath is three miles from
Luffincott and is the address given when Samuel married in October of that year. Mary Gray
is at the Rectory, home of Rev. Franke Parker [Clergyman] in Luffincott. Mary, aged 20, is a
female servant.

Marriage: Samuel and Mary Ann were married on 20th October 1841 in Luffincott Parish
Church after Banns. Samuel was a minor, occupation labourer, residing at St Giles on the
Heath. Mary Ann was of full age, a servant, residing in Luffincott. Rev Franke Parker, Rector,
Mary's employer, performed the service. Witnesses were Phillipps Donnithorne Dayman,
Elizabeth M Dayman and Mary Giddy. Mary Giddy is also a servant at the Rectory in the
1841 census and was probably a friend of Mary's. At the time of their marriage both their
fathers were recorded as being deceased. Both fathers were also recorded as being labourers
certificate held.

Immigration: Samuel and Mary Ann travelled to Australia in 1849 aboard the Agenoria
departing Plymouth on 7th February and taking 107 days, arriving on 25th May 1849 with
their three children., Elizabeth, John and Mary Jane. On board were 256 passengers.
Samuel and Mary state they have no relatives in the colony.

Their children include:

Finnamore: Elizabeth,
born 1842, Plymouth, Devonshire.[c] Probable birth reg June Q
1842, Camelford Reg District, Vol  9 Page 50.[b] Married
David Ogden. [son of Samuel
Ogden and Maria Arndell Tunks
] in on 26th March 1867 at St Paul's  Pennant Hills [m]
Elizabeth died at Canterbury NSW in 1900 [ref 5128/1900] David died in 1915 at Granville.
It appears they had no children.

Finnamore: John, born about 1845 in Treknow Cornwall [c]. Probable birth registration
June Q 1845 Camelford Reg Dist, Vol 9 page 47 [b] Died before 1865 as per Samuel's death
certificate. Probably died before 1853 [birth of brother John Henry] Possible death
registration V18491006 34B/1849 John Finnimore - infant
. Confirmed as per burial
information. John Finnemore, infant son of Mary Ann aged 4 years buried 21st September
1849, buried St Anne's Church of Engalnd, Ryde. [FS - Aust Cemetery Inscriptions]

Finnamore: Mary Jane, born 12th June 1848 in Treknow in North Cornwell [c]. Certificate
held -
My Great x 2 Grandmother

Finnamore, Ellen born 24th February 1851 baptised 15th March 1851 by minister N Turner
in the Register of the W
esleyan baptisms solemnised in the Parramatta circuit in the county
of Cumberland NSW. Father Samuel was a labourer  residing at Ryde. Surname registered
as Finnigan although this birth is confirmed per Samuel's death certificate. [Trans held]

Finnamore, John Henry born 3rd August 1853 Hunters Hill, Sydney , Baptised 21st August
1853 by George A Turner C of E Hunter's Hill. Registration  V18531457 39A/1853. [Trans
Held] Parents shown as James and Mary A Finamore - a probable mistranscription of the
original entry. Baby John was baptised on the same day as his mother Mary was buried.  
John Henry Fennimore
[sic] aged 9 was admitted to the Sydney Benevolent Society, by John
Caldwell esquire on 6th July 1863; reason being that his mother was dead, his father was in
the lunatic asylum and he had been living with Mrs Hatton at Kissing Point who he states ill
used him.  John Henry absconded on the 9th July 1863.  Possible death in 1926 John H
Finemore at Adelong 10756/1926

Death: Mary Ann Finnimore [sic] aged 31 of Hunters Hill died on 19th August 1853, just
16 days after the birth of baby John Henry. It is likely her death was childbirth related. She
was buried on 21st August 1853 by George E Turner Minister, Hunter's Hill, Church of
England Parish, the same day as baby John Henry was baptised. [Trans Held]

Arrest and Hospitalisation:

The following account appears in the Empire newspaper dated Monday 13th May 1861:
Samuel Finnamore was charged with vagrancy, having no settled place of abode and
appearing of unsound mind, was sent to gaol for one month.

Samuel was arrested for pauparcy on 11th May 1861 and admitted to Parramatta Gaol. He
was sentenced to 1 month imprisonment but was declared insane by two medical
practitioners and sent to Parramatta Lunatic asylum on 25th May 1861. His admission
report in 1861 states he is 35 years old, protestant, a widow with four children the youngest
aged 6. His occupation is labourer. Melancholia is given as the form of mental disorder
caused by mental anxiety and lack of proper food and ???. The approach of the disorder was
pa[rtial?]. Personal restraints were not employed. It was not known if Samuel had suffered
any symptoms before. The disease was described as 'casual' as opposed to hereditary or
constitutional. He had no peculiar habits, did not attempt to injure himself or others, nor
did he refuse food.  Medical means employed were a milk and food diet. His body was
described as being in good health. No address is given for that of his friends/family. It is
marked 'nil'. Samuel had three pence on him when he was admitted.

Death: Samuel Finnamore died 28th December 1865 aged 40, at the Lunatic Asylum
Parramatta and is buried in the All Saints Cemetery 29th December 1865.  Cause of death
was mania with paralysis and ? [possibly spetic?] from disease of the elbow. He had suffered
from the illness for 4 1/2 years. [Trans Held]