Fewtrell [Feutrill] Family
My Great x 6 Grandmother

Sarah Fewtrell, was the  mother of Theophilus Fewtrell  Sarah gave birth to an illegitimate
son in 1771, named Theophilus.
[b] There are two christening records for Theophilus at St
Leonard's Bilston, Staffordshire. The first is on 4th November 1771 and the second is on 5th
December 1772. Both record him as the illegitimate son of Sarah Fewtrell.

There are two possible identities for Sarah:

1) She may be the widowed second wife of John Fewtrell although I have yet to find a burial
record for him. Sarah Fetrell, widow married Roderick Perkin on 16th May 1773 at St  Peters
Wolverhampton, Staffordshire.

2) She may be Sarah Fewtrell baptised on 2nd February, 1744 at Trysull Staffordshire,
daughter of
Richard Fewtrell and Mary Woolley. Trysull is a small village 5 miles south west
of Wolverhampton. There is also burial recorded for a Sarah Fewtrell at Trysull 27th June,

Further research is required

My Possible Great x 7 Grandparents - unconfirmed

Richard Fewtrell baptised 11th July, 1703, Trysull, Staffordshire and Mary Woolley,
baptised 20th March 1708, Trysull. [a]

Richard and Mary married on 30/7/1730 at Trysull - [recorded as Richard Fentrill] [a]

Their Children Were: [a]

John baptised 22nd October 1733, Trysull, Staffordshire
Richard,30th December 1735.
Mary 30th August 1739
James 29th May 1742, died 24th September 1744
Sarah 2nd February, 1744 - See Above
Joseph 26th March 1747, died prior to 1751
Ann 23rd December 1748
Joseph 30th April 1751
Jane 25th January 1753

My Great x 8 Grandparents - unconfirmed

Richard Fewtrell and Ann [unknown]
Of Trysull, Staffordshire.

Their Children Were: [a]
Anne Feuterell, baptised 9th October 1698 [died prior to 1711]
Richard Fewtrill, baptised 11th July 1703 - see above
Ann Fewterell, baptised 25th October 1711

John Woolley and Mary [Unknown]
Of Trysull, Staffordshire.

Their Children Were: [a]
William Wolley, baptised 6th July, 1699
Sarah Wooley, baptised 8th March 1701
Thomas Wooly, baptised 8th August, 1704
Mary Woolly, baptised 20th March 1708 - see above
Richard Woolley, baptised 24th January, 1711
John Wooley, baptised 29th May, 1714
Elizabeth Wooley, baptised, 30th December, 1717
a: IGI
b: From Bilston to Baskerville. Revised Edition 1997 by Douglas Feutrill