Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to questions I often get asked by visitors to my website.

Question:  Is your family tree on Ancestry?

Answer:  I chose to use my own paid website so that my research would be available to
everyone and I would maintain control over the content. I am constantly updating and adding
to the information as well as making corrections.  My contact details are available on the
website for anyone who wants to contact me. I am always disappointed when I find family trees
on Ancestry [and other sites] that contain wrong information and when I try to contact the
person responsible, I get no reply.  I worry that many of these trees have been abandoned and
that the information they contain is still available for people to see, even when it is wrong. I
have also heard that users can find it difficult to change a family tree once it is entered on

Question: Did you do all your research for free or did you have to pay for things?

Answer: I have purchased many certificates or documents over the course of my research. I
allow myself a monthly budget since this is my hobby/pastime, and I use that to purchase
records that I require. I keep a ‘wish list’ of various certificates or documents that I need to
further my research and cross each one off as I purchase it.

Question: Did you do all of your research online?

Answer:  Although many records are available online now, this has not always been the case
and many records are still not able to be accessed this way. Over the years I have taken
advantage of free records available online but have also had paid subscriptions to various
websites such as Ancestry, Find My Past, The Genealogist etc. There is also a wonderful
network of volunteers on sites such as Rootswebs, or other message boards that are a
wonderful way to find helpful people who might be willing to look up records for you. But
please,  don’t forget to say thank you when someone helps you!   At different times I have paid
to order records from state archives and libraries and I have also paid researchers to obtain
records for me when there was no other option.

Question: Can you help me with my research?

Answer:  I am always happy to help new researchers who are starting out or seasoned family
historians with their brick walls. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can help to solve the problem.
Feel free to email me any questions or problems.

Question: Can I use the information on your website in my own research?

Answer:  If you find the information on this website useful and would like to use it in your
own research, then please go ahead. It is here for all to enjoy - BUT - I ask that you don't copy
it word for word and paste it onto your own site or page, that's called plagiarism.  I also ask
that you acknowledge this website as the source of the information and provide a link back.
The reason for this is that I am constantly updating, adding and correcting the information as
new discoveries come to light. Also, if anyone else wants to know where you found a particular
event you may not remember that you found it here.

Question: Do you document the sources of your research?

Answer:  This is something I didn’t do when I first started out and when I went back over my
research to check and add to it, I would sometimes come across things that I could not
remember where I found the original. I now try to document everything as I add new
information, but you will still find some of my older work on the website without this

Question: Should I recheck the work you have already done?

Answer: Yes. I would encourage everyone to recheck ALL family tree information they find
online.  Anyone can make a mistake and it is only by rechecking and, where possible, viewing
the original sources that we can be confident in our own research.

Question: How did you build your website?

Answer: When I first began building the website I used a free Geocities account which was
limited in size and download. Geocities was bought out by yahoo and eventually closed. My
website now is a paid website hosted by yahoo. I use a yahoo program called 'sitebuilder' to
build and upload each webpage.

Question: What is a Lintywhite?

Answer:  "lint-white or linty-white - the linnet" - Taken from the 3rd edition of John Trotter
Brockett's Glossary of North Country words (2 vols, Newcastle, 1846)

My Grandmother had a saying she would use when I was little. If my sister and I were running
around, being  noisy she would call us 'lintywhites'. I asked her once what the word meant as
I had never heard anyone else use it [nor have I since].  She said a Lintywhite was something
that never stopped moving.

Since then I have discovered that the word lintywhite is a colloquial term from Northern  
England for the Linnet, Carduelis cannabina, a small finch. The name is also sometimes used
to refer to the Twite, Carduelis flavirostris. Both are small birds, that congregate in large flocks.

This term was probably brought from the Northern area of England to Australia by either the
Tune or Hickson family. In hindsight, I suspect my Grandmother did not know the origin of
the word but had probably heard it used in conjunction with small quick moving things,
probably children, who no doubt were reminiscent of small twittering linnets.

To this day I have not heard anyone else use the word and I am often asked about its meaning.

More Questions? Please feel free to email me