The Droney/Drony families of Limerick
Whilst researching my Houlihan family I came across a reference in shipping records
to a cousin named Mary Droney. Her marriage record in Australia gives her parents as
Patrick Droney and Ellen Houlihan. Ellen Houlihan was probably the sister of my
ancestor Patrick Houlihan.  I hope that any fellow Droney researchers may have
further information on these families.

Mary Droney, cousin of my ancestor William Houlihan, was born about 1845 in Limerick to
Patrick Droney and Ellen Houlihan. Mary came to Australia in 1865 with her
cousin William.

The majority of Droneys appear to have come from County Clare with only a small number
appearing in Limerick records. I have recorded the Droney families in Limerick, some of
whom may have originated in Clare.

Tithe Applotment Records:
1826 Patrick Drony [sic] Cloghadoolarty Fedamore Limerick
1826 Patrick Droony [sic] Cloghadoolarty Fedamore Limerick

1851 Griffiths Valuation:
Thomas, James and Patrick Droney are all residing in Cloghadoolarty North, Limerick

I have identified the following family groups:

James Droney and Margaret Ryan

Marriage: 17th November 1822 at Fedamore, Jacob [James] Drowney and Margaret Ryan
witnesses Richard Twomey, Maria Droney


Catherine Droney baptised 25th February 1830 Fedamore, daughter of Jacobi Droney and
Margaret Ryan. Sponsons James Barry and Margaret Connell. Died before October 1831

Catherine Droney baptised 17th October 1831 Fedamore, parents James Droney Margaret
Ryan, sponsors
Patrick Houlihan and Margaret Cavanagh Married Patrick Noonan 5th
January 1858 at Fedamore Limerick, witnesses Matthew Moroney and Margaret Donnell.
Immigrated to USA in 1873 per Adriatic.

Patrick Droney baptised 24th January 1834 Fedamore, parents James Droney Margaret
Ryan sponsors John Heegany Jane Hare.

Honora Droney baptised 13th January 1836 Fedamore, sponsors Patrick Moore and Hannah
. Married John Collins 9th February 1862, Bruff, wits Michael Collins and Catherine

Margaret Droney baptised 6th July 1838 Fedamore, daughter of Jacob Droney and Margaret
Ryan. Sponsors Nicholas Spellman and Maria Mulcahy

Poverty Relief: James Droney of Cloghadoolarty is on the list of defaulters summoned to the
petty sessions at Ballyneety in 1847 for 3pounds 3 shillings and 2 pence.

Patrick Droney and Catherine Ryan

Marriage: 27th February 1827: Patrick Drowny and Cath Ryan witness Dennis Murphy


Honorah Droney
baptised 9th August 1832 Fedamore, sponsors Patrick and Maria Gallivan

Michael Droney baptised 1st February 1836 Fedamore son of Patrick Droney and Catherine
Ryan. Sponsors John Bray and Catherine Buckley. ??Married
Mary Mason 17th February
1857, St Michael's Limerick?? -

Laurentis [Laurence] Droney baptised baptised 19th August 1838 sponsors Jn Casey Maria
Croker. Married
Margaret Shinnors at Donoughmore 25th November 1869 Wits Patrick
Droney Michael Kiely. Laurence appears to have died and left a will in 1875 [FS]

Simon/Symon Droney baptised 7th June 1841 [IFHF] Fedamore sponsors Thomas Droney
and Marg Mulcahy. Married
Johanna Lardner 24th November 1869, St Johns cathedral,
Limerick City, witnesses Patrick McMahon and Mary Ryan. Fathers Patrick Droney and
James Lardner
, both labourers. Simon, his wife Johanna and son Michael immigrated to
the USA in 1893 [1910 USA census]
and lived with his daughter Catherine who married
John Kennedy.

Deaths: Patrick Droney appears to have died and left a will in 1858 [FS]

Did Patrick marry for a second time to Ellen Houlihan and have a daughter Mary
Droney about 1845?

Thomas Droney and Margaret Mulcahy

Marriage: 7th January 1830 at Ballybricken. Wits Thomas Connell, Edmund Croker, Ellen


Patrick Droney
baptised 9th Jan 1831 Ballybricken  sps Edmund Croker, Honorah
Probable marriage to Margaret Browne on 8th October 1861 at

Mary Droney baptised 10th February 1833 Ballybricken, sponsors Thomas Murray and
Catherine Croker.
Marriage: Mary Droney aged 34 daughter of Thomas Droney married
Thomas Brown age 25 on 14th February 1865 Croom registration district.

Catherine Droney baptised 26th April 1835 Fedamore, sponsors James Droney and Maria
Connery. Witnesses Jacob Droney and Maria Con[way,nery?] Died before 1838?

Catherine Droney baptised 9th March 1838 Fedamore, parents Thomas Droney and
Margaret Mulcahy. Sponsor Patrick Droney and Margaret Howard.
Marriage: Catherine
Droney and
Daniel Doran  Dec 1860 Fedamore. Catherine Doran was the informant for
father Thomas Droney's death.

Judith Droney baptised 3rd June 1840  Fedamore, daughter of Thomas Droney and
Margaret Mucahy. Sponsor
Patrick Houlihan no second sponsor

Thomas Droney baptised 30th April 1843 Fedamore son of Thomas Droney and Margaret
Mulcahy. Sponsor Johannis Droney and Margaret Connor

James Droney baptised 21st May 1846 Fedamore, sponsors Thomas Barry and Judith

Death: Thomas Droney of Skule died 29th March 1880 aged 75, bronchitis 3 weeks.
Informant Catherine Doran

Mary Droney and Michael Kennedy

Marriage: 3rd June 1834  at Ballybricken. Wits Thomas Droney Phillip Cleary Ellen Connell


Catherine Kennedy baptised 21st March 1835 Fedamore/Manister, sponsor Margaret Cleary

Michael Kennedy baptised 14th March 1838 Fedamore, sponsors John Droney and Honora

Johanna Drowney and James Minahane

Marriage: 7th February 1826 at Fedamore. Witnesses William Cusack and Patrick Carroll


John Minihan 22nd March 1827 at Fedamore sponsors David Roach and Anna Neville. Died
before July 1830

John Minihan 2nd July 1830 at Fedamore, sponsors Patrick Drowney [sic[ and Margaret

James Minihan 21st August 1833 at Fedamore, sponsors Tim Hartigan and Margaret