Frederick Joseph ROWE was born 20th March 1911, son of Joseph Rowe and Emma Wallis.
Frederick was a shoe maker and boot repairer. He ran a business at Bellvue Hills for 28 years.
Frederick died on 30th May 1982

Bessie "Betty" Ivy EVANS was born at 53 Cleveland Street, St Marylebone, London on 10th
August 1916.  Her parents were
Robert Evans and Emily Beatrice Baxter.  The informant was
Emily [mother] who gave her address as 53 Cleveland Street  indicating that this was likely a
home birth.

Betty had recollections of coming to Australia by ship when she was very young. Apparently
she fell on deck and cut her chin. She bore the scar for the rest of her life.

Some time after her arrival in Australia, Betty was fostered by
Thomas and Eileen Laffan, a
brother and sister who adopted several children, possibly through Barnados homes. Thomas
was a Francisan lay brother. Betty died on 28th May 1990.

Marriage: Betty married Fredrick at St Mary's Church, Ridge Street North Sydney on 6th
October, 1934. See details below photo

Wedding of Frederick Rowe and Betty Laffan.
Back row left to right; Tom Laffan [adopted father of Betty] unknown man, Charles Rowe [Frederick's youngest
Front row left to right Nellie Laffan [another adopted daughter, Frederick, Betty, unknown woman [possibly
another Laffan]
Witnesses were Charles Laffan and Gwen Jones.  
Frederick Joseph Rowe and Bessie Ivy Evans