The following information is from my own transcriptions of the Fedamore parish
records microfilms
available online at the National Library of Ireland website.
These records are hard to read in parts and at time illegible. Some are written in a
form of Latin. I have anglicised names where possible. I have not always included
the witnesses or sponsors. I have used the spelling of the surname as it was
recorded in the record. This appears to have differed depending on the writer. I
recommend that you check back with the original microfilms as I can not guarantee
the accuracy of my transcriptions.

I have attempted to arrange the records into family groups.  Please check all the
pages for possible ancestors. They can be accessed via the navigation button
'Fedamore Houlihans' above. My own ancestors are Patrick Houlihan and
Margaret Cavanagh.

If you are connected to any of these families I would love to hear from you. All
comments, corrections or suggestions are welcome.
Houlihan Families

- Fedamore Parish Limerick -
Houlihan Brides in Fedamore

Marriages: -
not complete - last update 11th July 2015

28th November 1821 Daniel Daly and Catherine Houlihan

7th January 1825: David Carmody of ?? and Cath Houlihan

12th November 1825: Demetrius[Jeremiah?] Hurly and Maria Houlihan

7th? February 1826 Elizabeth Houlihan and James Ryan. Witnesses Ellen Houlihan and
Eugene McCarthy

6th January 1834: Patricus Donovan and Bridgid Houlihan. Wits Maritus Houlohan and Pat.

28th November 1835 Jacob Quin/ of Lion? And Brigid Holihan

[Date unclear] Jan 1836 Michael Clifford and Catherine Holihan

17 February 1846: Michael Connell of Croom and Maria Houlihan wits Joanna Houlihan
and John Connelly.

Baptisms - Houlihan Mothers - not complete - last update 11th July 2015

12th March 1817: Joanna daughter of Michael Burns and Margaret Houlihan. Wits Robert
Houlihan and Margaret Heffernan

30th January 1833: Thomas son of Patrick Donoghe and Brigid Houlihan

22nd September 1839: Michael Hurley son of Jeremiah Hurley and Maria Houlihan Wits
Richard Madden and Honorah Houlihan